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  1. JL_LI

    I’m off insulin!!!

    I visited the doc for my pre vacation checkup and had my A1C checked. It’s been below 7% for over a year now. Last visit my Tresiba (timed release insulin) was cut in half. Now I'm off it. You’d think things would get cheaper with one less Uber expensive drug but I’m on Farxiga now to reduce...
  2. JL_LI

    NSMD What could that be

    New spa membership day. What? I have 5 more sessions remaining in cardiac rehab after my four stents. One of my nurses there told me I need to find a good gym. I’ve progressed beyond what the hospital offers. My dear wife’s my insurance agent and I have an expensive but great Medicare...
  3. JL_LI

    Chasing our tails

    We say we’re chasing tone but are we really? What are we chasing? I found my tone last week in strings, nickel with a wound G. There’s a thread today about pots caps and resistors to make one guitar sound like another. And every day there are many threads about pickups. There was a shootout...
  4. JL_LI

    When the supply chain breaks

    Sometimes something good happens when the supply chain breaks. I cancelled an order for TV Jones Classic and Classic Plus pickups in humbucker mounts for my Gibson SG. After nine weeks of what TV Jones attributed to supply chain problems, backordered covers, I followed my own advice and looked...
  5. JL_LI

    Read any good non fiction lately?

    One of the things I did while I was banned last month is get a public library card. The public library where I live does a pretty good job of keeping its collection up to date. I checked out a book and finished my second read through it. The subject matter was a little heavier than a murder...
  6. JL_LI

    It really hit me hard today

    I got the OK from my cardiologist to start cardiac rehab after four brand new stents. It was my first day today. I walked in and looked around and for the first time in my life I felt old. That really hit me. The people around me looked old and acted old. They barely pedaled the stationary bike...
  7. JL_LI

    Move a post to a different thread

    No big deal but I was on my iPhone and I posted exactly what I wanted to say except it was in the wrong thread. I must have opened a different thread by accident. I got three Likes for it in an hour, but still, it’s not in the thread where I intended to post it. Is it possible to move a post...
  8. JL_LI

    Is your wife ever right?

    You don't have to answer that. I don't always give my wife the credit she's due. We had this thing called a bomb cyclone yesterday. That's just another way of saying blizzard. This is what it looked like at 9 AM. The snow continued for seven more hours. The tracks in the walkway are...
  9. JL_LI

    Free heat

    I posted a thread yesterday about “steam” heat. Well nothing’s free but there is a way to reclaim heat that would otherwise be lost to the environment. Most homes have an electric dryer. That 220V appliance generates 2000 watt hours of heat and plenty of humidity, all shunted outside the house...
  10. JL_LI

    Steam heat

    Dang it’s cold. It was in the teens again today for the second time this week. It can get pretty uncomfortable indoors too. You don’t want to be near a window. It just feels cold. But it doesn’t have to. We all know how winter drys out guitars. It drys skin too. And dry air doesn’t conduct...
  11. JL_LI

    Reaction score

    What exactly is a reaction score? Why is it lower than the total number of Likes or the total number of Reactions? I don’t see any reactions I would interpret as negative.
  12. JL_LI

    Top down Tuesday

    It’s Tuesday. Bright and sunny outside. A balmy 27 degrees. F not C. My wife and I had to go out, first to her surgeon, next to Whole Foods. We took the Z4. Put on our sunglasses and put the top down and experienced one of the miracles of German engineering. With the heater set to 74 at a high...
  13. JL_LI

    Guitar epiphany - Gretsch content

    Epiphany, the secular rather than religious kind, is an inspiring awakening or understanding, usually of fast onset. In my case, it's an understanding that's been coming, but came together last week when I took my Gretsch out again. What came together is this. What if a guitar had only one...
  14. JL_LI

    I’m having triplets for Christmas

    At 71, no more kids. I’d like to try to make a few but that’s not likely. I’ve posted complaints about furniture delivery and supply chain problems in a few other threads. A chair my wife and I ordered last month will be delivered tomorrow. We got the news earlier this week. The big surprise...
  15. JL_LI

    Started shopping yet?

    So my wife and I don’t need anything. But we’ve already started shopping for it. I placed my order for 5 lbs. of Maui Coffee Roasters Red Rooster coffee on Monday. Can’t resist free shipping. Only $160. We hit the outlets today. Tanger was empty the day BEFORE Thanksgiving and black Friday...
  16. JL_LI

    Indian Summer

    I can say that here, can’t I? My neighbor from the subcontinent is outside in cargo shorts today. It’s November 10 and in the 60’s. Uncharacteristically warm for Long Island in November. It was 73 yesterday. Roses are still in bloom. This is perfect weather to go outside and recover from my...
  17. JL_LI

    Wish me luck… again

    Mornin’ folks. It’s back to Mount Sinai today for a second angioplasty and third stent. Check in is at 11:30. I showered and finished a light breakfast at 7. With luck, this will be day surgery and I can go home tonight. Last time I had an overnight stay waiting for labs. We’ll see what happens...
  18. JL_LI

    The talk

    When your wife says, "We need to talk", it's never a good thing. We went to Lowe's to buy storage shelves for the cellar. I went for medium duty steel shelves. She said, "No way. You can't lift that." She was right. She saw shelves made of a polymer material, polypropylene is my guess...
  19. JL_LI


    Aggies upset ‘Bama 41-38. Gig ‘em Aggies. Heluva game. Edit to correct the score. Sorry.
  20. JL_LI

    A Synth pop band goes acoustic

    I can't get enough of this. I love CHVRCHES. I've never heard such effective use of synthesizer backup to vocals but their acoustic performances just blow me away. Hear the Martin. Mic'd, not amplified. The RD2000 sounds like a concert grand. Please watch and listen on YouTube. It will be...
  21. JL_LI

    Wish me luck

    I’m in the car on my way to Mount Sinai for an angiogram and a stent. We’re running late. My wife must be nervous. She’s been yelling since 8. It’s 12:03, two hours to check in and we have to drop the dogs off with my son FIRST. :eek: My cardiologist wants me to avoid stress. I should get a...
  22. JL_LI

    Tone memory

    Is tone memory real? Can you remember what music recorded decades ago really sounded like? Do you think your tone memory is accurate? I had a surprise. I replaced the pickups and electronics on my American Standard Stratocaster with an Ultimate Luxe pickguard from Stratosphere. The last...
  23. JL_LI

    NCD - New car day - BMW Z4 content

    I brought home a 2022 BMW Z4 today. It’s a replacement for a SLK I gave my wife for our 40th anniversary so I guess it’s hers by default. I have a BMW of my own so no big… except This is amazing. There’s a very aggressive sport program that demands that the car be driven in manual mode. The...
  24. JL_LI

    Is your waist getting smaller?

    I went shopping for jeans yesterday at the outlet mall and got the surprise of my life. I’m now a size 34. I put on a little weight and lost it so I’m back to my normal size. I have chinos from Brooks Brothers. I tried them on again when I got home. They’re size 38, bought maybe 10 years ago...