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  1. Killing Floor

    Gourmet Rat

    New edition to my family of Rat styles. This is the Hand Wired Lab Rat from Sushi Box. I already own the SMD version of this exact pedal but you can’t have too many Rats and this is point to point. The Sushi Lab Rat uses an LM308 but the JFET buffer in typical Rat or clone is replaced by a tube...
  2. Killing Floor

    Black Hole Sonification. Saddest of all Keys?

    The black hole at the center of Perseus emits pressure waves that create a sound that humans cannot hear (because our heads are up Uranus) that is 57 octaves below middle C. Chandra’s team creates some of the most beautiful images and videos related to astrophysics. Enjoy.
  3. Killing Floor

    May Have Found My Fuzz!!! David Bray Content

    Just received my SICON by David Bray Amps. This is point to point, handmade by Bray, a boutique amplifier maker in southern Cal. The board was designed by Bob at WestCo Pedals, he's one of my favorite pedal makers and when I asked him which fuzz I should try he sent me demos of Bray's pedal...
  4. Killing Floor

    Rescue Me! Bray Fuzz 1,000 Miles Away

    Somebody help me. I’m stuck in Denver until Thursday but after several months there’s a David Bray SiCon fuzz in my mail locker. To make things worse there’s also another new fuzz from (DEAD)FX and a solid chance 2 more pedals will show up next day. This is killing me. Has anyone ever had to...
  5. Killing Floor

    Who Ya Got?

    Big weekend for college football. Who do you have in each playoff game? Why? Who win it all next week?
  6. Killing Floor

    Nobody Home - Found in the Attic!

    Mrs. Floor had to skip town on a family emergency. What to do? Went to the attic and rediscovered this. It’s a dual deck. AND a case of olde timey demos, hot takes, rough mixes, car mixes, board mixes from clubs, and some goofy interviews and performances recorded off the FM. Having a blast...
  7. Killing Floor

    Checking Out

    Just have to ask. Who still “checks out” from a hotel? The “” represent air quotes because the clerk is just being polite in your presence. Granted I travel quite often for work, family, and sometimes for music. I’m Diamond for Life with one major hotel brand and Platinum most years on...
  8. Killing Floor

    Should I get another delay?

    What should I get? I have one I like OK but maybe I want something different. Brainwash me. What's good?
  9. Killing Floor

    Erika Wennerstrom !!! Am I Right?

    I am a fully bought-in fan of Erika Wennerstrom. Her solo and Heartless Bastards work contains some of the best recent folk story telling and her band always rocks the mood. A volcano of soul coming out her mouth and she's a really good guitar player too. I love a lot of music from a lot of...
  10. Killing Floor

    Fossil named after Tony Iommi

    Science is fun. New eel-like extinct creatures named for Tony Iommi. Paleontologist Mats E. Eriksson unearthed these 469 million year old fossils in Russia. The Drepanoistodus iommii. The article did not specify whether the creatures donned tight trousers.
  11. Killing Floor

    Fat Bear Week

    Anybody else obsessed with Fat Bear Week? Otis is the champion for 2021. I'm OK with that, he's a fat bear. is the best website on earth and the streaming bear cam is the best page on the best website on earth I run one of these on a PC all day...
  12. Killing Floor

    NPD - New Pink Day!!!

    Technically, if someone offers 1 of 10 and it's PINK and it happens early in the morning, technically it's not an impulse buy even if you already have the basic model of a pedal. And bonus points if it's pink and extra double bonus points if you can get a pink T shirt too. And if it's lower...
  13. Killing Floor

    Traffic - Live Set 1972

    Thanks to a dumb blog I like half the time called Dangerous Minds… Traffic full live set from 1972. I love Traffic ( the band, the other kind is soul stealing) and this is a fantastic way to spend an hour. Stop what you’re doing. Level up as Rebop Kwaku Baah’s rhythm kicks it off. shaggy from...
  14. Killing Floor

    Johnny Ramone’s Mosrite

    Anyone here bidding on this? It’s just a bit outside my budget. But it’s been fun to follow this month.
  15. Killing Floor

    Is this a Gggggghost?

    Or just the regular kind, a ghost? I'm in Wisconsin and there's a horrific lamp in my hotel room with this sliced rock clamped to an ugly lamp. But the rock appears to have a face and I look again and it's a full bodied Casper the Friendly Ghost thing. Then I look at it upside down and it...
  16. Killing Floor

    NPD - Grease Juicer Filter + Fuzz

    Came today! West Co Pedals Grease Juicer. It's a fat, funky, juicy follow filter with fuzz!!! Filters like to be first in the signal chain because they react to your attack. Same with fuzz. So West Co splits and processes the filter and the fuzz before merging them into greasy awesomeness...
  17. Killing Floor

    NBD and NVGSD!

    Hey! This is my first Kiesel purchase. PB5 PJ. First, as a bass and guitar player for 40 years I want to start here, this is The First instrument I have ever bought off the rack or online including Custom Shop and other high end brands that showed up intonated properly. The setup was right...
  18. Killing Floor

    NFW - New Fuzz Week

    It goes without saying, I love fuzz pedals of all kinds. I know it's true, you can never have too many. Therefore, I don't have too many. I made a deal with myself that if I can go an entire month without buying a new fuzz pedal I could reward myself with a new fuzz pedal. And I did not...
  19. Killing Floor

    Guac & Pico! Am I Extraordinary?

    Yes, I am. Delicious!
  20. Killing Floor

    Wren & Cuff Custom Shop Germanium Fuzz - New Fuzz Day

    Came home from my trip to find this l'il baby waiting for me. Wren & Cuff Your Face Hot Germanium 60s fuzz (they make a 70s too). I opted for the bias control and the buffer killer switch, Tropical Fish caps, lower brightness LED because I ain't tryin' to be the sun (best option ever). Love...
  21. Killing Floor

    A Day at the Museum

    Took a few hours off to check out the new exhibit at the Bullock Texas History Museum. Y’all know Texas is worth learning about, you know Austin is the center of the galaxy, so it stands to reason even the State History Museum is cooler than most (all). Guitar - The Instrument that Rocked the...
  22. Killing Floor

    Another NPD. Geez, this is a Habit!

    New Fuzz Pedal Day. Don’t ask me how many. I don’t know. But I’ve been wanting to try a Spruce for a while and they finally opened production after a break. This is the Etched Series, 2 knob DA fuzz face clone with NOS germanium creamy goodness. This is matte white but they come in 8 colors...
  23. Killing Floor

    Perfect Haircut

    What makes a perfect haircut? Edging, layering, blending, color, shaving. Just kidding. What makes a haircut a Perfect Haircut is when the shop has their own beer! Here’s to day drinking and a “buzz” cut at Birds. What’s great about your salon or barbershop?
  24. Killing Floor

    NPD JC Emerald Pre

    I am very close to the appropriate number of preamp pedals (N), I currently am only 1 short (n+1) of my ideal number. Today the nice postal worker delivered this: JC Emerald X from Sushi Box, one of my favorite small builders. Sushi makes about 40-ish pedals a month and most of them are clone...
  25. Killing Floor

    NPD Browne Protein OD

    Well, it happened again. It keeps happening. I open my parcel box and there's a pedal. I've been wanting to try one of these for quite a while and finally pulled the trigger. I think my hesitation was that it's dual. But wow, super glad I did. The good news is I love it already, both...

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