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  1. Ragged Tweed

    Pedals and gear used by Sean Kelly of The Samples?

    It is difficult to find information on the internet about Sean Kelly’s pedal board or gear. His band, The Samples, has an interesting sound and history. I looked at a lot of photographs and figured out two main ingredients of his tone or sound: a Boss CS-3 compressor and a Roland JC-120. If...
  2. Ragged Tweed

    Barb EQ alternatives? Experience with JHS Clover?

    Hey all, I built a 5e3 and a 5f1 champ and was looking for a pedal to get closer to some cleaner blackface tones without having to build (or buy) another amp. My research brought me to the JOYO American sound, which I bought for $20 and it was satisfying, but I wondered if the Barber Barb EQ...
  3. Ragged Tweed

    Product to fill screw holes for new pick guard?

    My 5-hole pickguard is buckling on a partscaster I finished up last spring. I removed the screw near the bridge pickup to relieve the tension. You can see in the photo that I’m only a tiny bit off center. I plan on buying a Bakelite guard from WD, but I’d like to fill this one screw hole...
  4. Ragged Tweed

    Improving the versatility of the Roland Street Cube?

    I bought the 5 watt Roland Street Cube so that I could practice playing electric or acoustic guitar while singing with a mic. It’s also super easy to use when I don’t want to set up my pedal board. I like the amp but if I use it like a PA for vocals and a drum machine, it doesn’t have the...
  5. Ragged Tweed

    Recommendations for silicon-free polishes

    I sprayed nitrocellulose lacquer for the first time this fall and have been waiting to wet sand and polish it. I wanted to order the ColorTone hand polishing kit from Stew Mac but it’s been out of stock for a few months. It comes with medium and fine polish, and swirl remover. I can probably...
  6. Ragged Tweed

    Can you sync the new Boss RC-5 with the Digitech Sdrum?

    A while ago I sold my Boss RC-3 and replaced it with a Digitech Jamman Solo XT because you can run a cable between the two so that your looper doesn’t drift out of time with the drum beats on the SDrum. I’ve done this, but I think the Jamman is cumbersome to use so I’m less likely to actually...
  7. Ragged Tweed

    Anyone else have sudden realizations or epiphanies while building guitars or pedals?

    I’m on my second telecaster build. This weekend I sprayed nitro for the first time. I researched techniques and safety for about 5 months and became really hesitant to take action, but I also knew that the weather is changing and I wouldn’t have many more weekend days with ideal temperature and...
  8. Ragged Tweed

    Does anyone know what Vox amp this is?

    This famous photo of Elvis Costello on the hotel bed is by Anton Corbijn. Does anyone know what Vox amp this is? Looks pretty cool!,_July_1990
  9. Ragged Tweed

    Testing Tru Oil with Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Paints

    I wanted to post some of my tests in case other people are curious about tinting Tru Oil with oil paints. My ultimate goal is to finish a swamp ash body with something close to blonde or butterscotch blonde finish without using spray equipment. I finished a mahagony body with Tru Oil a few...
  10. Ragged Tweed

    Roland Street Cube or Street Cube EX?

    I want to buy a solid state amp to save some wear and tear on my tube amp (A Mission 5e3.) I'm debating between the 5 watt Street Cube and the 50 watt EX. I've read that that 5 watt feels quite loud and has a cabinet made of MDF board and feels sturdier than the 50 watt EX. Some say that the...
  11. Ragged Tweed

    Using BBE Supa Charger to power Strymon Flint

    I have a BBE Supa Charger power supply. Outlets 1-4 and 7-8 put out 100mA. Outlets 5 and 6 only put out 200mA but the Strymon Flint requires 250 mA. Is it safe to power the Strymon pedal (250mA) by using a Y-cable to combine outlet 5 (200mA) with outlet 4 (100mA)? From what I've researched, I...
  12. Ragged Tweed

    Just saw Dawes... Can you help identify pedals?

    This is the best shot I could get of Taylor Goldsmith's pedal board. Anyone know what is on top of his amp?
  13. Ragged Tweed

    Slowest Build Ever- “The Boba Fett Versa-Tele” (Ideas? Advice?)

    It took me most of last year to save up for and build a Mission 5e3 amp. It sounds sweet with my Danelectro, but now I want a Tele. Actually, I want a LP Junior Special too. Last fall I even went to my local shop with a friend to look at a used Reverend Roundhouse. I brought my amp along...
  14. Ragged Tweed

    Matching output of P90 pickup with a telecaster bridge pickup?

    I’m starting my first telecaster build and trying to learn as much as I can by researching the hell out of everything. I need some advice on balancing the bridge and neck pickup. My goal is to make a really versatile guitar that will work well with my Mission 5e3 amp. I’ve already purchased...