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  1. timbgtr

    Saw Bonnie Raitt on a Saturday morning show.

    She’s a national treasure.
  2. timbgtr

    Kinman Pickup question

    I put Kinman Surfmasters to replace the originals in a ‘64 Jazzmaster to fix a serious noise problem, and they improved the sound tremendously as a bonus. Like brookdalebill, I don’t know about their PAFs.
  3. timbgtr

    Your #1 Telecaster

    In the avatar: MIM, probably around 10-15 years old. Mods include Wilkinson three saddle bridge with Gotoh saddles, Fralin Vintage bridge pickup, TV Jones Classic in the neck (body already routed for a neck humbucker), and 5-way Bill Lawrence wiring from 920D. Pretty much covers any base...
  4. timbgtr

    Spinal Tap Sequel Coming!

    There already was a sequel: I believe this features Nigel Tufnel’s “Amp Capo”, so you can change the key without losing access to frets on the neck.
  5. timbgtr

    "Perfect" gigging amp

    Following the above, l’ll add the Quilter Aviator Cub, especially if you’re going for Fender tones.
  6. timbgtr

    Direct to PA confusion

    Probably after too many guitarists promised to keep the volume down.
  7. timbgtr

    People who sit while you practice - what do you sit on? Pics appreciated.

    Sinner here. The couch in front of the TV.
  8. timbgtr

    Question for players using threaded steel saddles

    I’ve got a ‘64 JM with threaded saddles and, like TokyoPortrait said, I just aim for the pole pieces. I grant that won’t work if the only reference is a covered Tele neck pickup. In that case, I’d center the strings over the bridge pole pieces. I can imagine adjusting that if one of the E...
  9. timbgtr

    Player, performer or entertainer?

  10. timbgtr

    Pickup Suggestions for an LP Studio?

    The SD Alnico II Pro in the neck and Pearly Gates in the bridge works well for me, albeit in an Epi Dot Studio 335 wannabe. If you want something even lighter, I’ve got Fralin Unbuckers in a PRS S2 and I’m very happy with them.
  11. timbgtr

    Songs about friendship

    I always think of these as the Steve Van Zandt appreciation medley.
  12. timbgtr

    Humbucker-Size, P90-Sound

    Duncan P-rails.
  13. timbgtr

    Amp Collection: Keep, Or Sell?

    I vote sell. I also got a QAC, but more important was that I had a bunch of good tube amps that deserved to be played rather than sit in my basement.
  14. timbgtr

    3-saddle bridge for a modern Mexican Tele

    I put a 3 saddle Wilkinson on my MIM Tele in my avatar. I’m very happy with it. It’s about half a millimeter short of covering the bridge pickup rout. It’s visible only if you look hard, not a problem for me.
  15. timbgtr

    Anyone build an acoustic with poplar?

    As a follow up, I think Taylor’s laminate series guitars (100, 200, GS Mini) are veneered poplar. I don’t know if you or others regard that as good news or bad, but I have one of the first GS Minis and a 214e before that, and I like them, especially the Mini.
  16. timbgtr

    Songs With Surprisingly Bizarre Lyrics

    I’ve kind of thought the lyrics to “Get Back” were a little bizarre. And speaking of the Beatles, “I Am The Walrus” and “Come Together” are bizarre, if entertainingly so.
  17. timbgtr

    Natural Ash Finish Love it or Hate it?

    My avatar Tele has a clear pickguard, but a clear guard on that Strat would expose my horribly messy wiring. BTW, love the SG in your avatar. My first good guitar was a ‘69 SG Special, bought in ‘69 with summer dishwashing job money, and I still have it.
  18. timbgtr

    Natural Ash Finish Love it or Hate it?

    It’s a thin, fragile veneer over a black pickguard. A prior owner (unknown to me) decades ago gets the credit for finding a piece of veneer that matches the color and grain of the body.
  19. timbgtr

    Natural Ash Finish Love it or Hate it?

    Me too!
  20. timbgtr

    Natural Ash Finish Love it or Hate it?

    Guess my vote!
  21. timbgtr

    Small amp to cover jazz to classic rock...

    Quilter Aviator Cub.
  22. timbgtr

    Jazzmaster Pickups: Fender Pure Vintage ‘65’s vs Seymour Duncan Antiquity I’s and II’s

    Kinman noiseless Surfmasters replaced the originals in my ‘64 (not RI) JM. The originals were so noisy to be essentially unplayable. You might want to consider those too.
  23. timbgtr

    Your Two Favorite Tom Petty Songs---->

    Others beat me to “You Wreck Me”!
  24. timbgtr

    Cracked Top, What Now?

    I’ve had the pictured J-50ADJ since 1971. It had cracks from the bridge to the bottom of the guitar, which I attribute to the original adjustable bridge (!). I just took it to the local big music store and they filled the cracks. It’s been fine ever since. PS. Many years later I had the...