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  1. MrGibbly

    Amazing Stories from Martin Strayer - Sound Engineer Extraordinaire

    Martin Strayer has a pretty amazing list of artists that he has run sound for on tour including Joe Cocker, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Page & Plant, Soundgarden, the Eagles, Dixie Chicks, R. Kelly, Nora Jones, Billy Joel, Tina Turner, Cher, and so many more. I had no idea he was a San Antonio...
  2. MrGibbly

    Peavey is the only musical gear brand... make the list of "most recognizable brands from each US state": Here's the article:
  3. MrGibbly

    The Merits of Cast Iron

    Growing up, we didn't have cast iron in the house. The only fry pan was stainless. It lasted forever and, with enough oil/butter, things could be prevented from sticking. When I graduated from college, I thought I wanted hard anodized aluminum was all the rage at the time. It...
  4. MrGibbly

    New (To Us) Food

    I'm a big fan of quick and wholesome meals that we can throw together in a quantity that satisfies a family with 5 kids, two of which are hungry teens. On this forum, we've already had a thread about the merits of pasta salad which is a stalwart at Casa de Gibbly... Something new for us...
  5. MrGibbly

    The "Here's why" Headline

    Is this being taught in the school of journalism these days? It feels like such as lazy way to dress up a poor headline by tacking "Here's why" on the end. It started small in the nooks an crannies of the internet, but these days I see it on big name, mainstream media sites that (ostensibly)...
  6. MrGibbly

    Hard to believe...40 years of MTV

    I missed the earliest days but it was definitely a huge influence growing up (until peak Real World...). What's your top MTV memory?
  7. MrGibbly

    Adding product placement to classic films? What say you?

    I read this article and my initial gut reaction was "absolutely not"! I have a hard time with the idea of going back and digitally introducing product placement in movies from days gone by. Obviously, I'm used to it in today's shows/movies/video games. There is mention of musicians being able...
  8. MrGibbly

    Sterling Silver Pick?

    Apologies if this has already been posted but this just caught my eye... I thought Gravity and Dragon's Heart picks were exotic! Sterling silver...
  9. MrGibbly

    Review: Les Paul Special – Demo – Satin Ebony

    A number of years ago I bought myself an Epiphone Elitist Casino on Sweetwater’s Yellow Tag sale. The dual P90s and hollow body were a fantastic combination. So much so, that my teenage son lusted after it from the moment it entered the house. For his 16th, I gave it to him sparking an...
  10. MrGibbly

    NGD Tease..."I will do no such thing!"

    It's 64 outside and 68 inside. I'm not waiting!
  11. MrGibbly

    Flooring for Home Office..?

    I have a home office set up at the front of our house that is about a 12' x 12' space with French doors. It got fresh paint less than a year ago and I am ready to do new flooring, track lighting highlighting my guitars on the wall, and plantation shutters. Currently, the room has some super...
  12. MrGibbly

    Pasta salad...what do you put in it?

    I have a standard set of things that *always* go in and then there is a certain element of, "what's in the fridge?". Standard ingredients are: tri-color pasta twists, sliced black olives, halved cherry tomatoes (better if they are different colors), red/purple onion, chopped pepperoni, feta...
  13. MrGibbly

    Expensive (to you) Gear that has Saved you Money..?

    So, the title says it all. What is a piece of gear that you scrimped and saved for that was expensive by your standard (we all have different thresholds) but has "saved" you a lot of money in the long run? For me, it has been my Mesa Boogie Mark V:25. I traded a Larivee, a Squier jazz bass...
  14. MrGibbly

    Analog Synth Question - How to Amplify..?

    Posting this one to the TDPRI because this is my "safe" place. :) Those other forums seem kinda intimidating, and the collective wisdom here has gotten our family started off well with home recording, etc. over the years. My son and I are planning on starting down the modular analog synth...
  15. MrGibbly

    This is pretty much awesome... much untapped potential here. ...can you think of others you'd like to see? Bonus points for great names that play on the name of the effect and the "toy".
  16. MrGibbly

    Practicing to a metronome is...

    ...boring. Because it's boring, I've never really done it consistently and my timing suffers as a result. Over the last few months I've been experimenting with other options and thought I'd share for other less developed players looking to improve their game that may need some inspiration...
  17. MrGibbly

    Two Effects I was Told I'd Hate...

    ...but, I really enjoy and find inspire me to play and create! In my earliest days on internet guitar and gear forums I read all about how terrible and cheesy chorus was. People said how overused flangers were. For my first ~15 years of playing all the pedals I had were an Ibanez Soundtank...
  18. MrGibbly

    Thoughts/impressions on UA Luna?

    Just saw that Luna is a free download for UA Apollo and Arrow users with Thunderbolt on Mac. I haven't grabbed it and tried it yet. Any impressions from the more experienced TDPRI folk?
  19. MrGibbly

    Upgrading Hobbyist Home Studio

    A couple of years ago I posted here looking for help getting things rolling for my then 13-year old son and I recording. You all got us moving with our 2011 iMac, GarageBand, a USB mic, a USB "Rocksmith" cable, our existing low-end Grado cans, etc. so we were able to figure some things out...
  20. MrGibbly

    DPS Experience - Share yours here!

    Wow. Just wow. I had to go this morning to renew my license/ID this cycle (did by mail last time, thank goodness). That’s a slice of humanity that I, thankfully, don’t have to come into contact with on any kind of regular basis. ...and, in a setting that could only have been contrived by a...
  21. MrGibbly

    Funny subconscious things you do when playing..?

    Today, I was playing through some solos while the kids were hanging out in my home office. Most of the time I am working on rhythm parts so it was a change of pace and one of the girls was watching me. During a little break in my playing she asked me, "Why do you hold your breath like that and...
  22. MrGibbly

    Wood-mounted humbucker..?

    I am basing my next build around a set of Darkmoon Overkill humbuckers that I got on a Black Friday special. I’ve been liking the look of some of the guitars from Ibanez, Charvel, Schecter, etc. lately that have the pickups mounted directly to the wood vs. using pickup rings. I know I can get...
  23. MrGibbly

    Black Friday...What’d you get and why?

    Black Friday...What’d you get and why? I got a set of Darkmoon Overkill pickups in gold mother of pearl. They are running a 25% off coupon and I’ve been wanting these for my next build. You?
  24. MrGibbly

    Sound that inspires you to let it rip?

    I don’t know about you guys but there are certain guitar sounds that really fire me up and get my playing going. What about you? I’ll go first... Les Paul tuned to Eb into a medium gain “crunch” channel on a Marshall-like tube amp. Telecaster in standard tuning through a mild setting on...
  25. MrGibbly

    Lollar Gold Foil Installation Information

    Happy Thanksgiving! I am currently planning my next partscaster and am basing it around a T-style body (probably Warmoth) with Lollar Gold Foils. I'm planning to do a rear route control cavity but I can't find much information about the pickup route themselves. I really like the look of the...