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    Tweety Bird... REAL!
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    Prince & 3rdEyeGirl

    Just 'cuz...
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    RIP Shock G (Humpty)!

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    Best Under $400 Acoustic/Electric is...?

    A friend is looking to buy his first guitar, looking for recommendations - thx
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    RIP - Leslie West

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    Gigbag Recommendation?

    Gotta replace my ancient 30+ year old Levy's. Looking for good protection with decent pocket(s) for 2-3 pedals, cables. Suggestions..?
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    RIP Manu Dibango

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    Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

    The sonic equivalent of a black light poster...
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    Uncut Gems

    Whew! Just got home from seeing this tonight. My normal resting heart rate is low is currently mid 80s:confused: Highly recommended.
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    Merry Keefmas!

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    Stephen Hillenburg RIP

    Creator of Spongebob Squarepants has died today, apparently had ALS. Age 57. I am actually watching some Spongebob and saw this news: sad...
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    Carvin ID Help

    Borrowed this to practice on while travelling for work. I don't know anything about Carvin guitars...would like to know model/year, etc...the neck joint can be felt, it's not perfectly smooth/flush...neck is straight as a ruler.
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    IMDB Disabling Their Message Boards!

    As of 02/20/17. Crap...I don't want or need a Facebook/Twitter account. Grrrr "Increasingly, IMDb customers have migrated to IMDb's social media accounts as the primary place they choose to post comments and communicate with IMDb's editors and one another. IMDb's Facebook page...
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    Just discovered this band while youtubing some stoner rock. Love it...
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    Chip & Signature Credit Cards?

    Okay, I'm not finding the answer to my question anywhere online. Maybe someone here knows... I have a chip & sig card, which has the traditional magnetic strip as well. I understand that the chip 'encrypts transaction data' when used at a chip-enabled reader. Fine. But is the mag strip data...
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    Facebook Login Help Needed (long)...

    My wife opened a facebook acct a few weeks ago and as of yesterday cannot login: " It looks like your account might not be real. Facebook is a community where people share and interact using their real identities. Facebook does not allow accounts that: Pretend to be someone else...
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    Shameless plug for my beautiful young niece

    Catherine has recently joined this new startup music site, as a writer. Check it out...
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    Makin' Bacon

    Chew on this:
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    Darwin Award Alert!

    Middle-aged morons do the wackiest stuff:
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    Recommend a Digital Recorder for... wife to record cello lessons and playback at slower tempos. Would also need to record CDs to slow down as well. Is there something out there that could do this?
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    Yard Sale Find (NTC)

    I found this last weekend. It's a 1968 Harmony archtop that had pickups added. It's completely unplayable: needs a neck reset and straightening, has a few cracks in the body. The pickups work (made in Japan sticker underneath them). May try my hand at some shade-tree luthiery. They wanted $10...
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    What was Keef's slide tuning on...

    ...Monkey Man and/or Midnight Rambler?
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    Need Appraisal (NYC/LI)

    A friend has inherited a 50's Les Paul and needs a competent appraisal. Does anyone know who the go-to appraiser is in the NYC/LI area?