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  1. oldrebel

    Okay, it's making me crazy!

    I have been trying to model a neck in Rhino for quite some time now. It has been totally frustrating for me. I have tried to go about this using many methods and none work for me. I don't know what to do. I have been told to post what I have and maybe the CAD experts can help me. (This may...
  2. oldrebel

    I Need Help With the Wiring on My Tele

    I finally decided to try to fix some issues that I have had with the tele that is in my avatar. One of the issues is with the wiring. I have 2 single coil fender pickups both oriented north up, and cannot find a way to wire these where I have sound in the 3 positions. After changing the wires...
  3. oldrebel


    When using aluminum for the bridge, control plate,.... do you need to do any kind of special treatment to it before attaching it to the guitar? I read somewhere that it will "crud over" or something if not treated. Is this true?
  4. oldrebel

    You,ve got me thinking that a Grandma can build one.

    Ok. It's spring break and I battled with the weather but after three days I have my templates made to suit me. I have a large piece alder that I have clamped for the body.
  5. oldrebel

    Hello All

    I have been reading discussions here for a year or so.. I finally decided to make my first post. I have been and am very impressed with the skills and knowledge that many of you have. I have been gathering tools and parts for my first build that I plan to start soon. Thank you all for...

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