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  1. dan1952

    Lost my mom this week

    My mom passed away this week. She was 87, was bedfast, in a nursing home for nearly 4 years, no quality of life. She loved music, was a really good pianist with a great ear, and passed that natural ability on to me, my brother, and at least one sister. I've gone to see her nearly every day...
  2. dan1952

    Refin 54 Tele with 70's neck

    A refinished 54 Tele came to me today. Serial #43**, original pickups, pots, body, bridge plate and saddles, plate, knobs, etc.. The same guy (original owner) wanted a thinner neck, started sanding and got clear to the truss rod! He found a 70's Thinline neck and drilled it to use the 4 bolt...
  3. dan1952

    Squier Japan SQ series - poly or nitro?

    I have a SQ series 83 Squier Pbass and an 87 Squier Japan Tele. Are these poly or nitro finishes? The bass feels and looks like nitro, but the Tele feels like poly. Anybody know about these finishes?
  4. dan1952

    Our P&W Band In A Different Church

    Our little 3 pc P&W Band was invited to play in a different church this morning, so we showed up, ready to roll. They had an electronic drum set plugged in and ready, our BL took his keyboard, and I took my small Ampeg bass amp (B100R - 1x15 combo). One Mic for BL to sing through. Fairly simple...
  5. dan1952

    Dano Esquire bass

    Just put together a 30" scale bass, using a 59 Danelectro Longhorn bass neck (from a long-ago broken donor instrument) and an aftermarket Tele-style body of unknown origin. Will post pictures as soon as I figure out how to shrink them to a manageable size. Right now I have a 51 Nocaster Relic...