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  1. Doomguy

    RIP Trevor Strnad

    I know that we don't have a big metal community here on TDPRI but we have lost a true titan in our world. Trevor was the lead vocalist for the melodic death band The Black Dahlia Murder. Gone at 41, supposedly a suicide. This one really, really hurts on a personal level. Trevor and his band have...
  2. Doomguy

    Bloodbath- Eaten

    One of the greatest death metal songs ever is even better live. The guitar tone is disgusting. Dan Swano's playing upside down. Vocals are on point, especially the backing growls during the chorus.
  3. Doomguy

    New picks incoming (again)

    I seem to be addicted to trying/buying new picks more than anything else. Maybe a little weird but hey, I could be spending my money on more useless things. Anyways! I've preordered a set of the Sammy Duet signature Iron Age picks, the green glow ones. Nice and sharp, 2.75mm. My favorite has...
  4. Doomguy

    NAD: Quilter Overdrive 202

    Been jonesing after the Overdrive 202 since it came out and wasn't even expecting to get it. Regardless, I happened to find one under the tree and am both equally surprised and excited. I likely won't get to play around with it today, but it's here and that's all that really matters to me.
  5. Doomguy

    Dunlop Stubby picks

    Anyone else use these? I've been playing Ernie Ball Prodigy 2.0s, the jazz shaped ones for the majority of three years. I love them but wanted to try something a bit thicker, see what it would do for my tremolo and alternate picking. I grabbed a couple packs of these...
  6. Doomguy

    Nothing wakes you up in the morning like...

    Almost hitting a 10-14 day old bunny with your lawnmower. Saw them in my backyard the day they were born. Three of them, still wet and eyes shut. Made a note of the location to not hit them next time I mowed. I get up about 4-5 hours earlier than usual to mow while it's still a cool 84F out...
  7. Doomguy

    Asunder- Twilight Amaranthine

    Some funeral doom for you all. Love the intro in particular. Dino Somesse from Dystopia and Noothgrush played drums and did the unclean vocals for this band.
  8. Doomguy

    Church of Misery- Live

    Before I say anything about CoM, I must say that the heavy music scene in Japan is excellent. Coffins, CoM, Greenmachine, Boris, Sithter, Blacklab, Sigh, Corrupted, anything that Takafumi Matsubara plays on, Shinda Saibo No Katamari, Blunt Force Trauma, Fecundation (kinda). And that list is...
  9. Doomguy

    NGD: LTD SH-207

    I was running some errands earlier and got a call, saying my guitar had arrived. Still having some things to finish up before I can get down to business with the instrument, I have my initial impressions (I had to plug it in for a few minutes, I'm sure you know why...) Immediately put it into...
  10. Doomguy

    Today's going to be a good one

    Off to the music store when it opens up. Gathered up two guitars and a couple of pedals to sell. Going to pool a gift card, the money I've been saving up, and whatever I make off the sales to grab a seven string and a pedal of some sort (kind of depends on how much is left after I buy the...
  11. Doomguy

    I hate making choices...

    The title explains it all I guess. Due to my moving to off campus housing and my parents moving out of my childhood home, I decided to sell some unused guitars and pedals and have a decent amount of cash saved up. One of my long time dreams was to get a seven string and tune it super low so...
  12. Doomguy

    Need a new practice amp ($200ish)

    I have secured off campus housing for my senior year. I can't lug my Orange around with me so I need to grab something to take with me. Price range is $200 give or take. Due to this I'm primarily going to be looking around for some used amps. Here are some general needs/relevant information: I...
  13. Doomguy

    RIP L.G Petrov

    L.G passed away today after a battle with cancer at 49. The original vocalist of Entombed, he appeared on every album except for 1992's Clandestine. Entombed is one of the most influential bands in all of death metal, especially in the Swedish scene where they pioneered the use of the Boss HM-2...
  14. Doomguy

    My Dying Bride (live)

    One of my favorite live performances ever. That guitar tone is damn near perfect.
  15. Doomguy

    Which Fender/Squier is for me? (disclaimer: not a tele)

    So, after looking through my guitar collection today, I decided I need a little something to... Spice it up. I can cover almost any genre/tuning I play in with my SGs. I have my ultimate death metal guitar in my Jackson RR. But the big, glaring hole in my stable of guitars is something dedicated...
  16. Doomguy

    Gyibaaw- Ancestral War Hymns

    First Nations black/death metal (they call themselves war metal)band from British Columbia. Their lyrics are mainly in S'malygax, the language of the Tsimshian people. The name of the band translates to wolf in the language.
  17. Doomguy


    Since their new record drops at midnight, I thought I'd set this thread up. One of my favorite bands of all time. I love Steph's simple guitar work, so much feeling in his playing. And Chino's voice is amazing. Different from the usual doom/death/stoner stuff that I normally post but its always...
  18. Doomguy

    Skepticism- The Everdarkgreen (funeral doom metal)

    Funeral doom is easily one of my favorite subgenres of metal and Skepticism do it fantastically. This entire record (Stormcrowfleet) is phenomenal, perhaps my favorite in funeral doom. This track is the closer and is absolutely perfect to my ear. The opening riff hooked me the first time I heard...
  19. Doomguy


    Do I realize that I'm probably the only person on this forum that likes this? Sure do. But I don't see metal represented on here too often, so I figured I'd give it a shot. If people actually like this and it gets some interest, maybe I'll start posting some more songs/artists that have...
  20. Doomguy

    Jackson Rhoads

    Went with a friend to Sam Ash today, wanted my help buying a new amp. He bought nothing, but I ended up with a used Rhoads JS32RM for a grand total of $266 after tax. Solid condition, no real cosmetic issues. Whoever had it before me pulled the stock bridge pickup and tossed in a Dimebucker...
  21. Doomguy

    Favorite Fuzz?

    I have accrued a few fuzz pedals throughout my guitar playing career and have become a bit of an addict to say the least... I now spend hours watching demos for fuzzes that I'll likely never own. I was bored, thinking about what my favorite fuzz box was and figured I'd ask the community and see...
  22. Doomguy

    Hello people!

    Hello! I am currently a college student and have been playing guitar since I was a freshman in high school. Joined this forum because I heard it was the best. Right off the bat, I will admit something... I do not own a Tele. My main guitar is a 2018 Gibson SG Standard tuned down to B standard...