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  1. Mr Swisher

    Ooooh NGD

    I owned a sunburst version of this guitar last year, and traded it for my Eastman. Since being disconntinued these have become hard to come by and the prices are crazy high on Reverb. £2500 for a similar one, described as aged, when it's clearly just damaged through mistreatment. And two months...
  2. Mr Swisher

    NGDéjà vu

    So I had one of these two years ago..and traded it. Foolishly. 6 months later I tried to buy it back, but it got sold the day before I had the money to get it. I was about to buy another brand new £2200 when I saw this one on Reverb. It looked dirty in the pics (and it was) but after a thorough...
  3. Mr Swisher


    I can't even attempt to justify this. Just imagine a long tale where I tell you all how this makes sense, but none of you believe it, ending with "I got a new Strat". Custom Shop Sweetwater Dealer Select GT11 60s in Sonic Blue. It's good.
  4. Mr Swisher

    Should I have a Slash in my 335?

    Tell me if this sounds stupid. I like my 2021 335 alot.. but the T-type pick ups are just OK. Nowhere near worthy of a £3k guitar and not a patch on the ‘57 classics in my previous 335. I could buy some 57 classics or some Duncan 59s etc etc Or stick in my Duncan Slash alnico II APHs from my...
  5. Mr Swisher

    NGD - The one I always thought was out of reach

    Yes - I'm a big Andy Summers fan. No - this wasn't planned. No - My wife doesn't know about this purchase. Yes - I did hide a guitar in the loft so the number in the rack is identical if she counts (a sunburst Squier CV 60s Tele') This is my dream guitar.. it will never get better than...
  6. Mr Swisher

    OK.. one LAST NGD

    Sometimes, you see one that speaks to you. Then you play it and it just sings to you. Then you bring it home and lie to yourself "no more guitars". Ever. Iconic Custom Guitars (USA) JM Eleganté It's a proper Jazzmaster with a hint of Sunburst Tele'. Mastery Bridge/Trem 9.5-12"...
  7. Mr Swisher

    NGD - Last of the year

    A long dull story to get here but after 9 months I've finally got the Gretsch G6609-TDC BroadKaster I nearly got in March. LTD Edition - 1 of a run of 14. Sonic Blue/Lake Placid Blue. I have a slight issue with the purchase, which I'm awaiting retailer resolution on, so theirs a small chance...
  8. Mr Swisher

    NGD - Cool or Quirky?

    I won't attempt to justify this purchase. GAS... foolishness.. you all know the score. Obviously I thought/think "Cool". Duesenberg Falken Hardtail.
  9. Mr Swisher

    NGD - The GAS wins again!

    A very brief period of GAS for an offset lead me to the brink of trading some gear to get a Johnny Marr Jag. Fast forward 15 hours, a trade later.. and here is my new CS Light Closet Classic 64' Jaguar in Firemist Silver. I love it, but then... I do love them all at the start. :D
  10. Mr Swisher

    NGD - This could be the "one".

    It's taken just over a year and two wrong purchasing moves. One was my own carelessness when checking a guitar before purchase and the other due to horrific quailty of a quarantine online order....but I think I've cracked it with this. 2021 ES-335 in Figured Iced Tea. It's flawless, and plays...
  11. Mr Swisher

    NGD - From the East

    I played this in the store today and just loved it. 330/Casino vibes, built superbly, great playability with a lovely tone. Eastman T64/V-T Antique Violin Varnish, P90. 12 inch radius ebony board. Dog ear P90s. This is a good one.
  12. Mr Swisher

    NGD - Completing my trifecta.

    The gas hath no endeth... presumably. You know how it goes, you browse, you scheme, you see a deal that is so good you would actually be losing money if you didn't buy it! Before you know it an American Original 60s Strat arrives. And the family is complete... or is it? :D
  13. Mr Swisher

    NGD - Let the fiesta begin!

    Well.. this is a little unexpected as I had my eyes on a new Gretsch. After a very dull sequence of poor customer service, from various outlets, the plan changed and I ended up with this 2019 Custom Shop Journeyman Relic in Fiesta Red. A dream come true and what an instrument. I'd been out...
  14. Mr Swisher

    NGD & New Member

    Hello! I'm a long time Gretsch-Talk member from England who accidentally bought an American Standard Telecaster on Friday. I love it. I still love a Gretsch but this Tele has just blown me away. I also acquired a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe over the weekend too! Looking forward to learning lots of...

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