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    Flanger. Found the only one you will ever purchase / use again.

    I have a BF-2. MIJ.. Bought new when I was a teenager. Apparently they're now in demand because they sound "more natural" than the BF-3. That might be bollocks... but it's a great pedal.
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    Color over 3TSB - what dissolves Duplicolor?

    Hey All, Looking at doing a "paint and rub off" finish over an existing poly-finished Sunburst guitar. A sample, a demo of how to do this using nitro is here: But being in Aus, the available range of nitro colours is limited and cost expensive compared with Duplicolor. Reading the threads...
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    What makes a Telecaster greater than other great Telecasters?

    I love my Tele - Elite neck, Nashville body, Vintera 50s pickups, Mex hardware. Sounds like I want it to sound. Plays great. But traditionalists would hate it. There is no absolute Tele. There are objectively ****e ones... there are classic instruments... and there are ones that suit you.
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    2020 Nashville MIM - Bridge saddle height screws

    Hey all, Does anybody know if the saddle height adjustment screws on the Nashville Tele (six saddle) bridge are M3 or #4-40 ? I need to get some shorter ones, but not sure which to order. Thanks!
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    Vintage 50s vs Chrissie Hynde Pickups

    Hi All, I gather the pickups in the MIM 75th Anniversary are shared with the Vintera 50s model (both have 896 on the back of the bridge, and are an Alnico II/III set). The Chrissie Hynde is also called a Vintage 50s, but has a different part code (901 from memory), and I gather these are...

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