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  1. fasteddie42

    New reverb unit day

    Awww yaaaasssss I'm really enjoying the drip. Not required reading:
  2. fasteddie42

    Fender reverb unit reissue mystery mod

    Received a 63 fender rever unit reissue today. I have not plugged it in. I compared to photos online, and it appears that it has been modded. W/e this thing bridging c13 and r24 is not stock. Anyone got an idea what mod this is?
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    NAD a couple weeks ago. GC used gamble, dirt cheap but across the country. Played it for a week and then humped it too the "local" tech an hour away. It has a 60th anniversary diamond badge on the chassis, i think that's around 2006 ish. Untouched on the inside, looks like it has taken a...
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    Fake Tuff Dog on Reverb fake fake fake, beware.
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    Gatton Racoon

    why is this the first I've heard of this?? I want one!! @12:00 "they're illegal, but if I ever find another one I'm going to have one again, I don't care!" :lol:
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    Vintage archtop

    Out of my depth here. Out of town for work, client is putting me up in another house. He brought an "old guitar" for me to check out. Any ideas? Couple cracks, wood nut?, replace mismatched tuners. Looks like maybe some old attempts at some tech work?
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    Microphonic Bridge Pickup

    My classic vibes custom telecaster's bridge pickup is microphonic (at least I think that's what it is), pretty sure it's been that way since day one. I've grown to of love all the extra sound and noise it picks up. For example, knocking any where on the body and or tapping anything metal is...
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    So what was pete anderson's hotrod really?

    long story short: a deluxe reverb with a SS recto, 6l6 tubes, mids "maxed", bright cap changed?, and big ol' jbls... I imagine the iron was swapped too? what was the actual wattage after all that? and what normal fender amp(s) does it resemble? seems sort of like a bassman or like the 64'...
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    Danny Gatton Boogie

    okay... I knew danny was good.. but that's just another level of ridiculous. the beer? the TOWEL? at first I thought "oh no!"
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    Report this listing

    I reported this listing hours earlier, nothing has happened yet. Someone is going to get burned on this one.
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    This popped up in me feed

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    65' Vibrolux Reissue

    the recent release of the 68' pro reverb has got me thinking. Would anyone else like to see fender add a straight up 65' vibrolux reissue (truer to the blackface circuit/tube recto) to the usa reissue line? they already have the PRRI, DRRI,SRRI, and the twin... seems like a blackface 35 watt...
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    PRO TIP: add "FMIC ASSETS" to your search

    I've been doing this for a while, figured I'd share. If you're doing research into a fender amp or guitar model, try adding "FMIC ASSETS" to the end of your search. it tends to bring up a lot of relevant info (manuals, spec sheets, etc.) and is basically the same info that the customer service...
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    Jim Campilongo Interview/Clinic/deep dive

    what an interesting player. Second track Tic Toc is BADASS. bonus: he mentions JOE BO @ 19:25 or so. I like the phrase "alpha blues" and his mention of Clapton. I'm going to trying to work this one out later today. Looking forward to woodshedding the behind the nut bends.
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    Jerry Garcia Mutron

    I have a habit of deep diving things and I'd like to avoid the rabbit hole. My cousin is a HUGE dead fan and recently picked up guitar. She's having a ton of fun and it's been rewarding to watch her grow. She has a looper a schecter and one of the variations of super champ (XD/X2/ETC?), so...
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    NPD, seriously nice looper. (boss RC10-r)

    Soooooo After going through several loopers, I have finally found the one for me. I've had my eye on the boss RC10-r for a long while but figured I'd wait until they put out enough firmware updates to iron out the bugs. HOLY HELL THIS IS A NICE LOOPER! The biggest draw for me was the absurd...
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    Woman are great!

    Man, arent women great? Shout out to all my aunts, grand parents, (some of my) ex girlfriends, life partner, cousins, nieces, and my daughter.... I'm knee deep! Sometimes I do stuff they don't want to do and they do things I don't want to do! Not to mention all the prepared food and backrubs...
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    Missed an incredible deal by a hair. damn... I'm bummed.
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    Speaker Recommendation 65 PRRI

    I'm having a tough time sifting through all the guitar speaker jargon and specs. I'm aware that this is yet another incredibly subjective topic, but I'm looking for a little guidance. I have a basic understanding of matching speaker loads to the amp and the different wiring combinations needed...
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    B16 telecaster footprint

    Does a b16 bigsby cover the string furrell and bridge mount screw holes? (vintage style 4 screw footprint) Thanks!
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    Doing invoices this morning...

    and I can't get nothing done BECAUSE I'M BUSY DANCING AROUND!!
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    Telecaster Middle Position

    Is it just me....or is the telecaster middle position cleaner than the bridge or neck? I set up my amps up loud and to break up when I really dig in and stay clean on single notes/picking lightly. I've been finding at these edge if breakup settings that I can use the middle parallel position...
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    Extension cabinet speaker.

    I own a greta, pro junior (stock jenson?), and a PRRI (celestian g10 greenback) Greta through the pj's 10" gets the most use by far. All 10" speakers and 8ohms. I'd like to purchase a 1x12 or 2x12 extension cabinet wired at 8 ohms (mostly for a dedicated greta cab). I'd like to be able to...
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    Telecaster Locking Tuners Break Angle.

    I have several guitars with vintage style tuners (my favorite) and one guitar with fender brand staggered locking tuners. I've noticed that the break angle (especially on the low E and A) is quite different between the two types of tuners. Because of the string winds, the break angle is...
  25. fasteddie42

    Vibro King.

    Please mind that I've done a ton of deep diving and research. I also understand that the vibroking is a pretty unique circuit design within the fender lineage. And this is in regards to a year 2000 model so it has the 6v6 revery recovery rather than the original el84 (?) I'm out of town on a...