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  1. northernguitar

    Bands You Dislike….except for that one album

    I’m not a fan of The Smashing Pumpkins. Billy Corgan might have the voice that makes Geddy Lee sound angelic by comparison. I saw them live and it was even worse. I guess he was having a bad night, or he wasn’t able to take advantage of studio tricks. I couldn’t wait for it to end. However...
  2. northernguitar

    Free Tone Tubby Impulse Response

    Sounds good. I'll have to give it a good test against my Tone Tubby 40/40, just for fun. Anyway, this is certainly usable. :) Tone Tubby IR
  3. northernguitar

    Shure SM58 Revival

    Good day to all! I'm cleaned up my SM58 today. There was a thin foam disk piece that covered the capsule and it crumbled away. I've cleaned it out, but wonder if I need to replace it? I have a new mesh on the way....let's just say that after 15 years, it was pretty gross. However, there...
  4. northernguitar

    The Turd Polish Guitar Owners Club

    Hey there! This thread is dedicated to those who took a guitar destined for the dump, and against their better judgement and advice or opinions from others, decided to fix it up. ;) My contribution is my Turdcaster©. I was lured into buying a Yamaha Pacifica that was listed as MIJ. Dumb me, I...
  5. northernguitar

    Vintage-Style Tele Truss Rod Adjustment

    Hey to all you techs and knowledgeable folks, I hope you’re good. I assume I have to remove the neck to make my adjustment (too much relief). Normally, I just use the low E string to measure, I assume here I should use a straight edge with the neck off? Is there a relief measure that would work...
  6. northernguitar

    Favourite Music Podcasts?

    Any recommendations? I like Rivals on I❤️Radio. It looks at music rivalries between members of the same band, or between contemporaries in their heyday. I really liked the Neil Young vs. Lynyrd Skynyrd episode. The Stevie Nicks/Lindsay Buckingham episode is tastefully done. What are you...
  7. northernguitar

    Fender Mustang Micro-Direct to PA?

    Good day to all! I scored this neat little tool/toy at Christmas. Most useful gadget ever!! I'm wondering, I play sometimes with a Celtic band. They are mostly acoustic, but enjoy when I bring an axe to broaden the sound. It would be nice to show up with a guitar and this unit packed in the...
  8. northernguitar

    Tube Amp Myths

    Top of the season to all of ya's! Let's take on all the misapprehensions out there. Keep it simple, or explain away! First up, tubes do not need a warm-up period to sound 'better'. They don't 'breathe' more once warm, nor can they create 'space'. How long do they need? A minute? Until they...
  9. northernguitar

    Dopesick on Hulu (Disney+ in Canada)

    Wow, just wow. Epic television. Michael Keaton is fantastic. I appreciate it’s a docudrama, but I never really understood the extent to which the epidemic hit Appalachia or other parts of the US.
  10. northernguitar

    David Bowie and Ricky Gervais

    I so miss DB! Not only a musical genius, but quite hilarious.
  11. northernguitar

    What Needed to Make Amp Variable Output Impedance?

    Howdy, folks and good day! I'd like to one day perhaps own an old Traynor amp head. Most have an 8 or even 4 ohm output. My cabs are all 16ohms. I know a fantastic tech. Before investigating further, what all would be involved? Is this an easy mod, or does it make sense to switch my two cabs...
  12. northernguitar

    Worst Christmas Songs!

    Bah humbug when it comes to Christmas songs! I do not mean carols, which on December 24-25 sound heavenly. I’m talking commercial crap! I just got stuck in a lineup and had Wonderful Christmastime forced on me. C’mon, Sir Paul!!
  13. northernguitar

    EzDrummer 2 for a total noob

    Hey all! I see this is on sale for USD$70. I would be using it with Garageband. For those who have it, is it worth the dough? I just want something fairly easy to use to mess around with some riffs I've made up. All comments are welcome! Thanks.
  14. northernguitar

    You might think I'm Mean....

    ....but I fast-forward through the contestant interviews on Jeopardy, all the time. Gimme trivia, galdarnit!!
  15. northernguitar

    Digitech Hardwire HT-6

    Hey all! I have a line on a used one...anybody have one? Thoughts? Opinions? Review? I welcome all comments. :)
  16. northernguitar

    Celestion G12H-Anniversary vs. Vintage 30 we go again. I'm looking to trade a Weber ceramic Silver Bell for a V30. I've just been offered a G12H-Anniversary. I've never even thought about them. FWIW, it will be paired with an Eminence GB128 in a 2x12 cab. I'm looking to brighten it up from the Silver Bell. I know a...
  17. northernguitar

    Celestion G12M-70 vs. Vintage 30?

    Hey there! :) I'm looking to trade a Weber Silver Bell for a Celestion Vintage 30. This is to be paired with an Eminence GB128. Heavenly. I'm not getting a lot of offers and may just sell it. However, I was just offered a G12M-70. Are these similar? Does the G12M-70 have that wicked high...
  18. northernguitar

    Is Your Acoustic Guitar Intonated?

    I'm just practicing up some acoustic guitar sing-a-longs for the upcoming guys' weekend. For kicks, I thought I'd check out the intonation, expecting it to be off. It's bang on. Is this a fluke? Or is it the result of how it's crafted? Am I making too big a deal about this? I'm playing a...
  19. northernguitar

    Fender Turntable

    Only USD$3500!! What will they think of next! :lol:
  20. northernguitar

    Defend That Album That's 'Loathed' By Fans and/or Critics

    You know the album. The one where people said 'why?'. The 'contractual obligation' album. The one where they were so wasted they 'don't remember making it'. Maybe the one that even the band thought was junk. Fans cried 'sell-out'. Maybe sales were good, but it was all based on hoopla. Critics...
  21. northernguitar

    Affordable Tequila Alternative To Patron

    Hey there…it’s my skinman’s birthday, and he has expensive taste in booze. He loves his Patron. I’m looking for an affordable alternative. Anyone out there know their tequilas?
  22. northernguitar

    Effect of sanitizer on fretboard?

    A friend has been asked to start a guitar program in a public school. Admin demand that every guitar get wiped down with a sanitizer after student use. This will be up to 5 times a day. I believe it'll take little time for the fretboard to get very dry. Maybe I'm wrong?
  23. northernguitar

    Please Recommend Some Wireless Earbuds

    My doggie ate my wireless earbuds. Must replace. Finding a legit review of earbuds seems impossible. Must have a good mic. I’ll be using them mostly for podcast listening and phone calls. Good sound for music is a plus. Cheers!:cool:
  24. northernguitar

    EHX Pedals Crapping Out? Say It Ain’t So!

    I’ve seen many posts indicating the user’s EHX pedal DIED, ie went totally kaput. Having two that I really like, makes me wonder if they’re paperweights in hiding. Sound off on the quality of your EHX pedals. Did they bite the dust quickly? Looking inside mine, they look as well made as any...
  25. northernguitar

    Woodstock ‘99

    Hey there! I’m fascinated by this event after watching the HBO doc and listening to the Luminary podcast. What a disaster! My final analysis lays blame entirely on the organizers. Anyone here attend? Do you have any stories to tell? Please share! Cheers!