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  1. mellecaster

    Paul Yandell R.I.P.

    Paul was Chet's Right hand Man for many, many years, and a CGP to Boot. One of the very Best Thumbs in the Business.
  2. mellecaster

    Almost NGD for TeleKato

    Saturday Mr. & Mrs. TeleKato will make their way to "The Ville" to Pick up (1) Mod Job on a Baja and (1) New Esquire...Congratulations all around !
  3. mellecaster

    New Guitar Day in AZ for Art T.

    Just got thru talkin with Forum member Art T in Rio Verde AZ....The Big Brown Truck just stopped by his Ranch with this....Art doesn't have a way yet to Post Pics, so I thought I'd give him some Help with his NGD !
  4. mellecaster

    1998 Collectors Edition...Surprising Discovery

    For those that own one of the 1998 Collector Edition Teles w/ the Gold Hardware, I've made an interesting Discovery that may interest some ? I purchased this Tele almost 2 years ago w/ the sole purpose of reselling. This week a Forum Member showed some interest in purchasing it, so as...
  5. mellecaster

    PSA Electronics at Stew-Mac

    Just got the New Stew-Mac Catalog Today, and after all these decades of only having Substandard electronics (IMO)...They are now carrying some CTS Pots....and CRL Switches.....Hoo-Ray !!
  6. mellecaster

    Southern MD has Pissed off Ma Nature

    Couple of weeks ago 5.8 Earthquake (1st ever for Me) Last week "Irene"...No Electricity or Water for 5 days Tonight @ Midnight....Tornado Warning for my Immediate area ! I musta Pissed somebody off good ??...I'm Suited up ready to hit the Crawl space.
  7. mellecaster

    Fred Imus R.I.P.

    Fred Passed away Saturday Link to Story
  8. mellecaster

    Vince Gill Tele style-Doug Seven content

    I'm gettin to the age where it takes a bit to get me Fired up (well maybe Young Women still do)....:wink: But if you admire Vince Gill's Style of Tele Playin....May I Strongly suggest takin a look at Doug Seven's latest DVD in the Styles of Mr. Gill. Doug absolutely Nails It !!!...Don't...
  9. mellecaster

    Keep an eye on this one !

    This is a Lawsuit waitin to happen !....Think of some Folks you know attempting to use this Safely...Conjures up some interesting scenarios...:wink: Watch Here
  10. mellecaster

    Travis & Marty

    When you haven't seen a Performer in 10 years or so, you forget sometimes how Damn good they are !...Travis Tritt w/ Marty on RFD Tonite....WOW !!
  11. mellecaster

    Hijack ?

    Maybe Hijack is too Strong a word ?...but in the past few years around these parts (Desperadoville speak)...there seems to be an increasing tendency to not really Hijack a thread, but to Pretty much ignore the Poster's Question or subject, and turn everything around to "Your"...
  12. mellecaster

    White Guard Twins (almost)

    Customer brings in a Muttcaster he purchased from over at The Gear Page, that needed a Set-up and Inspection done...very Nice Build...btw, and it is almost Identical to the 61 Replica I posted about earlier this week in another thread...w/ the exception of the Pickguards they are almost...
  13. mellecaster

    Shout out to ElDorado !

    Just some Pics and a Shout out to Bill Silverman and his Company…ElDorado Straps & Guitar Accessories. They are a Class Act from Start to Finish…(and everything Fits !)…This was done for a Good Customer in Texas, and a Forum member. The only additions I did was to create some Backing plates...
  14. mellecaster

    Regarding Pro Set-ups

    This is not meant to solicit Business for my Shop (I'm Happily very busy)...but thought it would be informative to some, to see a handwritten worksheet that I give my Customers a copy of, and what you should expect from your Tech of choice when you leave your Instrument for what I consider a...
  15. mellecaster

    Gotta Luv Em ! (Esquire Content)

    Only the (3) in front of the Spkr. Cab are mine....others are Customers, or to be Sold....just had to get em all together for some Esquire Love....I know I have a Problem.....:wink:
  16. mellecaster

    More Info for Classic Vibe Owners

    As some of you may know, I was late to the Party on the Classic Vibe thing...In another Post I had described w/ Pictures how a Customer had a Brand New one shipped to me for a complete stripping and turning into a Light Relic Esquire finished in Nocaster Blonde Nitro. I had given a lot of Specs...
  17. mellecaster

    The New Doctor is in the House !!

    The Big 10,000.....Who woulda Thunk ??...Most of you know I'm a pretty straight talker, get to the point...and don't mince words a lot, If that offends some I'm sorry....but I'm not very good at typin, so I try to keep it short & sweet. Those that have visited "The Ville" or talked w/ me on the...
  18. mellecaster

    1st Classic Vibe Autopsy...for those interested

    After all this time I finally got to see a Classic Vibe in the Flesh...Good customer from Texas had a Brand New one shipped directly to me for some Mods. Played it for a few minutes (Everything you hear about them is True)..Just an Excellent Guitar overall IMO...Thought I would post some Pics...
  19. mellecaster

    Come on FMIC : (

    This is starting to become a weekly occurrence (almost) Customer brings in a Brandy New 2010 Nashville Tele for a part of that I always pull the control panel just to check that everything is the way it should be....As the Pic shows, the wire from the center lug of the Volume pot...
  20. mellecaster

    Two Famous Teles

    This may have been already discussed, but these Pics taken this Month show that (2) Mighty Famous Teles survived the Flood...and that's a Good Thing !!
  21. mellecaster

    Tim Armstrong / Thad Allen ??

    Anyone seen them in the same room together yet ?....I thought not......:wink:
  22. mellecaster

    Blackface PR...bout as clean as they get !

    For your viewing pleasure...A Customer brought this in this week to have a New Mercury Magnetics Output Tranny installed, and it has to be the Cleanest 44 year old Amp I have ever seen, in all my years of doin this Stuff !...just thought I'd Share the Mint-ness.....:grin:
  23. mellecaster

    X-Ray Vision ?

    Ebay Ad...X-Ray vision required ?? Auction
  24. mellecaster

    PSA...East Coast Tuning Alert

    Here on the East Coast (Annapolis,MD)...We have had a pretty drastic drop in relative Humidity over the past few days...If you are like me and have been cooped up most of the Winter and have your house open to enjoy the prepared for all of your Guitars to go slightly flat in tuning...
  25. mellecaster

    Custom Tele Lariat Major $$$

    Anybody run into one of these yet ?...just noticed on Ebay Auction