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  1. capgun

    What am I missing here? Based on this diagram, what’s the point of this thing?
  2. capgun

    Won’t trade my Chevrolet for your Escalade?

    I don’t get it. It’s literally the same thing.
  3. capgun

    Your first time

    Albums you can still remember the first time you heard them. The impact they had on you and how they made you feel. Minor Threat-Out of Step Black Flag-My War Suicidal Tendencies-Suicidal Tendencies Faith No More-The Real Thing Cheap Trick-Budokan Motley Crue-Too Fast For Love There are others...
  4. capgun

    Mistakes were made...

    So I was in a local store today looking for a new guitar. I played them all through a Deluxe Reverb. So now I want to trade my Tweed covered Blues Jr IV towards it. I was wondering if anyone might have a ballpark guess as to what to expect to get for my amp
  5. capgun

    Guitar language

    Ok, so maybe it’s just me, at least that’s what my friends tell me, but I HATE food language. I work in a hospital. A lot of patients watch the food network. Some of my friends watch it as well and like to talk about cooking and food. There’s a vocabulary and language specific to this area of...
  6. capgun

    The price increases are here

    And it’s just gotten ridiculous I think. What justifies a Player Tele suddenly costing $50 more? And there is a Squier Jazz bass over $500. I know some of you spend way more than that on guitars, but I don’t and I won’t. Time to start looking to other brands for new guitars and time to...
  7. capgun

    Paranormal Offset Tele

    So, I just ordered one. Had been waiting to see if one popped up locally and it just never materialized. Plus Sweetwater is always a good experience. Surf green. Can’t wait. Capgun
  8. capgun

    Mod Shop question

    Ok, maybe a stupid question, but I can’t find the info anywhere. I’m sure I’m just looking in the wrong places, but are these USA instruments? I put together a guitar on there for fun and it was around $1800. That seems low for a custom American guitar compared to Custom Shop prices. Capgun
  9. capgun


    Not sure how long this thread will get, guess that’s the point! Any Mudhoney fans here? The band, not the movie :lol:. Back when I first heard them in the 90’s I couldn’t tolerate Arm’s voice, but over the years they’ve become a favorite of mine. Capgun
  10. capgun

    Songs with octave pedals

    I just ordered a nano POG a little while ago. Was messing around with a Boss OC-3 a while back and liked the sound but it didn’t seem to do well with more than one note at a time. I’m not sure how much I’ll actually use the thing but thought it would be fun to mess around with. Any examples...
  11. capgun

    Looper sound quality

    Hello! I think this should be the right place to post this. I’m wanting to get a looper to help with my progress. My question is, as far as playback of the recorded loop, is there any looper that has a clearer sound or are they all pretty much the same? Thanks. Capgun
  12. capgun


    Hi, all. Just wanted to do the introduction thing. Mid 40’s. First guitar at 19. Messed around with it for a year or so. Went to college, moved, met a girl. Guitar went to the wayside. Fast forward to mid 20’s and repeat that process. All I ever really learned were some chords. Couldn’t find a...

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