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  1. jimd

    Go Browns!

    Apparently the 0-10 Cleveland Browns are not out of it yet! Seriously though, I find it amazing that Cleveland has the NBA Champion Cavaliers and the American League Champion Indians, but...
  2. jimd

    Guitar Teacher Cleveland OH?

    I need professional help! I am self taught and mediocre at best. I would like to take lessons to get out of a rut and make a serious attempt at improving. I would appreciate any suggestions for a good teacher. I am south of town, but am willing to drive for a good teacher.
  3. jimd

    Bug Bites!

    Holy Cow! These things are itching like you would not believe. I think I am going insane. I mowed the grass Thursday evening and then knocked some high weeds down in the wooded part of my yard. I didn't notice until later that I got bit at least a half a dozen times. I assume they were...
  4. jimd

    Advice on a beginners drum kit?

    Will anyone own up to being a drummer on here? My friend's daughter is in 8th grade and is taking drum lessons. They want to get her a drum kit. They are hoping to stay around $500. But the girl is serious about it, and I think they'd stretch the budget a little if they thought it would...
  5. jimd

    College Football Playoffs

    It's after 6pm eastern time and no thread yet? My Buckeyes grab the final spot after absolutely pummeling Wisconsin, who were the favorites. I am biased, but thinks they got it right. My one question is, how badly did OSU have to beat Wisconsin to get in? Would a hard fought victory, where the...
  6. jimd

    What should I do in Edmonton?

    This place is better than a travel site. I'll be in Edmonton in for several days. Do you have any suggestions for what to do and where to eat? We'll be staying downtown, but will have a car.
  7. jimd


    Well it looks like we have a chance to go to Sweden next summer. My wife qualified for the amateur Long Course Triathlon World Championships there next summer in Motala. Its a good opportunity for her athletically (I think she could do very well), but if we go and spend the bundles of cash...
  8. jimd

    Best Streaming Video?

    We signed up for the 30 day trial of Amazon Prime. I am not impressed with the selection of things to watch. We had Netflix a few years ago and it was the same thing. Everything we wanted to watch we had to pay extra for. Can anyone recommend a streaming service. I'm primarily interested...
  9. jimd

    Don't try this at home

  10. jimd

    Need Photo Printer Advice

    Can anybody give some advice on photo printers? I know there are a lot of photographers on here. We are looking for a nice photo printer. My wife and I are both good photographers and would like a good quality printer. We have a laser printer, so this would be dedicated for photos. Image...
  11. jimd

    Landfill Instruments - Inspiring

    This is an amazing video of an orchestra made up of kids living on a landfill. The instruments are incredible.
  12. jimd

    Alabama Shakes!

    Just saw them kick off their tour in Columbus last night. Everyone, do yourself a favor and get to one of their shows. They are amazing. Brittany Howard is a force to be reckoned with. Not only does she have an amazing voice, which is evident from their album, but she can really play that...
  13. jimd

    Ibanez AR325

    Anybody have an opinion on these? I always thought they were cool back in the day. They just rereleased them.
  14. jimd

    Help With Amp Noise

    I have a very annoying noise that comes from all my amps in my guitar room. I'm hoping someone has the remedy. Here are the facts as I know them. First, the noise is a crackly sound. It is not the 60Hz hum, as I just found that out the hard way. It is there on any amp and it is ridiculous...
  15. jimd

    What a morning!

    Here's a good one. Today is the day we are traveling to Hawaii so my wife can do the Ironman triathlon. We have an early morning flight so she gets up extra early to get a run in. I'm about to jump in the shower when she bursts into the bathroom scared out of her mind. She said that while...
  16. jimd


    Tomorrow morning we are off to Hawaii; Kailua-Kona to be exact. My wife will be competing in the Ironman World Championships on the 13th. This will be her third time competing there and she has high hopes. The first two Kona races did not go as planned; she had stomach problems from nutrition...
  17. jimd

    Scottish Wedding Gift?

    Our close friends who have been living together for quite some time are getting married. They have resisted for a long time but marriage just makes too much sense in terms of all the legal issues in regards to medical care, retirement benefits, etc etc. It is going to be a simple ceremony with...
  18. jimd

    Attn: Buck Owens Fans

    Just saw this autographed Buck Owens Tele for sale at Pittsburgh Guitars (scroll down to the used Fender section). It's nice, but it ain't cheap. The guys at Pittsburgh Guitars are very cool people to deal with (no affiliation here).
  19. jimd

    I got wood

    I am a major procrastinator. I've had a tele template for 2 years now and haven't built a body yet. I started this thread to ask for a good source of wood for blanks and got some good advice. That advice was to go to Keim Lumber down in Amish country, about 1.5 hrs south of me. Since it is...
  20. jimd

    Nano Vacuum Tubes

    Very interesting article on a new method to make a modern vacuum tube. Too bad they missed the whole guitar amp application.
  21. jimd

    Apple Store Genius

    HT9VNdgKnI4 I can't resist posting Sheldon clips. Realized my iphone camera wasn't focusing. I made a genius bar appt. for after work. In less than 20 minutes after I walked in, I walked out with a new camera in my phone, working perfectly. Great service, even if they do devalue the...
  22. jimd

    Anybody need a new singer?

    This guy's available if you bail him out. fqymcJRSbxI I couldn't turn away and kept laughing harder the longer it went on. Very impressive. I love his quote at the end.
  23. jimd

    Plumbing - does anyone like it?

    I absolutely hate it. Just when I forget how much I hate it, I do something to remind myself. This is typical of my plumbing adventures. We have an 60 year old house. The faucet in the basement laundry tub was leaking, simple right? Well yesterday, I try to pull the valve stem out to...
  24. jimd

    Tree of Life

    Anyone see this movie? My wife and I make it a point to try to see as many of the Academy Award nominated movies as we can. We hit the video store last weekend to see what they had. We saw Tree of Life on the shelf. It was made by Terrance Mallick, who did The Thin Red Line, which we both...
  25. jimd

    Noisy Neck Pickup

    I have an '06ish American Ash Telecaster. My problem is my neck pickup is very noisy, a constant hum. I get it when on the neck or middle position. The bridge pickup is much quieter. I have an old house with crappy wiring and it is probably the source. But, why is the neck so much worse...