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  1. tele_savales

    Mounting a chassis in a tweed cab

    I’m a little sketched about this and need some advice. The mounting holes are almost kinda exactly 13.5 inches on center (actually 9/16 or 14mm in from the edge, not 1/2”, sadly) and the chassis is 14.5. It looks wayyyy to close to the round over to even think about drilling there, much less...
  2. tele_savales

    5E3 point to point build.

    I have mapped out my p2p project in diylc and drill drilled out an aluminum chassis. I know it's not the ideal chassis to do this in, but I'm going for it anyway, partly because I can't really build a cab to fit a hammond chassis, and partly because everyone builds them with a board and I wanted...
  3. tele_savales

    Heavily modded Bassman on eBay.

    Does anyone have any idea what this thing is?
  4. tele_savales

    Mojotone noiseless vs Dimarzio Area

    Having a little trouble deciding what I should go with to upgrade an 85 MIJ Strat. I want close to SC vintage tone as possible with a bit more bite. I’m also wondering if people Who have Dimarzios have gone with a straight set of Areas or a mixed set. Lastly, any thought on using 500k pots due...
  5. tele_savales

    Standard control panel thickness(es)

    I'm working on designing some control panels on Front Panel Designer because I can't live with the shame of my inkjet printed decals anymore. Can someone give me the thickness of a Fender control panel and a Plexiglass style panel? Also the corner radii of a Fender panel?
  6. tele_savales

    Moderately Epic Japan E Strat Score.

    I don’t really like to make a big deal out of finding things, but I kind of have to in this case. For background, I’ve been looking for one of these for ages, although w the standard tremolo, and I’ve watched the prices get ridiculous. I actually won one on eBay but we cancelled the sale...
  7. tele_savales

    Tiniest 220k resistors known to man?

    Look at these things. Is it just me?
  8. tele_savales

    Silverface Bassman noise in tone stack w Bright Switch engaged

    So I picked up what seems to be anyway a 67-68 Bassman. I looked at the chassis briefly before buying, saw that some basic maintenance had been done. When I got home I realized there were lots of incorrect values, some strange parts, and some basic mistakes such as a virtual center tap when...
  9. tele_savales

    RobRob JCM800 Princenot Amp

    Well, here it is. Been wanting a 4x12 in this color scheme for a while, so when I couldn’t really find the Marshall green/black tolex that seemed genuine enough I went for this. Interestingly, with the chassis on my bench plugged into a 65 watt creamback in a closed cab a few feet away It...
  10. tele_savales

    RR JCM 800 6v6 build

    Alrighty here it is. Only my second build. Fired up w zero problems on my variac and has creamy hiss with both volumes cranked and nothing plugged in. Ran into a couple hassles along the way but nothing major.
  11. tele_savales

    Heater wiring to tube first

    Is there a huge difference in hum reduction or any other benefit to wiring the 6 volt tap to say a power tube, then to the pilot light, instead of just wiring the tap to the pilot light first? Thanks!
  12. tele_savales

    In case you haven't had a good laugh today

    Or a really good cry. I think even old Uncle Doug would have to pass on this "gem"
  13. tele_savales

    mxr univibe mods?

    I picked one about 6 months ago, and I'm sure most people here know that the speed knob doesn't do anything for almost the first half of it's sweep. I've never modded a pedal before, any tweaks to make the thing semi-useful? I seem to have a lot of time on my hands lately. Thanks!
  14. tele_savales

    Soundboard crack question

    The guitar I've been wanting (well, one of them) for a couple years is on eBay and it does have a crack in the top from the bridge and all the way back. I wondering if anyone has a general idea what the repair would cost to figure it in to my bid.
  15. tele_savales

    Princeton Chorus- sized chassis

    I got a non-functioning Princeton Chorus w 2x10's for 50 bucks with the notion of gutting it. The inner dimensions is 20 3/4 so neither a Regualr Princeton chassis or say a Deluxe Reverb chassis will fit. I have a buddy in Colorado who is a welder who I could get to plasma cut a chassis down...
  16. tele_savales

    Reverb tank issue?

    If an acutonics tank measures 177 ohms at the output but only .6 ohms at the input, would that indicate a problem with the tank? The cables check fine and the voltages on my drive and return tubes look kosher. I'm not getting any reverb but when I plug the tank into the back of the amp re-built...
  17. tele_savales

    Cautionary shipping tale

    This is what I came home to this evening: I said to myself, “I don’t believe it. He shipped it the display box.” Yeah well, he did. Dead mint, brand new, destroyed. *sigh*
  18. tele_savales

    67 Bassman score

    Dead original except for the preamp tubes. The cab is flawless as well. Pretty stoked.
  19. tele_savales

    50 Watt head w line out into Focusrite Scarlett

    Just a quick question that I think I already know the answer to: So I've been plugging my Tele directly into my new interface, and while inspecting/documenting the innards of my Friedman Smallbox this am I realized it had a line out. If I use this to plug into the Focusrite w a 1/4 inch TRS...
  20. tele_savales

    Champ drop in replacement speaker ain’t dropping in.

    I went to put my new WGS 8” in my SF Champ and the Holes didn’t line up. What gives? Should I have smashed it with a hammer?
  21. tele_savales

    Squier Strat body wood

    I'm looking at the Fender website, and it lists pine as the body material for the '50's Classic Vibe Strats. But on GC's website it has one (Sherwood Green w matching headstock) listed as having an alder body. What gives?
  22. tele_savales

    recording hardware/software bundle?

    I'd like to be able to do some relatively silent recording in my apartment. I plan on getting a PC w at least 16GB Ram and 500gb or 1T of disc space. I have some experience with Presonus interface, micing drum kits and laying tracks, mixing etc. I'd like to get at least an 8 xlr interface in...
  23. tele_savales

    Why can't I solder to the chassis?

    I didn't want to post any pictures of my horrific can capacitor solder joints on my Vibro champ, and I didn't want to button the amp up until it was done correctly. I had run out to the hardware store to get the standard Weller 100/140 watt gun in the middle of the project and the pictures show...
  24. tele_savales

    Vibro Champ heater wires

    I've done a bunch of work on this little VC I got. Replaced the filter cap, electrolytic and tone caps, swapped out a noisy preamp tube, put a new Tung-sol 6v6 in, tightened the pin sockets and loose power switch, cleaned all the pots and jacks, clipped the death cap, re-flowed some solder...
  25. tele_savales

    Loose socket pins

    I've been going thru the SF Vibro champ I got while waiting for parts. Glued down some loose tolex, cleaned the pots and jacks, and re-tensioned the pin sockets which were super loose. I found out last night that some of the solder tags on the wiring side of the sockets were a bit wiggly as...

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