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  1. pugnax

    5F1 transformers, tubes, and headroom - how and what to measure

    I'm building a 5F1 using the Hoffman layout. Because the ClassicTone transformers suddenly exploded in price, I ended up splurging a bit on some Mercury Magnetics transformers instead. I ended up with a FTCP-59-CT (330-0-330, 5V winding PT) and a FTW-CHMP-OS (the oversized 8Ω OT). I know it's...
  2. pugnax

    Building on an existing LPJ finish

    (crossposting this from TGP to see if anyone here has any input) So I somehow managed to inherit a 2013 LPJ in the cherry finish. The guitar is a gem - I'm not surprised Gibson dropped the line as there's little reason not to buy an LPJ instead of a Studio, the thing is a dang workhorse. But...

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