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  1. verb boten

    The importance of your guitar strap

    I hope there isn't already a poll on this. If so, i couldn't find one. There seems to be several different attitudes when it comes to straps, from "I'll use anything handy" to "I have invested heavily and my beautiful strap collection shows it". I've tried to word the poll selections carefully...
  2. verb boten

    eastern Cannucks

    Caught the early news and the weather girl says "that misty look over the city (s. bend) is actually from the wildfires in canada". First i've heard of it, serious? Anyone here in the area?
  3. verb boten

    The secret punch on TV and in movies

    I'm sure most here have seen it, it's been repeated many times. The Regular punch is in bar fights and other lengthy fisticuffs were guys pummel each other for 5 or ten minutes before finally wearing out, 20 blows or more. The Secret punch is one and out: guy turns around to the guy waiting for...
  4. verb boten

    TDPRI is good company when you're ailing

    Man, i've got it bad. Threw up last night and can't get myself going today, a holiday weekend!. Oddly (maybe) i keep thinking back to my Arby's reuben yesterday and think that might be it. The forum? It helps to have a tablet or phone, you can do it in bed. Ever depend on tdpri when laid up?
  5. verb boten

    twice in the last few days,

    I've had a problem posting. First i get the "must wait 30 seconds before posting" when i know the post should be allowed. After trying several times to post, it "takes" and my post is now 2 posts, requiring me to delete one of them and the next problem: deleting posts...i can't find this...
  6. verb boten

    my 1st thread: Network TV stations

    A recent strange occurrence: several stations were added recently with no announcements, no fanfare and they appear to be cable channels picked up by networks. Bounce, Court tv, Escape, ect., probably 10 new channels that appeared at the same time. Example: 28-1 was an oldies station and now...
  7. verb boten

    just joined up.

    After visiting from time to time, especially after my 1st tele purchase (Am Std) i decided i should join up. There is a wealth of info up in here and i found answers to many questions, many thanks for that. I'm in northern Indiana, about an hour from the ft wayne Sweetwater and try to play every...