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  1. bblumentritt

    Pro Reverb Voltage Issues

    Here's one for you... Guy brings a Pro Reverb type amp in for service, says one 6L6 won't light. Sure enough, with the power on and in standby, there's no light on one power tube. I pull the two 6L6's and sure enough, one the dead one pin 2 to pin 7 is open. Okay... new tube time. Or so I...
  2. bblumentritt

    Weird Frequency Specific buzz/crackle

    I've got this Marshall 18W TMB two-channel amp. Channel one has no issues in and of itself. The TMB channel, on the other hand has this very specific rattle sound when I play anything near D3 (146.8 Hz). At first, I though it was a cabinet vibration. I eliminated that. I put the chassis up...
  3. bblumentritt

    Tuning Key Buzz

    I have a 1998 MIM Nashville Telecaster, at least that's what it used to be. Only the wood, frets, and tuning keys are original. I have an interesting issue after the last restringing. I always use Dean Markley Blue Steel 10-46. I noticed a horrible buzz when I play the open B and Middle C on...
  4. bblumentritt

    3D Printed Guitars

    3D printed instruments make sweet music in Sweden. Of course, his 3D printed guitar is a Telecaster type!
  5. bblumentritt

    Healthful Eating

    My wife and I are in our 50s. Like many others here, we've had our health issues... diabetes, cancer, cholesterol, etc. Most of these issues are caused by 50 years of eating the wrong foods and not engaging in the right amount of physical activity. My wife is concentrating now on...