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    N NGD.. addendum to my OM28 post

    I posted a few weeks ago about a Martin Om28 that I bought after working my tail off playing all the weddings rescheduled from 2020 this year. It was a 2019 sold on GS used as “excellent condition” and it seemed totally unplayed to me- still had the old tagger on, as Nigel says. It was a super...
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    NGD and it’s a fancy one.

    I come from a dirt road in the middle of Nowhere, Pennsylvania and I never thought I would own such a fancy guitar, but I bought an unsold 2018 Martin OM28 from GC used. It was listed as “used, excellent condition”, but it clearly never left the store. It’s pretty great. It responds well to a...
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    R.I.P. Don Everly

    There are a lot of people which have sung harmony vocals, and then there are the Everly Brothers. God bless them, those voices were absolute magic together. 84 years old, Don joins Phil in the celestial choir. Any of you ever see them play live? So many amazing songs!
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    Stripped screw hole on my wah- what to do?

    Before I break my ankle trying to be funky, anybody have any ideas on what to do about one stripped screw hole on my otherwise functioning purple Budda wah? I can’t just keep the rubber foot on in the bottom right corner. It’s got me all wobbly at gigs. Any ideas, my clever tele brethren?
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    Playing with a horn section

    My band always has sax- and I work with a world- class sax player whose musicianship blows me away after playing together for 15 years- but we have the option of additional horns for clients with a bigger budget. I just got back from a wedding in Kennebunkport, Maine with an absolutely kickass 3...
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    The strangest gig...

    Here in Boston, things are gradually starting to happen again and weddings are beginning to occur (which is handy since they are all rescheduled from 2020 and I’ll jump off the bloody Zakim bridge if we have to reschedule them again). I did a wedding tonight at a super fancy downtown venue...
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    Man, losing a dog is rough.

    Our French Bulldog Pretzel passed away over the weekend. It has me so sad I can’t even describe it. He was nearly 13, which is definitely a good run for that breed, and we have had him since my son was 2 years old. He has been slowing down pretty steadily this past year, but he loved quarantine...
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    Duke Levine/ George Harrison lovestream

    Hullo from Boston. I know quite a few are Duke fans out there (and rightfully so). I am part of a George Harrison birthday livestream tonight to benefit the Regent Theatre, a great local institution that has been hit really hard by Covid shutting down live performances. I’m on just a few songs...
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    Happy Joe Walsh’s birthday to you all!

    Man, I love Joe Walsh. So many great tunes, tones and riffs. Funk #49 with his tele through a tweed champ, that’s good stuff. Funk #48 is awesome, too. That 12 string riff on “Life Of Illusion”? Isn’t that the best? For a while in the early 2000s, my old band’s guitarist was Al Kooper’s...
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    Playing while injured, let’s hear your tales.

    I had a dental skin graft thing today which turned out to be a much more painful procedure than I could have imagined and leaves me with a mouthful of stitches and a throbbing ache the night before a 6 hour wedding gig tomorrow morning. I would be distraught if I haven’t played so many gigs in...
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    Acoustic recording mask revelation

    One of my favorite ways to get a great acoustic sound is with a LDC pointed at the 14th fret through a vari mu compressor with the input high, but played with a thin pick. Sometimes about that brings out a ton of body in the tone, but the thin pick adds a percussive top end. Of course, this...
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    Quarantine collaboration

    Here's a fun virtual collaboration I did while all cooped up. It's my song, just done to a click track and then my friend Tom Polce who is a producer in LA got a bunch of cool kids to do the rest. My friend Kay Hanley from the band Letters To Cleo (an the Josie And The Pussycats soundtrack and...
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    What about bass, then?

    Confession: I'm primarily a very skilled bass player who has been making a living as a decent guitarist for the past 15 years. Shhhhhh, don't tell all the really great guitarists in Boston. How many of you guitar pickers consider yourself good bass players as well? Obviously, it's two different...
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    Nick Drake cover on my 12 string

    Nick Drake would have turned 71 this week and I have been playing around with open tunings on my 12 string a lot lately, so I busked this version of "Northern Sky". Not my greatest vocal, but I'm pretty pleased with the sound of the guitar from a recording standpoint. It's in CFCFCFCF low to...
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    Drunk guitar buying? Fess up

    Alright, come on, how many of you have ever bought a guitar you didn't really need while inebriated? I woke up the other day to find that I had ordered a Dean Cadillac on Guitar Center used while drinking and listening to the Cars after Rik Ocasek died. Not an original, just a $300 one and I...
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    Hunter Green nitro in Aerosol?

    I have given up on trying to do my cheapo Les Paul Jr in British Racing Green- just can't get it shipped from Rothko in the U.K. I'm settling into just going for Hunter Green, but I can't even find that in nitro. I really think the readily available Sherwood green is too light for my taste. Do...
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    British Racing Green refin

    I have read a lot of advice on this part of the forum and watched plenty of youtube videos, but just need a smidge of advice on my first refin. I have a cheap, but cheerful Tokai LoveRock Les Paul Jr. copy that happens to have a killer P-90 and plays great. I've always disliked the finish (a...
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    Only Duke Levine can break your heart

    Here in Boston, we are very blessed to have some of the best telecaster players north of Nashville available for up-close listening. Duke Levine has a regular series going at the Lizard Lounge of soft sounds of the 70's done instrumentally. Here's a bit of a weeper.
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    Rooms that just sound fantastic

    All gigging musicians have to play in rooms with bad acoustics now and then, but it is such a treat when you get to play in one like this: Bates Hall at the Boston Public LIbrary. Listen to the natural reverb in that room. I felt like a king dressed up all fancy and singing in that room...
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    One last Vox AC15C1 tube question

    I just picked up a sweet AC15C1 (in purple) and it souds quite rocking form the get go. I took out the celestion and put in a Weber blue dog I had in a 90s Ampeg Jet I haven't used for a few years and that sounds killer. Geez, it's a bit of a thing to get a speaker in and out of that cabinet...
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    When you owe a jazz guitarist $50.

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    NGD Rickenbacker 620

    I've been wanting a Rick 6 string or quite a while (to go along with my Rick 12 string and 4001 bass, both fireglo) and really have been pining for a 620. Maybe because Tom Petty, maybe fireglo because Pat from the Smithereens. Who knows how the mind works when it comes to gear lust. Anyway, my...
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    recurring jackpin problem, any thoughts?

    Such a small thing, but super annoying: My cord keeps popping out when I take my Taylor acoustic off and it always seems to happen at the worst times. You can imagine how welcome an enormous loud pop through the PA is to guests at a wedding. It's an LR Baggs something or other, but I think it's...
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    Cool non musicians celebrities you’ve met at gigs

    Yeah, it’s just name dropping, but it’s fun. I never think It’s much of a surprise when musicians meet other musicians, and if you live in a city where bands play on tours, the odds are that it will occasionally be a well- know one. But what about interesting encounters with actors, politicians...
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    Funeral gigs?

    Any of you ever play at a funeral or at the gathering after? I never had before, but I got a call on Thursday and it sounded right up my alley. The family was looking for someone to play classic rock tunes at the post -funeral celebration for the guy who invented the old syndicated radio show...

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