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  1. howardlo


    Fender Players Series Plus Top Strat Aged Cherry Burst. Ordered it this past Monday and it arrived Thursday morning. Purchased on Reverb from Sam Ash. It was listed as a demo/used in mint condition and was deeply discounted. I made them lower offer that I really didn't think they would...
  2. howardlo

    New Tele Day

    This was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but somehow got a weather delay in Chicago on Tuesday night. Can't imagine what kind of weather delay it could have been. I live in NW Indiana, about 30 miles or less from Chicago and all we had was some overnight rain and temps that never went much...
  3. howardlo

    Old rare bass restore w/ pics

    Talk about nervous! You should see what I've just been working on! A friend gave me his old, rare, bass to bring home to repair and set up. He has had it stored for quite a few years. During part of that time he had it stored in a very damp location, in the case, with the strings tightened...
  4. howardlo

    Possible to get vintage tele tone from Keystones?

    I bought a set of Keystones for my Thinline and put them in a couple of days ago, after reading many great reviews. I know they are very height sensitive, and I have tried changing the heights up and down a little at a time. I have also adjusted the pots on my guitar and changed amp settings...
  5. howardlo

    Lawrence tele wiring diagram question

    I just got a set of tele Keystones yesterday and noticed on Bill Lawrence's online wiring diagram that it is quite a bit different than the ones in the Fender service manuals. This is for a normal 3-way switch. I know he has added some optional 'treble bleed' and a couple of options options, but...
  6. howardlo

    Brass Compensated Saddle Question

    I would like to put brass saddles on my teles, but as I look at the current six-saddles on both, with them intonated, I see that the saddles are very even in pairs. (1-2, 3-4, 5-6). It looks like the compensated saddles are staggered, as to those pairs of strings. How would the intonation...
  7. howardlo

    Stock value on Fender tone caps?

    I bought a few Fender brand 250K pots yesterday and they came with caps included. The caps were .022mF. I thought that .047's were normal for single coils. What does Fender put in their single coil guitars from the factory?
  8. howardlo

    NGD Thinline- with pics

    Well, my SX SB Furrian Thinline arrived a short time ago. Arrived in perfect condition. It is very nice. It took me a while, in good light, to find the seam on the top. It is cenetered and grain is matched very well. Back is also matched very well. Fret ends were very smooth and the action was...