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  1. El Marin

    NAD... idi, vidi, vinci...

    Well... another topic of those I didn't meaned to get a new amp. I was using a Fender Frontman 212 that I got for nuts second hand (75€) in a Classic Spanish Rockabilly band. I played a Gretsch 6120 with TV Classics and wasn't happy. Yes, it was clean, very clean, cold clean but the...
  2. El Marin

    Yes, I have sinned... again... NGD

    Well... long story short: I am working in Estonia, north of the EU. A nice flat and small country full of forests and nice people. I was having beers in Tallinn, the capital, with some friends... long night... night? here barely gets dark only on this part of the year... so early in the morning...
  3. El Marin

    Based On Tone Only. Your 5 LESS Favorite Elec. Guitarists.

    When it comes to the tone of the guitarist you're listening to as they cruise through a tune ...... who are the five who deliver the most awfull electric guitar tones to your personal taste? I will start: David Gilmour John Mcglaughlin Eric Clapton Jeff Beck Mark Knopfler
  4. El Marin

    NOOAD The search has ended for me

    Yes. This is my NOOAD (New old owned amp day)... LONG STORY, sorry The story so far is... around 1991 I bought used from a famous band (at that time and in Spain only) a 1990 Twin Reverb Reissue. The owner sold it because sic "It has no distortion" Well, is true... at least until Jericho walls...
  5. El Marin

    Help me choose a cheap, clean, gigging amp for Rockabillly

    Well I need an amp I am in a gigging band, old classic rockabilly, two guitars (I play one of them), harp, upright bass, violin, drums. We play clean, clean as I have never ever in my life done it. But I am liking it. I started playing acoustic in that band but we are switching to a double...
  6. El Marin

    Help me choose a new gigging amp

    Hi there Long story short: I have been using a Princeton clone for a couple of years for gigging with my covers band. Love the 6V6, love the tone but we started doing bigger venues and sometimes I feel like a need some more watts. Is a trio, the bass player uses an Ashdown 2x12" 500W and is a...
  7. El Marin

    Posible amp trading: My Bassman 59 LTD for a Silver Face Twin Reverb

    Hi Long story short.... I had a Reissue Twin Reverb really modded... Master, both chanels on phase (you can add one to the other) Vibrato on both channels, V30 speakers, No NFB... I loved it and gigged it for 20 years. Then I had to move from Madrid to London and sold it (first mistake) After...
  8. El Marin

    NGD and Why... a P90s LP

    Well Is time to say Hello. I have been through a path to get to this point. Sold, traded and downgraded till I got this one. This one is a keeps (so far) The story starts wit a new band and a different rehearsal studio at a different town. I live in between the two rehearsal studios. I keep my...
  9. El Marin

    Somebody is trying to give me Millions of dollars... I use euros

    Hi there I got a private message trough this forum saying this: Hi I am Mr. Robert Dogbey. a banker by profession, worked with First Gulf Bank in Abu Dhabi for 15 years.( United Arab Emirates ) now currently holding the post of director auditing in the account department of the bank .I have...
  10. El Marin

    Small (valve or ss) amp to fit in a VOX DA5 box

    Long story short: I had a VOX DA5 witch I loved until I came to know Yamaha THR10. The amp has been stored in it's cardboard box for ages. I used it only two times just as a Direct to PA amp. Not bad but THR hundreds time better. So I decided to sell it... bargain, 50€. One man buys it from UK...
  11. El Marin

    Help me, please, with a 73-74 Deluxe Tele

    Hello everybody I have been offered as part of a trade a allegedly called 1973 Telecaster Deluxe. Y really love that guitar and wish to have one since I tried one years ago. New reissues has nothing to do mostly because pickups... In my search I ended having an SG loaded with The Creamery...
  12. El Marin

    Hello, Spaniard living in London

    Hello Long time reading... I think is time to step forward. Here I am.... Telecaster? Well.... my old battled 98 Bigsby loaded Fat Tele... the best sounding guitar in the world, IMHO :lol::lol::lol: Well... let's go

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