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  1. Buckocaster51

    The Catcher Was a Spy-the Mysterious Life of Moe Berg

    Now I have been to a rodeo, Vegas, and countless MLB games (dating back to 1957) but I can‘t remember ever hearing of Morris “Moe” Berg. Princeton educated, polyglot, world-traveler, perpetual third-string catcher, and OSS operative. Casey Stengel called him “the strangest man to ever play...
  2. Buckocaster51

    Yesterday was Don Gallagher Appreciation Day in Murfreesboro TN

    I couldn’t attend, but I did dig out this 1969 Gallagher G-45M (12 fret, slot head, Sitka over mahogany), put new Martin Retro Monel light gauge strings on it, and entertained at a graduation party. This guitar is, without a doubt, one of the 5 best sounding guiars I have ever played. It is...
  3. Buckocaster51

    I have a personal connection to this little guitar

    Gallagher Guitars in Murfreesboro TN are making some fine guitars these days. I know. I own one. (The one Jim is playing. It is a year old and oh so sweet) :)
  4. Buckocaster51

    MLB Opening Day

    Brewers and Cubs at it now
  5. Buckocaster51

    My first preseason game of the year

    Baseball! More specifically, Brewerball!
  6. Buckocaster51

    I remember guitars better than people

    There have been many occasions in my life where I see a guitar that I know I have seen before. It generally starts a conversation and usually it turns out I have met, and jammed with, the owner before. Just couldn't remember it. Anyway, I just found this photo in the archives. It shows a...
  7. Buckocaster51

    John Wayne and The Quiet Man

    If you check you local theater listings, you may find Maureen O'Hara and John Wayne starring in The Quiet Man tonight or Sunday. ON THE BIG SCREEN
  8. Buckocaster51

    The King and I

    Turner Classic Movies is showcasing a month of Oscar winners. Last night I watched The King and I for the first time ever. I thoroughly enjoyed it, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera…
  9. Buckocaster51

    Another Candy Sparkle Jaguar

    I've decided to paint and put together another Jaguar-type guitar. Here is the body after 4 coats of 2 part automotive clear urethane sealer. Like I have said in the past, I am a big fan keeping the chemistry the same from wood to top coat. I shot it on Tuesday and sanded it flat yesterday...
  10. Buckocaster51

    Jeep EV

    Should hit the market next year I know, I know, it’s not a CJ. :wink:
  11. Buckocaster51

    Dog (the film)

    Saw it today Pretty good Well worth the $6.50 my ticket cost Like the trailer says, the dog doesn’t die Lulu is a good pup
  12. Buckocaster51

    The Million Dollar Jeep strikes again

  13. Buckocaster51

    Sunset after 1700 CST

    Actually 1502 local. 31 minutes after the earliest sunset back in early December. I can really notice it.
  14. Buckocaster51

    Super Glue (CA) Accelerator

    As far as I can tell, it is great stuff. Plus it doesn’t bubble and turn white. I buy mine at Sally Beauty
  15. Buckocaster51

    Hungry Big Bird

    These are normally skittish as can be. But when it gets cold they think they are juncos.
  16. Buckocaster51

    Battery maintainers…any words of wisdom?

    I start the CJ7 so rarely, the battery is usually dead. I suspect a trickle charger/maintainer might do the trick. What’s the Hive Wisdom?
  17. Buckocaster51

    First snow of the year

    Got the CJ7 started and put on the plow. 4” dispatched of quickly.
  18. Buckocaster51

    Northern Hemisphere Peeps-Have you noticed…

    The sun is setting a bit later every day? Yippy!
  19. Buckocaster51

    Cocaine & Rhinestones has become my new time sink

    As fans of CaR know, this season is devoted to George Jones and all things related: The Nashville Sound, the A Team, Owen Bradley, Dallas Frazier, Billy Sherrill, and of course Tammy Wynette. I did something I rarely do and found a copy of a celebrity book - “Tammy Wynette - Tragic Country...
  20. Buckocaster51

    S1E1 of Seinfeld

    Is being broadcast on one of my local channels. 30 years ago. George has hair! Cosmo looks scary haven’t seen Elaine yet It didn’t become a cultural phenomenon based upon what I am seeing so far
  21. Buckocaster51

    I found a body and some paint…

    A little bit here, a little bit there… a couple of colors to go It rather reminds me of WWI “dazzle” camouflage schemes
  22. Buckocaster51

    Lunar Eclipse Tonight

    Read about it here
  23. Buckocaster51

    Stereo receiver to bluetooth

    When I am in the shop I usually have my earmuffs on. Between power tools and the air compressor they are pretty essential. I have my shop TV plugged into my receiver. I can see the screen through my safety glasses but no go on hearing. I am looking for a Bluetooth transmitter that I can plug...
  24. Buckocaster51

    Ever seen one of these?

  25. Buckocaster51

    No more threads about A Baldwin, Rust, and the accident

    The Bad Dog Cafe is a place for off topic conversations. But that does not mean all conversations. These are real people going through a difficult time. Thanks