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  1. haggardfan1

    Squier Affinity pickguard source?

    I recently acquired a sunburst Affinity Tele that I really like, and I want to spruce it up a little with an ivoroid or pearloid pickguard. Is there any place I can order one without having to send in my own pickguard or a tracing?? I just swapped necks on two Affinity Tele's and never turned...
  2. haggardfan1

    One of my dogs has heartworms

    Since my family moved on to better things in August of last year, I have rediscovered myself, gotten a new job (and career), and turned my attention to the two dogs out of five that I ended up with. These are my black Lab, Flash, who some of you know...and Ava, a mostly border collie that I've...
  3. haggardfan1

    My heart broke for some dogs yesterday.

    Yesterday I had to travel to a neighboring large town on business. At a major intersection, I was sitting at a red light when I saw three dogs trying to cross. Two shepherd mixes I'm guessing here, and a boxer type. It was before 9 am, and one of the busiest intersections in town. The two...
  4. haggardfan1

    NTD (New Tires Day)!

    Well, actually it was Friday. The all-terrain tires I had on my 2007 Silverado Classic were just getting too rough and noisy, so I've been shopping around for a less aggressive tire for a couple months. I had pretty much made my mind up to get Cooper Discoverer HTPs, I've had a set before and...
  5. haggardfan1

    Martin 000X2E...does anybody have one?

    I've got my eye on one at the local music store, and they're willing to deal for some guitars I'd like to trade. I would end up with one Tele, two acoustics, and my bass. I'd be trading in two immaculate Squier Affinity Teles,and my Fender acoustic. The Martin, off the rack, plays well. It...
  6. haggardfan1

    Here's the reason for my user name, and my avatar.

    "Rainbow Stew" was playing on radio when I was in high school. A buddy of mine bought the album; and I damn near wore out this track. I have done this medley at every show for as far back as I can remember.
  7. haggardfan1

    Christmas television programming rant

    So I'm on this plant schedule now, and I was supposed to be off from yesterday (Friday the 24th) through the next week and I go back on nights Friday 12/31. I picked up an extra shift Sunday so I'm relaxing and cooking a little on Christmas Day. One of the things I look forward to is watching...
  8. haggardfan1

    Inflatable Christmas yard decorations

    People need to leave their air compressors on in daytime. I have been traveling the same local route while working nights recently, and my neighbors' yards look spectacular at night. By about seven oclock in the morning, these same yards are littered with deflated Christmas figures. I haven't...
  9. haggardfan1

    I got all my Christmas shopping done

    Lol. Actually, I did get a gift for the daughter who moved to Illinois but still keeps in touch; but from now on its mostly me and my eight feet of family (two dogs :lol:). How's your shopping going?
  10. haggardfan1

    Nothing's easy. (UPS content)

    In.the small town where I live, my street has a North and a South section, bisected by a main highway. Last Christmas season, and again yesterday, I received a UPS package for the folks with the same house number as mine...but on the opposite side. Last year I just drove to their house and...
  11. haggardfan1

    Solar lighting

    If you need a hobby, buy some solar lights, in sets, on sale from Lowe's or HD. I got some from Lowe's four years ago, when I moved in this house. You can spend a fair amount of time with the ones that don't work at dark. Start by rapping on the top. If that doesn't work, remove and...
  12. haggardfan1

    Uh oh. My jam host buddy is looking at in-ear monitors

    For years I have jammed with a good friend who has a dedicated music room and top of the line gear. He's never quite satisfied with anything, and although he doesn't play out much, he's got nice guitars and tons of sound equipment. Currently he's using a Soundcraft 16 channel board with huge...
  13. haggardfan1

    Ever had anything in storage so long you almost gave up?

    After my second divorce in 2009, I bought a little 14' flat bottom Alumacraft and a 2008 Mercury four stroke 8hp outboard. I got a lot of use out of the rig until I got ensnared with my most recent ex-girlfriend. We used it precisely once, on March 5th 2016. That's the last time the motor was...
  14. haggardfan1

    Martin 000-X1AE under consideration

    I have two cutaway dreads that I like just fine, but I've never owned a smaller bodied acoustic. My guilty pleasure is playing a Yamaha FSX700SC that actually belongs to my daughter, and I've been contemplating a similar guitar for some time. The Martin gets good reviews and is in my price...
  15. haggardfan1

    Are Affinity Tele necks easily swapped?

    I have two Affinity Teles, one sunburst/rosewood and the other is butterscotch with a maple neck. Both are giggable as they are. If I wanted to switch the necks, purely for aesthetic reasons, how much trouble would it be? I don't want to create a lot of setup issues. Presumably if there were...
  16. haggardfan1

    Baked potatoes

    I'm having one tonight with the usual butter, cheese, and sour cream (although ranch dressing works just fine, and keeps longer). Plus some Manwich sloppy Joe I made with ground venison. I got tired of sandwiches. To paraphrase Larry "Bud" Melman, RIP, who was a fixture on Letterman when I was...
  17. haggardfan1

    My board wouldn't make a sound Saturday afternoon.

    I have an old minimalist pedalboard in a Road Runner case, that got its last upgrade (new patch cables, Velcro, etc.) about five years ago. It contains a Zoom G1 tuner and multi, a Behringer TO800 overdrive, a BBE Sonic Stomp, and a Boosta Grande. Had a freebie show at the Cass County (Linden...
  18. haggardfan1

    If there's a sudden shortage of fish sticks, blame me. (food craving/binge content)

    I went to the grocery store late last night to pick up milk and some pizza rolls for my son. We were home by ourselves, and I hadn't eaten anything, and I got a sudden, inexplicable craving for fish. (sidebar: if you can microwave some frozen fish sticks or fillets, why aren't there more...
  19. haggardfan1

    How does DoorDash work, exactly?

    I know this makes me sound like an idiot, but I'll take my chances. For the last two weeks my girlfriend's workplace has been working through a major software change. She is the pharmacy purchasing person for a 350-bed hospital, so it's a big deal in general and extremely hectic for her...
  20. haggardfan1

    Truck mod question: has anybody "leveled" a 2wd?

    I have a 2007 crew cab Silverado Classic. In the process of upgrading the truck as far as some electrical repairs, new stereo on the way, etc., I'm pondering raising the front end with coil spring spacers because that way is inexpensive, and doesn't require longer shocks and the like. I do not...
  21. haggardfan1

    Would you rather be without electricity, or water?

    ....all things considered, based on your location, gas vs all electric home, etc.? I understand that everyone's situation may be different. We just went six days without running water after a pipe froze and split underneath the house. First, I realize that many people nationwide and many...
  22. haggardfan1

    I need trip ideas: spring break for the family

    My last spring break trip with my family was, sadly, in 2016. We went to Nashville and saw all the attractions we could between northeast Texas and there. I haven't been able to take much time off work since then, but this year I can. I need to make at least two or three days and nights of...
  23. haggardfan1

    Post your favorite "I'm sorry/let's stay together/ or I'll make it up to you, etc." songs

    Any genre....asking for a friend. :oops:
  24. haggardfan1

    Do you use mouthwash?

    And if so, what brand? My girlfriend gets some kind of fresh mint all-in-one Listerine, but it leaves an aftertaste I don't like that lingers a long time. I saw an ad for SmartMouth that claims no aftertaste, and we carry it at the pharmacy where I work. Anybody tried it, or have other...