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  1. thechad

    Travis picking! Where to start?

    It’s been a while since I’ve attempted to learn Lindsey Buckingham “never going back again” and I have recently returned to it. I can almost pull off a “passable” version of the song but it isn’t how it should be. The reason being that my Travis picking skills aren’t very good. I’d be very...
  2. thechad

    Anyone use bbq top pizza oven?

    something like what's in this picture. I am tempted to get one but not sure if it is worth it.
  3. thechad

    50’s style wiring on bass?

    Hey everyone. I recently volunteered to help someone out by soldering the pickups and associated hardware into a kit they are building. I assumed it was a guitar (335 style) with 2 buckers, 2 vol , 2 tone and a 3 way toggle. I asked the owner if he wanted modern or 50’s style wiring. He liked...
  4. thechad

    First guitar build

    Hey everyone, First time “builder” long time hacker :lol: So here is my plan roughly photoshopped together: the idea is a Jaguar/jazz master body, a 24.75” Gibson scale (using a 59 LP profile warmoth hombre neck) tv Jones pickups that will be wired using the fender pawnshop mustang...
  5. thechad

    Is the fender neck pocket structural?

    Hi everyone, I am thinking of building a guitar body that will have a fender style bolt on neck. Fender always has the top of the neck pocket going in around the 17th fret on top and 21st fret on the bottom. Does this give more strength to the guitar? If I wanted to make a guitar with SG...
  6. thechad

    Questions before I start my first guitar build

    Ever since I was a teen I have wanted to build my own guitar. Something along the lines of this: the design is pretty much a LP neck, the front horns of an SG, the offset body of a Jaguar with the pick guard style of a mustang. I plan to buy a neck and make my own body (obviously). First...
  7. thechad

    Are "Mixing Headphones" worth having?

    Hey Everyone, I'm looking for some advice here. Since the current world situation is preventing my band from getting together to jam, we have decided to focus on recording tracks and emailing the parts to each other. I have taken over the job of creating the final mixes in garageband. I have up...
  8. thechad

    No Dutch Oven?

    Well, usually I post here about guitar and amp stuff. But desperate times call for desperate measures! So, with some free time on my hands I am experimenting with sourdough breads. I don't have a dutch oven to bake a loaf in properly, and any big pots I have are only oven safe up to 325 or 350f...
  9. thechad

    Coupling capacitor values

    Hey everyone, Rookie question alert: I have an amp that seems a bit too bright and sharp to my ears. I'm thinking of swapping out coupling capacitors with lower value caps (same voltage of course, just lower capacitance value). I am thinking this will pass more bass/low end through the amp, yet...
  10. thechad

    OT swapping compatibility

    Hey everyone, I have an old Traynor ygm-2 amp that is not giving any sound out of the speaker. I know at one point it blew the original OT and it has been replaced at one point. I don't see any obvious reasons in the circuit that I wouldn't be getting anything out of the amp. The OT looks fine...
  11. thechad

    1968-69 Traynor YGM-2 in need of tlc

    Hey everyone, I finally got around to opening up this guy. How I came to have it is documented in another thread. Anyway, it appears to have a stock Marsland speaker. I haven’t heard many good things but I’m...
  12. thechad

    First things to do when servicing a vintage amp

    Hey everyone, A local amp guru is offering me a free Traynor YGM-2 amp (68-69 vintage) because he doesn’t have time nor the inclination to work on it. I haven’t seen it yet but I’m already thinking about what I will do. I imagine it is stock. So first things first: Change 2 prong death cap...
  13. thechad

    Shielded wire on input signal or master volume?

    Hey all, I completed my first true p2p amp build from scratch a while ago. It’s a clone of an orange tiny terror. I say it’s “true p2p” since I didn’t use any fiber boards, the components are wired direct as possible. I didn’t use any shielded cables on the build although people tend to shield...
  14. thechad

    Is it worth it to dress your own frets?

    Hey everyone, I recently got a player Tele for my birthday. I really like the guitar so far, the only downside to it for me is when I go from playing my USA Strat to playing the Tele, I can really feel the roughness of the frets on the neck. There is a luthier in town that's really good but he...
  15. thechad

    Fun songs for bass players too?

    The bass player I jam with is pretty great and I like to try and pick some songs that I know are fun for him to rip it up when we play. Some examples of songs that are fun for him are: Simple man by Skynyrd Hey Bulldog by the Beatles Ziggy Stardust by Bowie I’m trying to think of a new song...
  16. thechad

    7-way strat mod

    I’ve recently got around to mod my SSS strat with a push/pull pot. I’ve seen various configurations with the push/pull pot replacing either tone or volume pot. I’m thinking of trying this one: Anyone have any experience or opinions on the matter? I’d appreciate any pros/cons people could share!
  17. thechad

    Joint size, too big?

    Hey everyone, I’m going to start building a vertical 2x12 cab. I want to make box joints on the corners but don’t have a fancy set up to do it. I will be doing it by hand most likely. My question is: How long/short should the fingers be so it doesn’t look funny? I think 1/2” looks good but...
  18. thechad

    Dimming jewel lamp

    Hey, does anyone have any tips on how to dim a jewel lamp bulb? Aside from installing a dimmer. I have a nice dark blue jewel but when the lamp is on it almost looks washed out and clear. I’ve considered painting the bulb but thought I’d check here first if anyone has another trick. I’d love to...