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  1. willie ray

    ray wylie hubbard

    this is great.
  2. willie ray

    this dog sold for $35,200

    eulooka hoover, sold for $35,200 at the recent Casterton Kelpie Auction.
  3. willie ray

    Chrissie Amphlett...

    Saw the Divinyls a few times back in the eighties... She was something special....sadly missed.
  4. willie ray

    billy strings,marcus king and a 54 tele...

    this is sooo good...
  5. willie ray

    mama mia-with a banjo-josh and carson.

    Love these guys.
  6. willie ray

    One way

    great guitar song covered really well by the Nimmo Bros. awesome rhythm section...the drummer is outstanding.
  7. willie ray

    thanx America

    thankyou America for these outstanding artists... I only miss you...every now and then... my lord this is good.
  8. willie ray

    folsom prison pickin'

    this is great
  9. willie ray

    I'll play one

    man this guy was good...