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  1. idjster

    I said I was done

    And that I wouldn't be posting about my health anymore. Alas, this might be the last time. I've been dealing with cancer for about 9 years, but because of regular surgical procedures (12 now) I keep coming back. In two weeks I have another one - I have to have a cancer-ridden kidney removed...
  2. idjster

    I searched for this article

    But couldn’t find it here. It’s from the latest Sunday Times and the title is ‘Why the Rolling Stones should pack it in now’ after the death of Charlie Watts. Interesting thoughts in it, though the leading photo really says it all. They’re old and they look tired!
  3. idjster

    As if it couldn’t get worse

    My health, I mean. The cancer is taking a break, thank goodness, but in their search for the cause of other symptoms I’m experiencing, another neurologist has diagnosed me with ‘normal pressure hydrocephalus’. Liquid which collects in brain ventricles normally drains away but if it is blocked...
  4. idjster

    Lost one today

    One of our furry family has gone. At 18 years of age Melbourne, our brown/gray tabby was sick and weak. It was time. He was really Mrs. Idjster’s cat, but he was part of the family and a special little guy. I’ll miss him.
  5. idjster

    Hello again!

    Well, I'm back. Out of the hospital and only slightly worse for wear. They didn't have to do surgery but they had to keep me in to watch for any indications that they might have to. Regular CT scans to make sure the brain bleed wasn't worsening and was actually diminishing, which they...
  6. idjster

    Well, this could be it

    After 8 years of posting about the cancer coming back multiple times, now it is something new. I started blacking out this week. And falling. On Monday it was at home simply getting out of bed. On Wednesday it was on the street on a cement sidewalk and on Friday at the hospital. A result of...
  7. idjster

    A happy story

    A friend of mine, my old guitar person from a music shop I frequent, has left his job to do other work. A good move, and a good friend, mind you. He knew what I like in music and instruments and I always knew that when he approached me in the shop holding a guitar by the neck in both hands that...
  8. idjster

    I'm on the prairies... Canada. Weather is always an iffy thing here - sometimes 4 seasons in 1 day. But today! Today! It's cargo shorts weather! Can I hear an AMEN!?! :D
  9. idjster


    After deciding I was done with my searching for the perfect guitar I donated all my excess to a local charity I support for them to sell to get money to support themselves after this rotten virus. All tolled I donated 14 guitars, 2 amps and tons of effects pedals to get the best for them. I'm...
  10. idjster

    A little humour that I haven't seen posted here

    Despite a search. Because we need levity during dark times...
  11. idjster

    I'm back

    Surgery is over. They had to remove more than they expected to get clear margins on the cancer so I had to have a catheter for most of a week. Then, of course, I ended up with a urinary tract infection. So they treated me with an antibiotic. Not sulpha related as I'm allergic. So I ended up...
  12. idjster

    Won't be here for a while

    I've said this too often, and I'm not getting worried about results, but I had tests yesterday and they've booked me for surgery on Tuesday. More cancer. On one hand it has been successfully treated in the past so why shouldn't it be now? On the other hand they don't usually get me in in 4 days...
  13. idjster

    Not again!

    I had a surgical procedure to deal with some tumours a couple of weeks ago. Tonight I had a huge bleed, which last time meant that a tumour had eaten through a blood vessel. Which means that more tumours have developed. Which means the surgery/treatment/medical world starts all over again. It’s...
  14. idjster

    I have to say...

    ...that you can name any guitarist or player who is around and recording and making music for us to comment on, that they may not be playing my genre or type of music, but they're all way better and successful than I am. They worked harder and paid they're dues. Just sayin'...
  15. idjster

    Today's traffic rant

    When did using a signal light in your car for turns and lane changes become optional? I have had so many near misses lately that I've just about given up driving. And don't get me started about the people who sit through a whole light without signalling and then either turn still without...
  16. idjster

    A sad,

    but very touching story of the world's most faithful dog, an Akita. I had read this story on another website, but just found this one with photos. I'm sorry to post sad things here, but it's the focus of my life right now. I just got out of the hospital after having a 9th surgical procedure for...
  17. idjster

    I'm so sad

    I've had to make the appointment with our veterinarian, the one I was dreading, making the appointment the last one my dear FreeBSD will make with me to the vet's. After almost 20 years her physical and mental issues mean that things are no longer comfortable for her. These are such hard...
  18. idjster

    New Avatar Day

    Just to get me into the 'it's getting cold, soon to be winter' mood, I've chosen a new avatar to reflect my attitude. And you kids get off my lawn!
  19. idjster

    I just bought

    this. It isn't the biggest collection, but it is the 10 cd version of the 50th anniversary collection of stuff performed at Woodstock. Lots of music not available before. I do remember Woodstock and am old enough to have wished I could go. Couldn't happen, and that's probably a good thing. I...
  20. idjster

    Just for fun

    I made an unexpected and wildly uncontrolled impulse purchase the other day - the full series of Barney Miller and the one season of Fish. Not on sale, at the standard price. It was worth it. Barney Miller was a sitcom from a milder, kinder time that was full of your usual assortment of freaks...
  21. idjster

    For those who like airplane history

    Here's a link to a good article on airplanes, art and history. It is really interesting.
  22. idjster

    We laid to rest today

    a dear friend of mine, a kindred soul, someone who I was "sympatico" with. A man, just a few years younger than me, who had a cancer like mine but more aggressive and relentless. I mention this here as he had the wonderful experience of playing tabla in an opening act for a performance of Procol...
  23. idjster

    It's arrived!

    Not to put a damper on anything, or be too much of a worrier, but my history in the last 5 years has shown me that I need to be really prepared for the future, in every way. I ordered this a week ago (in keeping with my general thoughts on ecology and environmental friendliness) after watching...
  24. idjster

    How many times?

    I've posted this same thing before. I'm posting it for the last time. Even if it isn't. :-) I had tests last week and, 11 months after my last surgery, the cancer has returned. Samples are out for biopsy to determine stage and then decisions about treatment. I've already had 8 surgeries and...
  25. idjster

    I just

    gave away my last swamp ash body and tele neck, and my only spalted top cap along with my tools and hardware, to someone who will appreciate and use them. I fear I'm never going to get the build done now. I'm going to try to come back and kibbutz when I can but it is probably going to be a rare...