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  1. SomeGuyNamedRob

    NGD - It followed me home (Hollow body content)

    Ibanez AF95, Translucent Black over flamed sycamore. Serial number dates it as having been made in May of 2008. Even came with a decent hardshell case.
  2. SomeGuyNamedRob

    NGD: It followed me home...

    I'm keeping it. Eastwood Airline Mercury, in black.
  3. SomeGuyNamedRob

    New Amp Day: Peavey Windsor

    The photo is not my own (still need to shoot my family photos) but I thought I'd include a reference photo. 100 watts of 6L6 powered goodness. Voicing reminds me of my old Marshall head, but at a fraction of the price of what a 2204 would cost me. My attenuator is going to get some work.