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  1. guitar_paul1

    Even order harmonics - what's going on?

    I've watched a bunch of Youtubes and read a bunch about amp distortion this afternoon. I can find no proof that push pull produces even order harmonics (other than just stated as a "fact" in a bunch of textbooks.) Does anyone know the origin of this statement? I have heard this stated as fact...
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    Western ?!?!

    Got an ad for this. They wanted my email. OK. I have a spare account just for that. Their website says located in Georgia, but dns name is registered in Kirkland. Kinda seems funny? Here's the whois dns information: Domain Name: Registry Domain ID: 1174885_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN...
  3. guitar_paul1

    Solid state 6v6 replacement

    Thinking about 6v6 situation made me wonder if anybody ever designed a solid state replacement for a 6v6. I found one reference to April-2001 issue of ELECTRONICS WORLD (published in Britain) but the link to it is long gone. Any ideas? Here's the forum where it was discussed...
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    Learned something today

  5. guitar_paul1

    Dumble amp tone scaleability?

    In the recent Premier Guitar video on Dumble amps, I noticed Robben Ford said the tone (including the distortion I assume) is the same at low or high volumes. This implies to me it occurs before the power stage or speakers. Any thoughts? Maybe it's just the way he built Robben's...
  6. guitar_paul1

    Has anyone tried the 5000 turn tele bridge option mentioned by Kenny Vaughan?

    In the recent excellent interview of Kenny V by @Cody_J there was mention of a tele bridge pickup accidentally wound to 5000 turns. Kenny said there was interesting magic in the tone. Has anyone had any experience with this?
  7. guitar_paul1

    Fun list of tele players Apologies if this has already been discussed. I came across it when (unsuccessfully) looking for a fairly famous tele player's name I can't recall. I heard him try out a tele at a guitar show in Seattle a number of years ago. He played...
  8. guitar_paul1

    The guitar I learned to finger pick on
  9. guitar_paul1

    Any experience at storing teles in 120 deg F heat?

    I'd like to store my Squire MIC Affinity in SoCal (I-10 eastern desert) over the summer, but I'm afraid of what it will do to the neck. Any suggestions? The backstory: Humidity is real low and temp is real high over the summer in my trailer. I stored an Ibanez AC240 acoustic down there last...
  10. guitar_paul1

    Ever see a Taiko brand dreadnaught acoustic?

    Saw one in the corner at a friend's house. I got home and looked online. Not even the great jedistar had any info on it. Didn't get to pick it up but it looked pretty. Any info?
  11. guitar_paul1

    Speaking of weird wood materials
  12. guitar_paul1

    Has anyone ever seen an EMCI or MCI tele?

    I was looking for info and drew a blank. I know they used to make steel guitars, but one time I saw an ad for a Tele.
  13. guitar_paul1

    My Boss DS-1 mod for the way I use it...

    Thanks for @Cody_J for the motivation to document the mod. Been meaning to do it for years. This is for those people that like to run their DS-1 barely cracked open to get that edge of distortion sound. With the gain lowered, the "good" part of the range takes up the whole rotation of the...
  14. guitar_paul1

    Tube book resource

    Great resource of old tube books: (Sorry if this duplicates other info in this forum. I don't come over here much.) Especially Graphical Constructions for Vacuum Tube Circuits.
  15. guitar_paul1

    Fun Amp Wattage reality check - member input requested.

    In this thread there is lots of interesting discussion: I don't want to start a flame war. I just wanted to request back panel data from people's amps: Check...
  16. guitar_paul1

    Cool Museum Site

    Found while searching (and finding) a picture of a 1936 Audiovox amp I used to own. Some amazing and iconic and weird instruments here:
  17. guitar_paul1

    Could hummingbirds be smart?

    We keep a feeder full on the deck. Today a hummingbird flew up to the window and hovered there, gathering my attention. This is unusual behavior. It spurred us to look outside at the feeder, which had fallen down during the storm. I refilled it and rehung. It. Now they are back to their regular...
  18. guitar_paul1

    Ceramic to Neodymium swap - Anyone tried this?

    I had this idea and found a video on youtube of someone doing exactly this. Has anybody tried it? It seems easy to try and easy to reverse if needed. It sounds like it adds a bit of high end, but of course who knows? Has anyone tried this? I'll be reunited with my Squier affinity in a...
  19. guitar_paul1

    Affinity Butterscotch tele tech geek notes

    There are is a lot of other information about these $180 dollar guitars, but here is my 2cents about the one I just got from local GC. This is all probably obvious to anybody that has one, but maybe helpful to somebody considering one. Good guitar for a minimal amount of messing with it, as...
  20. guitar_paul1

    EHX Holy Grail Whine Repair

    Hi.Lurker here. I just fixed my ElectroHarmonix Holy Grail this weekend and thought I'd share because it turned out to be so easy. The details and photos are over at the Steel Guitar forum Electronics section. Bottom line is that I think the pedal was designed to feed into a longer cable...
  21. guitar_paul1

    Nobels ODR-1 Kaput?

    I didn't quite believe it when I saw the EBay ad saying they had the last five ORD-1's for sale from the 'former' US distributor. But I'm beginning to think you can't get them anymore. Does any body know anything about this situation?