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  1. Aftermath

    Favorite Song about Fighting

    I remember when I was around 19 I used to listen to a lot of soft indie music, until I met a guy name Dave and he turned me on to what he called "tough guy rock." What are some songs that get your blood pumping?
  2. Aftermath

    Paul Davis - I Go Crazy

  3. Aftermath

    Kali Uchis - After The Storm ft. Tyler, The Creator, Bootsy Collins

    I really dig this song. I can't really put into words but her singing and the band is just excellent.
  4. Aftermath

    Nissim Saroussi - Ashlayot [Israel, Rock / Soul / Funk] (1972)

    This is why I love old school rock. They knew vocals needed some reverb.
  5. Aftermath

    The Action- In My Dream

  6. Aftermath

    Rick James - Give It To Me Baby

    I don't think this song would fly today! LOL
  7. Aftermath

    Is Old Music Killing New Music? I saw this article on google news this morning. What do you think about it? It does not surprise me, because most young people I know seem to like old music better.
  8. Aftermath

    Any tips on getting this sound for drums and vocals?

    Isolated drums and vocals the whole track for context
  9. Aftermath

    For those who play mostly rhythm, what kind of string set up do you use?

    I am looking to polish up my rhythm skills, so what type of strings do you use and what type of music do you play? I have been using 10's and they feel really heavy and hard to play with for me. I mostly play post punk/punk/proto-punk type stuff.
  10. Aftermath

    Sensational Alex Harvey Band: Faith Healer @ TOGWT 20/12/73

    I can see why Killing Joke liked this band. Those drums sounds are so cool.
  11. Aftermath

    Scorpions - Sails Of Charon

  12. Aftermath

    Kate - Strange Girl

    this song really takes you on a journey. It's allways cool to hear cool music from obscure bands.
  13. Aftermath

    Steve Perry Criticizes Singers Who Uses Auto-Tune Perry said in a new interview with Kyle Meredith, and added, “I was told a long time by a very bright musician, he said when you listen to somebody...
  14. Aftermath

    Marshall Shredmaster died on me, any tips on a good pedal to replace it?

    I never thought it was that special, but looking back on some of the recordings I did with it, it was a pretty cool pedal. Any tips on what would be a good pedal to replace it with?
  15. Aftermath

    Third Power - "Lost In A Daydream"

    If you are a fan of Arthur Lee I think you will dig this.
  16. Aftermath

    Fire - Father`s Name Is Dad

  17. Aftermath

    English Beat- "Save It For Later"

  18. Aftermath

    Have you ever worked with a producer?

    I think I am definitely one of those guys who needs guidance when it comes to decisions in my recordings. The last demos I did the guy who engineered it was a friend of the drummer, He helped during the recording of the backing tracks and the drummer helped a lot to arrange the songs. I did...
  19. Aftermath

    Turns out Robert Smith (The Cure) has been a huge Thin Lizzy fan most of his life! I think that is pretty cool. I allways love hearing about great musicians being influenced by people from way outside their genre...
  20. Aftermath

    Bo Diddley - I Can Tell