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  1. eddiewagner

    Europe Deadheads.

    Will I meet any tdpri-friends there?
  2. eddiewagner

    Tonemaster Twin in the Garage

    Had to switch some stuff around for the next Gig.
  3. eddiewagner

    Anti hum painting mess is over

    The guitar is back to life. And quiet as a mouse. The mess was easily cleaned wir a bit of water and a scotch Brite. These 15 Euro maneuvre saved the guitar from a boring, unplayed life.
  4. eddiewagner

    Anti hum painting

    What a mess! I painted everything. Even the tremblock and the back of the spring-department. I’m three hours we will see.
  5. eddiewagner

    First „real“ gig with a zt-lunchbox

    Hello friends, we played a nice gig last night and I wanted to see if my old lunchbox can do it. The little guy was super and the local guitarpolice could not believe what they heard. A lot of guys thought, that I used the big amp, that was standing next to it. 80 people in the audience, no...
  6. eddiewagner

    The Hardtail search. Now a Squier bullet.

    Hi guys, I just ordered a sunburst bullet. Just for the body. And I will transfer neck and all from my strat to it. That will be interesting. Wish me luck.
  7. eddiewagner

    What do you think of this hardtail body?

    I am highly tempted. And have all the parts, except for a bridge:
  8. eddiewagner

    The gretsch Rancher bigsby in Action.

    Hi guys here is a little telephone-video of a gig we played last weekend. The guitar looks so cool, but for the next job it was telecaster again. That Rancher is great for playing soloshows, but the tele cuts better through the mix.
  9. eddiewagner

    It is not pretty but helps a lot

    No more bum notes in the dark please. After a catastrophic wrong start of „sleepwalk“ I hope this helps. Doctor my eyes:
  10. eddiewagner

    Like a Vitaminshot in the Arm

    Hi guys, after a long time we played in front of people yesterday again. That was so good. I sweated it all out.
  11. eddiewagner

    If you have a good one, keep it

    Hi guys, over the last two years I bought a used pro and a Vintera Tele. I can tell you that the fretwork does not come closest my older instruments. I spent quite sometime filing fretends and polishing. But the old stuff is hard to beat.
  12. eddiewagner

    Hearing loss

    Well… went to the eardoctor. My 4000 Herz hearing got pretty bad. That’s conversation and talking. So I will get a hearing aid. I think it’s a fair deal at age 63.
  13. eddiewagner

    A nice sur-PRS-ise in the mailbox

    I went looking for a hardtail Stratocaster and ended with a PRs Soapbar. What a cool guitar. I bought it used and unseen. It will be my Slideguitar. Man, these Korean PRs guitars are really something:
  14. eddiewagner

    Cutting the spring

    Good lord, help me! Following the good advice of a fellow German b-benderdude, I cut the spring for more tension. I wonder if I ever get it back on.
  15. eddiewagner

    My vintage pod 2.0

    Hi guys, I dig out my old pod and hooked it up to the return of my acoustic amp. It sounds really good this time. I use the hidden twin reverb and the middle 2x12 speakers. Very little reverb an delay. That thing is so useful if you spend some time with it. Don’t buy stuff guys, use what you...
  16. eddiewagner

    Should I do a Deadhead-Road-trip?

    The Dark Star Orchestra will do three Gigs in Germany this September. I feel like throwing a sleepingbag in my car and head out. Sleeping in the forest between shows at the tender Age of 63. I saw the Dead twice in Germany. What do you guys think?
  17. eddiewagner

    Holiday job amplification

    Hi guys, this summer I will play the guitar on a campground in Denmark. They hopscotch sell lots of beers I guess. To make things as simple and foolproof as possible I found this out. The little aer Compact will handle my singing too. The monkey splits things into stereo and both amps have...
  18. eddiewagner

    Atomic waste into Vulcanoes?

    Stupid question of the day. What would happen to atomic waste if we threw it into an active volcano? Lord of the rings style. Would it get neutralized into Lavastone? Sucked back underground ? I am just curious, no Businessplan in the back of my head.
  19. eddiewagner

    Pickup Aesthetics: let it be or not?

    Would you do it?
  20. eddiewagner

    NGD: Gretsch Rancher with Bigsby and Video

    I found one 2. Hand. Just finished Setup and Strings and stuff. It’s a very, very well made guitar. Here is a little Video I shot:
  21. eddiewagner

    Give the Dog a Bone

    Entertainment for Hours
  22. eddiewagner

    Amazing rhythm Aces

    Once in a while they pop up in my car stereo mp3. Man, they are amazing. Yes, I am that old…. Those lyrics:
  23. eddiewagner

    For the Fans of Ry Cooder

    It’s really good:
  24. eddiewagner

    The final truth about sound

    Have a look friends:
  25. eddiewagner

    SD Quarterpound will not stay in place.

    It always looks like this. What can be done? Trim the edges and get a cover maybe? It’s really annoying.