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  1. archtop_fjk

    Quilter Aviator Cub UK

    So I'm NOT in the market for a new amp. My Roland Blues Cube Artist continues to serve me well. But... I just saw this! And it's only 21.5 lbs! :) Hmmmm... Quilter's Aviator Cub Takes Flight One of Quilter’s most renowned amplifiers takes off across the Atlantic with the Aviator Cub UK! This...
  2. archtop_fjk

    Rio Grande Twangbucker

    Like many here at TDPRI, I often see an interesting pickup on eBay or Reverb and buy it with the intention of trying it out at some point in the future in one of my partscasters. So when I saw the Rio Grande Twangbucker bridge assembly + pickup, I knew I just had to have it! The pickup...
  3. archtop_fjk

    It had to happen - the new Fender Acoustasonic Strat! :eek::oops::confused::lol::):):););) PS I kinda like it!
  4. archtop_fjk

    In praise of Rio Grande strat pickups

    I recently completed building a new strat partscaster, with a MIM sunburst body and 70s style (big headstock) maple neck. I wanted to have a beefy bridge pickup and originally tried an HSS configuration (which the body can accommodate) with Fender Texas Specials and a Fender atomic humbucker...
  5. archtop_fjk

    Blues Cube Artist: Using the Line Out for Live Sound

    Thought I'd pass along my experience so far with using the Line Out on my Blues Cube Artist for live use. The band I play with decided recently to go with IEMs for monitoring. No more heavy monitor wedges, and I can finally hear myself on stage! :) As part of this configuration, I am sending...
  6. archtop_fjk

    Pure Tone Multi-Contact 1/4" Output Jack

    This looks like a great idea... From Stew-Mac... I normally use standard mono switchcraft jacks for my guitars, but this looks like it would hold much better and less likely to have problems with active use. Pure Tone Multi-Contact 1/4" Jack
  7. archtop_fjk

    Katana 100 for Rockabilly, 50s Rock and Roll

    Hey all, I am thinking about getting a Katana 100 (the new Artist model) and was wondering if the delay can be set for a good clean slap back, which along with a slightly driven clean channel would provide an authentic rockabilly, 50s rock and roll tone. My band does some Stray Cats and Carl...

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