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  1. Red Ryder

    Johnson strat style guitar

    Several years ago I bought a Johnson electric guitar for my granddaughter. It's a strat style except the headstock is the teardrop look kind of like the old Vox guitars. Nice maple neck with rosewood fretboard with a great action. Anyway she is now moving out on her own and I've cleaned it up...
  2. Red Ryder

    Bored with my Excelsior Pro time to go

    I've had my surf green pro a few years now. Great sounding amp. Did the Tone pot mod and put my NOS tubes in to replace the Chinese ones. Love the Eminence speaker, in fact everything about it is good. But I just cannot help going back to 100 watts with 4×12s minimum. Anyway will take it to the...
  3. Red Ryder

    Another yard sale treasure

    Northeast Texas yard sale 25 cents. Anybody heard of em, they say you have to be damn good to get a coffee cup award.
  4. Red Ryder

    Road trouble

    Pulled out my old Road 220 for the first time in about 3 or 4 years cleaned it up sprayed the pots, hooked it up to a speaker, plugged in a guitar, turned it on, nothing. If you wiggle the speaker cord at the amp output you hear a little static, that's it. Any thoughts?
  5. Red Ryder

    Dalles International Guitar Festival starts April 29 for 3 days plan to go but

    Have a few items I would sell but will probably sit in the parking lot, ya can't lug this stuff around and $30 entry, $6 beer no thanks.
  6. Red Ryder

    Restoration of trust in people

    Awhile back I made a connection in California through this discussion page. I sent him a goodie. He offered not only to pay me but also pay the shipping. I told this was not necessary he could have the toy and a donation to St. JUDES would cover the shipping. I put my trust in him no questions...
  7. Red Ryder

    Are you a YETIDIOT

    I bought this YETI lunch sack at a yard sale for $35. The guy said you have to be careful because there are a lot of fakes. So make sure you don't get ripped off.
  8. Red Ryder

    Catch of the day

    Went to my VA doctors appointment today, great checkup. Stopped by one of the local pawn shops with this 1×15" speaker cab $40. Good day for me and a good day for TwoBear
  9. Red Ryder

    Time marches on

    Anyone else at Osan 1975
  10. Red Ryder

    What about the paisley body decal

    Well I see that not one builder or modifier has taken on a full body water slide decal. What gives?
  11. Red Ryder

    Who has put on a paisley body water slide decal

    Am wanting to do my offset tele
  12. Red Ryder

    Should you tell people that skinny pants don't hide 300 pounds of fat?

    It is a shame that the United States has become the fattest nation on the planet.
  13. Red Ryder

    How do you get your daily workout

  14. Red Ryder

    Too many cowboy chords?

    Time for new strings on the old Epiphone. This is my 1974 Epiphone PR-600, been a wonderful friend. I keep thinking maybe it's time to find something else. This is my only acoustic and each time I try out something new it just doesn't have that feel or personality to make me open up the...
  15. Red Ryder

    Update on fallen down house find

    Got the old Teisco cleaned up and playing. Did not get carried away, just got rid of the dirt and cleaned the pots. Did a little research and found out who used to live in the old house and made contact with a 41 year old young lady who told me about listening to her dad play when she was...
  16. Red Ryder

    Bedroom level playing, what the heck is that?

    Everyone seems to be concerned about playing to loud, the neighbors, the wife, the cops, the kid, the cat, the dog, whatever. The trend towards low watt amps and attenuators. The only time I thought just maybe I should have been cool with the volume is when I blew an $800 window out of the...
  17. Red Ryder

    What have you found in a fallen down house lately

    Sometimes you can find some cool stuff when you take a clean up job
  18. Red Ryder

    Speaker cab hookup

    Recently picked up a Kustom Studio 4 Valve. Personally I like everything about it (except the weight) 100 watts into two 12" Celestions. Has extention cab outlet 8ohms. I have 2 cabs, one 2×12 and one 4×10. Both 8ohm cabs. Any ideas on running both with no systems malfunctions?
  19. Red Ryder

    Kustom Studio 4 Valve

    Bought one a week ago $50 at aswap meet. Works perfect and is in great condition. The Celestions dated 1980. I would appreciate any information. Thank you.
  20. Red Ryder

    Thought I was over it

    Just about to be completely out of old guitar amps and primed to buy nothing but new when I came across a Kustom Studio 4 Valve complete with footswitch at a small swap meet. Well I offered $50 which was accepted and took it home. Plugged it in turned it on and it works. Sounds great gives me...
  21. Red Ryder

    Forgotten band to give away cheap guitar with ruined finish.

    I saw this morning that Styx was giving away a Squire Strat that they all autographed as a promotional prize for their new tour. My first thought was, those poor can't afford to give away a n American strat even the cheapest model. Then I tried to remember any song by them, no luck. So I...
  22. Red Ryder


    Are you paying big bucks for a vintage guitar, or just some old beater with a magical word attached to it to get your money?
  23. Red Ryder

    Tremelo speed

    The tremelo speed on my Fender Excelsior Pro just seems to be too fast for me. Is there anything that can be done to slow the rate down. I have a 1971 Gibson G10solid state the trem is just perfect it will adjust to a long slow pulsating action that's hard for me to describe would love to get...
  24. Red Ryder

    Gibson GA55-VRT tell me what you know

    Looking at an old Gibson tube amp. The price seems right. 50 watts 4-10s. I've heard people say oh they're voiced for humbuckers which seems a little silly. All my guitars are single coils. I've played through a zillion amps. Have downsized over the past 5 years now I have the urge to jump back...
  25. Red Ryder

    Bootstrap pickups what do ya think

    The pickups in the jazzcaster in my avatar are Bootstrap Palo Duro's they have a wonderful sound especially combined. I discovered this when I pulled the bridge to check out the pickup the same day I acquired the guitar in a trade. Looked up the company, small shop in Ohio, priced right for the...