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  1. RollingBender

    Sealed cab design wonderings???

    We have the open back tweed cabinets with their lively, thin speaker baffles. Wondering what a sealed speaker cabinet with the same type of baffle would sound like? How about a lively, thin back on the cabinet also?
  2. RollingBender

    Have tube…really want to put it in a build

    It’s a standard 9-pin, a little shorter than an EL84. Don’t know what it could be used for but would be fun to have it in something.
  3. RollingBender

    Show us your band’s poster

    Does your band use good old fashioned posters as a tool for advertising your performances? Let’s see ‘em!
  4. RollingBender

    Plumbing air

    As I bring in and set up my new machine, I have pretty much been forced to remodel my whole shop. Over the last couple days, I have relocated my air compressor and now I have the opportunity to make the air plumbing much more user friendly by dropping air hookups where there are needed and used...
  5. RollingBender

    Power for the machine

    My old CNC vertical machining center was built for 3-phase power but ran just fine on 240 volt single phase. I just found out last week that my new(er) machine cannot be wired up to single phase like the old one even though they came from the same manufacturer. …so…now I need to figure out...
  6. RollingBender

    Trying something different…just like before

    Going to try a variation of the build style I did last year with the 18 watt Plexi where I mounted the tube sockets on the board. This was not the flimsy PCB with soldered in tube sockets but 1/8” thick goralite board with a hybrid of turrets and point to point. It worked out very well. This...
  7. RollingBender

    Trophy wife…

    This morning as we were getting in each other’s way in the kitchen, I called the Mrs my “Trophy Wife”… she rolled her eyes at me and said, “Yea, right”. We’ve been married 28 years, she just turned 51. I seem to look a year older every 12 months or so but she has taken to not following my example.
  8. RollingBender

    What would you do?

    The decision has been made with my current band (3-piece playing a lot of Yacht Rock) to add keyboards to a few songs and I have been recruited to fill that role. I have lined up a couple keyboards, a Yamaha Reface CP to cover piano/e-piano stuff and a Yamaha Reface YC to cover the organ stuff...
  9. RollingBender

    NMD - New Machine Day

    Out with the old… …and in with the new! I wish I would have taken a photo of the forklift catching on fire while they were loading it back on the flatbed but I was busy rounding up fire extinguishers.
  10. RollingBender

    Recommend me a crappy keyboard

    My latest band is starting to take off!!! We are a bit older than most “dad bands” but not too old to have a bunch of fun. We didn’t plan it this way but it has become that our shtick is… a lot of shtick. The song list is heavy on yacht rock and vocal group rock from the 70’s. Three piece band...
  11. RollingBender

    Cargo shorts!

    Cargo shorts seem to be frowned upon by the populace here but how can one deny that they are a well established part of the “uniform” of a properly dressed Dad Band. Here’s mine. Let’s see a photo of you performing in your best cargo shorts.
  12. RollingBender

    Fake nails for picking?

    I have been playing guitar for over 40 years. In that time I have developed an odd sort of picking technique. I play with a thumb pick and about half of the time I could get away with using a flat pick because I’m holding on to the thumb pick with my index finger too. The other half of the time...
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    FREE SHIPPING from RollingBender

    FREE SHIPPING for the remainder of the month of August on all Rolling Bender products WORLDWIDE!!!
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    Cooling fans… blow or suck?

    This little guy gets mighty warm up under the handle. I can’t get my hand past the speaker to feel the OT but after an hour+15min set, the PT is getting beyond warm. There’s 7 tubes contributing to the issue. I intend to put 1 or 2 little fans in the cabinet. Cut a hole in the side near...
  15. RollingBender

    Speaker efficiency

    Why is it that the most efficient guitar speakers are at the top end of power capacity? Seems silly that to put an efficient 10” speaker in a Princeton Reverb that you have to go to 70watts.
  16. RollingBender

    The mighty Kazoo

    A couple months ago we introduced the Kazoo to our band (3-piece). It started as sort of a joke. We worked up Billy Joel’s “ Still Rock-n-Roll to Me” and threw in the Kazoo to cover the sax solo. But, it turned out that the joke works pretty well. Since then we have added a few other songs to...
  17. RollingBender

    Pencil Pusher

    These things are just plain cute!!! I just received a few subminiature tubes of various specs and have ordered the appropriate transformers for a tiny build using all pencil tubes. I’m planning a spitfire type of thing (I’ve built 5 Spitfire inspired amps already). It should be fun to have one...
  18. RollingBender

    Cover band song list help

    At the beginning of the lockdown, a new band was created. The drummer and I have been playing together for ten years or so in a few different bands. I’ve known the bass player for over 20 years but the opportunity to work together had not presented itself until recently. Out of the gate...
  19. RollingBender

    NMD I have to sell the old mill. Only room for one machine in my tiny shop.
  20. RollingBender

    Facebook Marketplace rant...

    263 listings in Musical Instruments in a 40 mile radius from me. 95 have nothing to do with Musical Instruments. I know there are many people out there who are too stupid to hit the correct category button but one would think that Facebook would have the resources to properly filter things.
  21. RollingBender

    The ultimate (athletic) beast of burden.

    It was many years ago, but I grew up on a farm that still used draft animals for as much of the work as my father could dream up. Summers were a constant cycle of mowing hay (with a team), raking hay (with a team) and baling hay (old man even figured out how to do that with 6 big Belgians and a...
  22. RollingBender

    Theoretical question...Time travel content

    Just doing a few final tweaks on my time machine and I’m sure it will be in proper/safe working order soon. I’m planning a trip back about 70 years to Southern California and I would like to take one of my builds with me. @robrob has a step-by-step on building a bucking transformer for time...
  23. RollingBender

    Awww...isn’t that cute

    Check out this tiny turret lug The bottom one is the common size used in our hobby. The top one is just way smaller. I’m going to do some testing with PCB mounted components on a turret board and the pins will just fit in the tiny through hole. The plan is to mount them on the bottom of the...
  24. RollingBender

    Group design - building a “stealth” amp

    A couple years ago, I picked this up for $20... The amp is dead and the speaker is blown but it is in pretty good shape cosmetically and I figured it would make a nice home for a future build. Front panel... Back panel... Guts... Cool label on reverb tank... I’ve had this thing...
  25. RollingBender

    Compression circuit

    Came across this on the interweb... it’s said to be an addition to a preamp gain stage which gives an adjustable compression to that stage. It’s from an old thread on the Hoffman forums I think it is called “side chain” compression. Can...