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  1. David Barnett

    The Replacements

    From 1981: Going by the date, this was done before their first album was released. So the songs aren't really there, but they had the performance aspects nailed early. I love it in the last song of the first set, when Westerberg's guitar is completely out of tune, and he barely seems to care.
  2. David Barnett

    Johnny Cash tribute... vandalized: Only in Arkansas.
  3. David Barnett

    What is your go-to boba tea?

    What is your go-to boba tea flavor? Mine is mango milk w/green tea and classic tapioca.
  4. David Barnett

    From Fender, perfect for Bad Dog Cafe:
  5. David Barnett

    Strat "trem" question:

    What's the difference between Fender "American Vintage", "Original Vintage", and "Pure Vintage" Strat "trem" assemblies? Thanks.
  6. David Barnett

    I Want My Hour Back

    Until sometime next November I'm gonna feel like I'm missing an hour of sleep. I want it back.
  7. David Barnett

    Question about Fender amp layouts:

    Regarding the official factory Fender layouts - are the eyelet boards to scale? i.e. if I printed one the proper size, could it be used as a drill guide? Or are they just illustrations?
  8. David Barnett

    Don't try this game...

    ...if you value your time: or:
  9. David Barnett

    Previously unheard Beatles recording surfaces

    The Beatles perform From Me To You and Please Please Me at an event to celebrate their first silver disc in front of record company executives.
  10. David Barnett

    What's wrong with this picture?

    I already had this socket mounted in a chassis, and had soldered connections to pins 8, 7, 6, "3", "2", and "1" before I discovered something didn't add up.
  11. David Barnett

    What the heck are these guitars?

    Bass and 12 string players in "The Daily Flash" have some odd looking instruments. Anyone know what they are? I believe they were a real band, from Seattle or somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.
  12. David Barnett

    Milk - Is this possible?

    I bought a pint of milk last month because I needed a cup for a recipe. I looked in the fridge today and saw the milk, thought I should throw it out, so I checked the expiration date: DEC 23 21. It was purchased in July. How is that possible?
  13. David Barnett

    Vintera Strat string spacing?

    Do Vintera 50s Stratocaster and Vintera 60s Stratocasters come with 2 7/32" string spacing, or 2 1/16"? Thanks.
  14. David Barnett

    I Am A Passive Victim

    Today I went for some Chinese take-out. I ordered "L17 Szechuan Beef, steamed rice, egg roll, hot & sour soup, to go". I got a check for $15.99, almost twice what it should be. And paid. She vanished too quickly for me to work up to asking how the $6.99 luncheon special could be $15.99 with...
  15. David Barnett

    Songs that instantly annoy

    What are songs that annoy you right from the first bar? The songs that can make you change the station in three notes? Three of mine: Supertramp "Logical Song" Billy Joel "My Life" The Cars "You Might Think"
  16. David Barnett

    Restoration or Repair?

  17. David Barnett

    What is your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?
  18. David Barnett

    Chassis punch?

    What size Greenlee punch are you guys using for Belton octal sockets? A standard octal used to be 1 1/8", but the Beltons are a little bit bigger than that aren't they?
  19. David Barnett


    I had to buy a new box of sandwich bags today, and noticed they've made a change: The old one is on the left, new one on the right. Just another example of how "they" remove value from the things we buy. Feel free to post your own examples of decontenting.
  20. David Barnett

    I'm not going to buy Medicare from a telephone solicitor... a call center in Mumbai, so stop calling me. How many times a day do I have to hang up on these people before they leave me alone?
  21. David Barnett

    Pedal for pinch harmonics?

    Can anyone recommend a pedal, other than the Metal Zone, that will really make pinch harmonics pop out like crazy? Thanks.
  22. David Barnett

    Repro Blackface Knobs?

    On original Fender blackface amps from the '60s, some amps had knobs with the setscrew by #10, and some had it at #1. Looking online at the various amp parts dealers, it seems that all the new knobs have the screw at #1. My '63 Deluxe-Amp has #10 knobs, do you know of a source for those? I...
  23. David Barnett

    On Ozark Highlands Radio tonight - Redd & Bill: Redd Volkaert and Bill Kirchen on a repeat show