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  1. jonnyfez

    NGD: 2001 Classic 60s Tele - Olympic White

    I got lucky on this one. This was on my local CL listed only as MIM Tele. Must have been on there for a week or more before I noticed what it actually was. Truly like new with the original gig bag for less than the cost of a Classic Vibe. I've only had maple fretboard 50s-styled teles but I...
  2. jonnyfez

    The Mavericks/Eddie Perez

    I was lucky to see The Mavericks last night in Portsmouth, NH. First time I've seen them since about '97. Also, first time with Eddie Perez on guitar. DEAR LORD - he's my new favorite guitarist. Incredible tele tone! Played a baritone Jazzmaster on a few tunes, also a Gretsch Duo Jet and a Les...
  3. jonnyfez

    Opinion on Fender Roc Pro 1000?

    Curious what your thoughts are on this amp. I acquired one for free awhile back but haven't gotten to test it as the input jack is messed up. Before I go putting money into it I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this amp for anything but metal/shredding? All the clips I've heard have...
  4. jonnyfez

    Guitar need v. Guitar want

    Like many of you, I have a few guitars.:wink: Bought and sold many others over the years. They all offer something different. But if I'm being really honest with myself, I only NEED two guitars. For me? A Martin acoustic and a Tele. (Please don't tell my other guitars.) What are your...
  5. jonnyfez

    Anyone running an Iphone with Straight Talk?

    Curious if anyone has dumped AT&T and used an Iphone with Straight Talk. In theory it sounds great. $45 for unlimited everything. How is it in practice? I have a 2 1/2 year-old iphone 3gs. No interest in upgrading the phone and locking into yet another 2 year contract at $108/month...
  6. jonnyfez

    Parchment v. White pickguard on CV VB?

    Thinking of switching out the black guard on my CV VB. Wondering if anyone had pictures either way for comparison of parchment versus white. I'm thinking the added contrast of the white would be to my liking, though I haven't seen one in parchment. Anyone?
  7. jonnyfez

    NGD (and question)

    Got lucky and scored a CV 50s VB from CL for $150! Beautiful guitar. Looks, plays, and sounds wonderful. Question: I have a 2008 CV50s neck on a partscaster. The neck on this CV50 is much chunkier. Was there a change in neck profile at some point? I REALLY like this meatier neck!
  8. jonnyfez

    Help ID this speaker in my '67 Princeton Reverb

    I've had this amp for 25 years and have never changed a thing. Wondering what speaker this is inside? I've seen the ones with the Fender logo but not this. Perhaps unoriginal - changed by a former owner. Sounds great so I'm not changing it. Just curious. The magnet is greenish on the back and...
  9. jonnyfez

    What pickups in a 1998 AVRI '52 Tele?

    Hey all, What pickups are in my guitar?? I'd like the same for my partscaster. The Fender site lists them as "American Vintage." I'm aware of the "Original Vintage" set. Are they the same? If not, what is closest to the set that came with my '98 52RI? Thanks!
  10. jonnyfez

    Which Fender neck is closest to CV 50's Tele?

    Hey there, I built a tele last year and used a CV 50's tele neck on it. Been very happy with it. Considering another build and weighing options. Which Fender neck is closest to the CV50's? I know the radius is 9.5 and the frets are larger than my AV52 - is there a standard model with a...
  11. jonnyfez

    Wiring query: Filtertron in neck

    So I added a filtertron to the neck position on my tele. Used this diagram: There are two leads coming off the 'tron - one braided silver, and white. Soldered the braided to the volume and...
  12. jonnyfez

    Finally wet sanding sonic blue body

    So I waited a month to let the clear nitro cure over the sonic blue nitro on my ash tele. Never wet sanded before and was tentative with the 800 sandpaper - at first. Then I realized it really takes a bit to knock off the shine. Told myself that I would soldier on even if I sanded through...
  13. jonnyfez

    Grain filler substitute?

    Hey there, So my ash tele body finally arrived and I want to start working it. Can't find grain filler around here at all. Wood filler sure, but not grain filler. Seems like it's unavailable at a lot of places on-line too unless you want a quart of the stuff for $25 or so. I just need a...
  14. jonnyfez

    Ash body without grain filler? Photos please!

    Hello, I've a hankering to put together a partscaster. Have been poking around here for the past week or so after not visiting for years! Someone had posted an image of a black finished tele with grain pattern showing through. Love the look. Can't seem to find the post again though. Any...