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  1. Tedecaster

    Free Radius Gauge

    I was surfing through various sites looking for a neck for a friend's guitar & while at USACG saw a link to a site called Pickguardian. They had this cool little PDF for a radius gauge that you print out on cardstock & then cut out. Saves you the troubles of laying out your own. Radius Gauge
  2. Tedecaster

    Bevel-style saddle issues

    When I recently rebuilt my pinecaster, I needed to get some new saddles in order to use a Fender bridge plate I had. There had been some posts about the RS Guitarworks saddles & since they were on sale for $10, I ordered a couple of sets. These are the beveled-type saddles as opposed to the...
  3. Tedecaster

    Blonde Makeover

    I have come to realize that I am permanently afflicted with the "can't leave well enough alone" syndrome & about a year ago, I ended up stripping my original pinecaster. I never liked way the colors turned out, all too "contrived". The buterscotch was too yellow & more opaque than I would have...
  4. Tedecaster

    GFS blank control plate slotting

    I know alot of people have posted over the years looking for blank Tele control plates, enough that Guitarfetish recently went ahead & had some made up. But I think that many were disappointed that they were not available with a switch slot (they have mounting holes ONLY). My gripe with the...
  5. Tedecaster


    It just occurred to me as I sat here surfing the Tele page that I'm Tele-less! My two college-aged kids were home for the holidays & headed back to school in SC early yesterday. My son took took the plain-jane, pine Tele with him, leaving me with.....none. Actually, I have two other...
  6. Tedecaster

    Lucinda & Brad on ACL

    ......but not at the same time. Lucinda Williams is up this weekend (12/22) & while perusing the ACL page, I noticed that Brad Paisley will be on Jan 26.
  7. Tedecaster

    And it's not even really winter yet!

    Up here in the outback of Northern Vermont many of us end up wearing many hats to get by. One of the things I do in the winter is to look after some of the lake cottages (there are probably 150 or so total, I look after around 10) In addition to the lake, Greensboro is also in the snow-belt...
  8. Tedecaster

    New Lo-buck Tele/P bass

    FINALLY strung up the lo-buck, slab Tele/P bass tonight. This is the body I built from fir cut-offs from Home Depot (another thread). I had a Fender P P/U I bought 15 years or so ago laying around & got an SX Jazz neck on eBay for around $30, then got the rest of the hardware from...
  9. Tedecaster

    PLEK in the New England/Northeast?

    After all the glowing reviews from guys who've had their guitars Plek'ed I thought I might look into it. Anyone know if there' one up here in the northeast?
  10. Tedecaster

    Thanksgiving: Part 2....Do You?

    We're back at it again today. Since we had dinner with family, but not at our own house, we just put OUR turkey in the oven. With a little improvising & some left-overs we brought home from Thursday, we're going to do it all again! Is is just my weird family or are the more of you out there?
  11. Tedecaster

    Anyone seen Ben?

    While reading an old thread I came across a post by Ben Harmless & realized I hadn't seen any posts by him for a while (last post Oct 22, according to his profile). Anyone know if things are OK with him? I always enjoyed reading his stuff. Sorry Paul, I thought I was in Bad Dog
  12. Tedecaster

    Correct Time?

    I was noticing for the last week that the posts I was reading had a time stamp for a time of day that hadn't happened yet, in my zone anyway (Eastern). I finally went into User CP & set it to Central time & now it's all good. Anyone else have this happen or did I miss the memo? (I did...
  13. Tedecaster

    Any DishNetwork installers out there?

    Today I had to move our DishNetwork dish off the peak of the roof while the house is being re-roofed. I have moved them in the past & re-aimed them using a level & a T-square type compass tool I made for the orientation & never really had a problem. But this one is giving me a fight. Here in...
  14. Tedecaster

    Home Depot Body Blank

    There seems to be a proliferation of build threads over the last few weeks, particularly bodies. There are some really beautiful pieces of wood out there & I'm looking forward to seeing the finished guitars. Anyway, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon, with a slightly different spin...
  15. Tedecaster

    '71 Jazz bass

    Went by a friend's rehearsal space to run through some tunes that some other guys & I, were to play later in the evening, backing up a singer/songwriter. We didn't bring any gear as all of our's was already set-up at the venue & the practice space was equipped. Anyway, this guy had a really...
  16. Tedecaster

    Looking For A Band?

    Found this on the Vermont Craigslist CLICKY I wonder how much it is?
  17. Tedecaster

    Looking for East Coast re-coning shop

    I've got 2 EV 12's kicking around that need re-coning. Anyone have any favorite shops, especially in the Northeast?
  18. Tedecaster

    Bakelite sheet source

    With the flurry of pickguard posts, particularly the Tor-tis thread & Jack Wells continuing search for bulk P/G material, I thought I'd ask if anyone knows where to get sheet Bakelite stock (for '52 style guards)? Fender is back-ordered on their re-issue P/Gs & I wouldn't mind making a...
  19. Tedecaster

    Greensboro, VT-Music City USA

    We're getting ready for our our first Blues Jam tonight & it occurred to me that this one is a little different & something to be proud of. This will be our 5th year in the creaky, funky old Grange hall here in town. We typically have 20-30 players come & usually a good crowd to listen in the...
  20. Tedecaster

    Instructional book/dvd recommendations

    I played a date as a sideman this week with a few other guys that are considered some of the "A" list players around these parts. I had been looking forward to it, had a great time & I think things sounded pretty good. I really appreciated the focus & drive they have towards what they do...
  21. Tedecaster

    Good Sound; Guitar or amp?

    I checked out some custom guitars this weekend that a friend is building. Really nice instruments, beautifully crafted with top line hardware & electronics (mostly Fralins). I plugged them in to an amp he had on hand, plunked a little at low volume & we (wife) were off. She & I later got...
  22. Tedecaster

    Thanks to all the "Recording in Progress" regulars

    A quick note of thanks to all you guys that frequent this side. I had to do a quick mix of the first song we started on a month or so back so I decided to post it on the "Twanger Central". I finally have something to show for all my questions. But, I got alot of valuable info picking...
  23. Tedecaster

    First (nearly) Finished Tune!

    I almost posted this in the recording forum as much of it is a direct result from advice form the guys over there, but Chris or Paul probably would have moved it so... This is my first (as engineer) nearly finished tune, recorded at home with a couple of the guys I regularly play with...
  24. Tedecaster

    Hello Cleveland! R & R Hall of Fame

    We were out in Ohio for a college graduation over the weekend, so we decided to go to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on Sunday. It was actually pretty cool & we had a good time. I'd seen the building from the outside before but hadn't been in. For those who haven't seen it, it's a modern I M...
  25. Tedecaster

    AKG D230

    A friend of mine who is moving & cleaning house said he had a microphone laying around & asked if I wanted it. I was expecting a $50 Radio Shack mic & was surprised when he brought by this AKG. It's not a model I'm familiar with & from listings on Sweetwater & others, it appears it's intended...