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  1. littlebadboy

    EART W2 Headless Guitar Demo and Review

    This is connected to my demo in another thread and I thought this deserved a separate thread. Mr. Wong, owner of EART Guitars sponsored this guitar after making and releasing the video. Since it is "sponsored", I feel obliged to make my review! So, hello everyone! Now that I have been playing...
  2. littlebadboy

    EART W2 Headless Guitar demo

    My demo of the EART W2 Headless Guitar featuring excerpts of my track "Today". Straight out from the box, stock strings, and plastic still on pickups. I just tuned it to drop D. Intonation was fine. Body: Roasted ASH Neck: Roasted maple and African mahogany five-piece neck, upper "C" and the...
  3. littlebadboy

    EART Telecaster

    Since I received my EART GW2 headless guitar which plays really well, I looked into the company and found out that they have an awesome looking Telecaster that I thought of sharing. It also has contours where I think a telecaster should have. At only $299 on Amazon, I thought it was worthy to...
  4. littlebadboy

    Ambivalence (ft. Gibson Firebird V pickups in a Switch Vibracell and Headrush Gigboard)

    Hello, everyone! May I present to you my first summer project track, "Ambivalence". From Oxford Languages: Ambivalence - the state of having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone. “...But the greatest of these is love.” - 1 Corinthians 13:13 Since this is a guitar...
  5. littlebadboy

    NGD: Agile Geodesic 62527 Headless Multi-scale

    Ordered last week via Reverb, and it's finally here! The interest free option was too difficult for me to ignore. This is a headless 6-string multi-scale Geodesic 62527: The good... It was good to play out of the box after tuning. It is really light! I like the resonance of this guitar, it...
  6. littlebadboy

    The most metal Telecaster of them all!

  7. littlebadboy

    My apologies to all the Tele purists, but I don’t play in a country band, so it’s not like I can use

    I think I want one. Jim Root: "My apologies to all the Tele purists, but I don’t play in a country band, so it’s not like I can use single coils" From The Slipknot riff master explains how the Fender Telecaster fits perfectly with the...
  8. littlebadboy

    Any Headrush users?

    Any other Headrush users out there? I've been using a Headrush Gigboard + FRFR for almost 2 years now. I came from using different Boss GT models. After the GT-100, I thought of trying out a modeler with IR loading capabilities. The Boss GT-1000 was too expensive, so I tried out Headrush. It...
  9. littlebadboy

    The science of single pickup guitars

    Thought of sharing this, if you are interested in the science of a single pickup guitar. What say you?
  10. littlebadboy


    My tribute to the seasons and life... "Each season ends for a new one to be reborn, just as a life story ends so a new one begins." Gears used: Ibanez RGIB6 "The Beast", Stringjoy strings Switch Vibracell Stein III modified "Bluebird", Ernie Ball strings Headrush Gigboard Dragonsheart pics I...
  11. littlebadboy

    Deck the Halls with Metal!

    My rendition of a popular Christmas song, "Deck the Halls"... "Deck the Halls with Metal"! Enjoy! Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! Thank you for the decorations, own footages, and help: My wife, son, and daughter Guitar Used: "Darth Paul", PRS S2 Standard 22 (modified) with...
  12. littlebadboy

    Top Loading vs String Through?

    What are your thoughts? Which do you like better? In a perspective of a tele, this is what he says... N-cT3qo4qtI
  13. littlebadboy

    I don't need this $91 tele, right?

    I don't need this, right? Harley Benton just launched a $91 guitar for metal players From Harley Benton's website: A pure-bred electric guitar with a classic heritage, tuned for the darker side of rock and metal! Our TE-20HH SBK takes the iconic T-style guitar into more sinister territory...
  14. littlebadboy

    Re-NGD: Reborn as The Bluebird (a Switch Vibracell guitar)

    You may have already read my NGD for this guitar before. But, it has been reborn to a different guitar now, hence “Re-NGD”! My Switch Blue Bird Backstory… After having Darth Paul, I did not want another guitar because it was already the ultimate guitar I have always wanted. However, one boring...
  15. littlebadboy

    How would a DigiTech Drop fair against a real drop B & a real baritone guitar?

    No telecasters in this one, but I thought this pedal may interest you! This is a comparison between the Digitech Drop transposed guitar sound to drop B versus a real drop B guitar and a real baritone Ibanez RGIB6 guitar. How would the Digitech Drop fair? You may jump back and forth to the...
  16. littlebadboy

    Epic "Bohemian Rhapsody" jam by Brian May and others!

    Steve Vai, Nuno Bettencourt, Zakk Wylde,Yngwie Malmsteen, Tosin Abasi and Brian May JAM!
  17. littlebadboy

    Something positive and easy to listen/watch, "Summer End"

    This is my composition tribute to summer as the season ends! Despite the situation we're in, let's take time to enjoy the season and always remember that a new season will start soon, just as how a life event ends and a new one starts. We will be okay with the help of our almighty! I used my...
  18. littlebadboy

    Recording Acoustic Guitar, mic vs piezo

    I thought of trying to record my acoustic using my interface! I have never recorded my playing on an acoustic guitar before! So, here it is! Recording Acoustic Guitar mic vs piezo through a Behringer UMC204HD interface! Here are the gear involved... I am not much into acoustic guitars. I...
  19. littlebadboy

    NGD Switch Vibracell Stein III, a poor man's Aristides?

    I was scanning through Facebook Marketplace and I found this interesting guitar. It is not much of a looker, but I found out that it was a one-piece guitar made of resin. So, it's kind of a poor man's Aristides! I don't really need an extra guitar, but it was being sold for an irresistible $100...
  20. littlebadboy

    Epidemia (Official Video)

    Some of you may have already heard this since I used it for the DiMarzio D-Activator X set demo, but I thought this composition needed a video of its own. The wife fixed/re-arranged my studio, so she gave me a pass to do whatever I want to do no matter how long! So... (Would appreciate the subs...
  21. littlebadboy

    DiMarzio D Activator X set demo

    Enjoy! A demo for the DiMarzio D-Activator X humbucker set D Activator X Bridge DP222BK D Activator X Neck DP221BK If you like the track, "Epidemia", you may download it for $1 at: Proceeds will be donated to a Covid-19 cause or organization. May God bless...
  22. littlebadboy

    "Epidemia", fund raiser

    Hello all! I made a composition and of course named it, "Epidemia". I used my PRS S2 Standard 22 customized and Headrush Gigboard. I dedicate this to our frontliners fighting the CoViD-19 and essential workers who are still going to work to keep things running. If you like it, you may download...
  23. littlebadboy

    TC Electronics Plethora X5

    If you are a fan of TC Electronics Tone Print library, they came up with a pedal with 5 switches that you can assign to a Tone Print each plus more! From TC Electronics Highly-flexible TonePrint pedal board with simple, intuitive controls Create and customize up to 127 custom boards with...
  24. littlebadboy

    Darth Paul, my customized PRS S2 Standard 22

    A friend of mine and I were working on this mod project. The goal was to spec it out to my liking. The PRS S2 series is a guitar line wherein the body was made alongside their core series stateside but outfitted with overseas electronics and other hardware. Presenting "Darth Paul", a customized...
  25. littlebadboy

    Silent Night

    My rendition of Silent Night. Enjoy!