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  1. darkwaters

    Sleeping In The Midday Sun

    I've come to really, really like these two songs by John Cale. They've really become the soundtrack for the past summer for me. Unfortunately the style of them is, from all of Cale's repertoire that I've heard, pretty atypical of him. If I had to give it a name, I'd call it Surrealist Dream...
  2. darkwaters

    guitar lessons wit fadder

    Just saw this add on the local Kijiji. I may need lessons.
  3. darkwaters

    Removing the frets on the Mike Bloomfield Tele

  4. darkwaters

    Sco Mule !

    A little slice of guitar heaven : Zgv66ajYwec
  5. darkwaters

    The bergs are here !

    Woo's spring !
  6. darkwaters

    Hey Jimmy......

    I think I found Robert's replacement. Don't thank me now, 2 front row tickets and a backstage pass for the Toronto show will suffice. MYJzF4IBXrw (Yes, I know, xxxxxxx (insert name of favourite singer here) would do a better job. But think of the sold out shows and stinkloads of money...
  7. darkwaters

    Mod Garage: ’50s Les Paul Wiring in a Telecaster

    From Premier Guitar. What do you experts say ? Neat idea or a travesty ? Discuss.............
  8. darkwaters

    Forrest City Joe

    For all you gutbucket blues lovers. These are from the Alan Lomax recording archives. Recorded Oct. 1, 1959. Never heard of the man before. Wish I could have been there, but I would have been 3 and probably wouldn't have appreciated it ! :lol: "Recordings of Forrest City Joe (accompanied on...