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  1. Coffeemutt

    Cool Squier Strat SE > Tele Headstock

    I came across this Squier Strat SE to Tele-ish conversion posted on Facebook Marketplace last night, and I saved a pic because I thought that the headstock treatment was really cool. This was the only picture with the listing, and it appears that a Tele headstock shape was either painted on, or...
  2. Coffeemutt

    Gretsch Single Coil Cheapies on eBay

    I'm looking to play around with the new pickup in my MIM, and saw this Gretsch pup on eBay for $20: This guys been selling...
  3. Coffeemutt

    DIY Fender Tilt-Back Legs?

    Has anyone ever made their own equivalent of the Fender tilt-back legs for his/her combo? I'd like to add some to my Blackheart Little Giant combo, but $40 seems a little pricey considering they are just two pieces of chromed metal. I was thinking about a black crinkle or gun bluing finish...
  4. Coffeemutt

    Alamo amp a good deal?

    Went to a local pawn shop today and saw an small Alamo tube amp for $99+tax. It is a two-channel with tremolo, which works quite well. It sounds really good, no scratchiness in the pots at all, but has a two prong plug. The front lists 55w as the rating, but I'm sure that's a power consumption...
  5. Coffeemutt

    Saw Unknown Hinson last Saturday Night!

    I know there have been previous posts regarding him, but if you get the chance, go see the Unknown Hinson - you will not be disappointed! This guy is a showman in ever sense of the word. I got see him in a tiny music venue - stage is only elevated about 8-10 inches, and patrons were allowed...
  6. Coffeemutt

    Daisy Rock Tom Boy (sorta) Tele-Style for $99

    Just got an e-mail from Music123 regarding their clearance event, and I noticed they are selling Daisy Rock Tom Boys for $99. Only color is Blue Fire, which looks kinda like my Midnight Blue MIM Std.
  7. Coffeemutt

    Scarlett Johansson & a Tele!

    I got home from work today, and I see my wife's new issue of Nylon magazine on the cover on the table. Scarlett Johannson sweetly cradling a blue Tele! Here's a link to the cover shot. There's also a spread on pp. 138 & 139 of her cuddling up next to it under the covers. Yowser! :shock:
  8. Coffeemutt

    A strap for all you Paisley Playa's

    Woodwind & Brasswind is having a sale and I came across this Levys leather paisley strap for $16.24 in Walnut or Burgundy. Plus, free shipping on orders over $30! I was thinking about picking one up for my TB sunburst SX :grin:
  9. Coffeemutt

    Esquire wiring for Gibsons?

    I was just wondering: Did Gibson ever use Esquire-type wiring for any of their single-pickup models?
  10. Coffeemutt

    Help needed with removal of overdrive circuit

    I've got a little 10W DRIVE SS amp that use for messing around in my den, but I wished it had more clean headroom. It is single channel, with gain and volume pots, and uses LED's for the distortion clipping. Can I just clip the LED's for more headroom, or do I need to replace them with...
  11. Coffeemutt

    Auto Primer as Guitar Finish?

    I was just wondering if anyone has ever finished a guitar in just gray or rust-colored automotive primer. If so, are there any cons? I thought that might be a cool hot-rod look - maybe add some pinstriping and a decal or two :smile: .

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