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  1. EugeneWeemich

    Ah, the age ol' question of tone...

    ...and where it comes from. good luck everybody!
  2. EugeneWeemich

    one of the best...

  3. EugeneWeemich

    Knew Bonamassa was talented, but...

    ...I really had no idea. Wow! Start young!
  4. EugeneWeemich

    Who is your favorite slide Guitarist?

    Really love David Lindley's work with Jackson Browne.
  5. EugeneWeemich

    G&L ASAT Tribute Delux Carved Top pots

    I purchased this guitar from Sweetwater.. Like the guitar very much and have it set up perfectly. Unfortunately the sweet water 55 point check failed to realize that the volume pot crackled and cut out at low volumes and the tone pot, which is a push pull tone pot, is loose in shaft play. So...
  6. EugeneWeemich

    Minor Pentatonic connection

    I was just playing along with a backing track and accidentally substituted shape 4 for shape 1, and it worked. The different picked notes are part of what I play anyway as I move through the shapes. I realized why it works now, sort of, but i recognize I'm very music theory deficient, which is...
  7. EugeneWeemich

    What are your Tele Man Cave essential must have items?

    List em. LED mood lighting, for one. Old, but not to big, comfortable couch?
  8. EugeneWeemich

    Tubes! Now you know...

  9. EugeneWeemich

    NGD - Anti-Sattelite Sonic Wave Inducer

    doh... spelled Satellite incorrectly i.e..... a G&L Tribute ASAT Deluxe Carved Top Electric Guitar - Trans Black exactly 24 hours from order to door delivery from Sweetwater. wow. lucky day. some small adjustments for action...and away we go.
  10. EugeneWeemich

    Houston crowd crush, panic at Astroworld music fest result in at least 8 dead

    just awful. As a teenager, I was nearly crushed at a Styx concert. we were waiting to get in. Doors opened late and people in the back started pushing. crushing came in cycles. nothing you can do and by the time you are in it, there's no wiggling out. I avoid large groups of people always, now.
  11. EugeneWeemich

    Right hand position question

    3 year player...old guy drummer. brain and muscle memory aligning with picking and fretwork. yay. finding i like a right hand closed fist for picking, like Molly Tuttle and others. was taught by a very good player how to rest my palm on bridge and pick from there, and as I move from low to...
  12. EugeneWeemich

    Watching Mayer and Frampton.... lots of 3 finger use

    as I practice, am focusing on what I think is the right way (trying to incorporate my pinky... but, for what I want, and be happy with, is a loosening of this 'standards. just want to play and do good stuff. upper 50y.o. guy....with a spark amp, no pressure to perform and be judged on stage...
  13. EugeneWeemich

    Positive Grid Tone Share

    For grid owners... tweaked this preset last night. Clean with a bit of drive. If you've got any new tones you've fashioned, share em.
  14. EugeneWeemich

    Your world in three sentences...

    What do you see?
  15. EugeneWeemich

    Wondering how Mr. Peter Frampton is doing?

    Last I heard his touring were coming to a halt a couple of years ago. been binging his music on YouTube. just a great musician.
  16. EugeneWeemich

    To Shield or not to Shield

    See alot of posts on topic.... so if it is a big thing (or is it?), why does Fender produce products without it?
  17. EugeneWeemich

    Well....the universe did its thing, again, last night

    A young man, 15 years old, ...a good kid, lost his life, yesterday. He did nothing wrong. Was out rowing with boat club teammates in the evening; a good, healthy activity. Had a medical event, an epileptic seizure, rolled out and disappeared in front of his friends and escort boat. Murky river...
  18. EugeneWeemich

    Best Guitar fretboard and bridge cleaner ever!

    ...just don't tell my wife!
  19. EugeneWeemich

    Positive Grid Spark preset share thread

    Working with this: What'choo got?
  20. EugeneWeemich

    What is your favorite emotive guitar solo?

    looking for listening recommendations similar to Gilmour in Comfortably Numb. i.e. Those players who can reach deep into the heart of the listener in music that rolls along at a slow ballad pace. Thank you.
  21. EugeneWeemich

    Life is UNFAIR when... have raging tinnitus and there's a mosquito in the room. How else is life unfair?
  22. EugeneWeemich

    Whelp...found out why I was having problems playing minor pentatonic last night

    Playing to a backing track last night. Big time fingering issues playing 6th string. WTH! Nothing was making sense. And that's when it hit me... Earlier in the day I dropped it to D. Agggh. Tip: practicing when reeeelly tired may not yield the best of results. sigh...
  23. EugeneWeemich

    NAD - Positive Grid Spark... excellent.

    Very well designed and priced practice amp. Threw some headphones on and played to backing tracks i work with. just wow. Tried a gilmour tone I found on the app, couple of minor tweaks, and dang, there i was... Lost in play for two hours.
  24. EugeneWeemich

    Standard Tuning...why is my G string so loud compared to the others?

    Strings from pic. If I strum a chord (when G is open) then the G is noticeably louder. very odd pickup height is on spec. low action, straight fretboard. turned eq pedal on, but can't surgically lower a G. (all other pedals off) scooped my mids on a bassbreaker 15, again, a broad tone...
  25. EugeneWeemich

    Alternative ya use them?

    Latest Rhett Shull. Going to toy with D Standard for a while. On my acoustic I'm playing with an open D and loving it.. What's your latest tuning muse?

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