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  1. Mr Swisher

    Your #1 Telecaster

    Wow!! That is incredible!
  2. Mr Swisher

    Ooooh NGD

    I owned a sunburst version of this guitar last year, and traded it for my Eastman. Since being disconntinued these have become hard to come by and the prices are crazy high on Reverb. £2500 for a similar one, described as aged, when it's clearly just damaged through mistreatment. And two months...
  3. Mr Swisher

    Eastman guitars - necks info

    Oh Eastman guitars. How I covert and lust after thee... I have one, a T64/V antique varnish. It is an absolute keeper. The neck maybe a little thin if you like a baseball bat, I've not really noticed, but it isn't big. Everything about this guitar is amazing. It's inspiring, and resonant, with...
  4. Mr Swisher

    Your #1 Telecaster

    My old number 1 was a Squier CT which is now the back up to CS. The CS is number 1 due to insane playability. It feels amazing in the hands, it helps you to play well. It says "I'm not going to get in the way here, you just do your thing". It also sounds amazing and looks cool, plus has that SD...
  5. Mr Swisher

    NGD! Not a Tele...

    Nice guitar, enjoy it!!
  6. Mr Swisher

    Anybody else gig-less and seriously depressed?

    Yup. And all the musician friends I have aren't interested anymore. Settled down, kids and "over that music stuff". I have the best gear I've ever owned. I'm the best player I've ever been. And I'm reduced to being a bedroom axe-man...
  7. Mr Swisher

    Ever play your guitar out of guilt?

    This is exactly how I felt about about my Ultra Tele'. A great guitar for someone, but for me it just wasn't special. The bond wasn't there. I moved it on and got a Jazzmaster.
  8. Mr Swisher

    Andy Summers Doubling on S.O.S.

    Great song and nice to see Paul do it. Last year Warren Huart did this breakdown (featuring the harmony part) in this excellent peice.
  9. Mr Swisher

    NGDéjà vu

    So I had one of these two years ago..and traded it. Foolishly. 6 months later I tried to buy it back, but it got sold the day before I had the money to get it. I was about to buy another brand new £2200 when I saw this one on Reverb. It looked dirty in the pics (and it was) but after a thorough...
  10. Mr Swisher

    NGD Gibson

    Congrats, beautiful guitar. Enjoy your NGD!
  11. Mr Swisher

    Based Strictly On Looks ..... Your Favorite Signature Telecaster.

    I'm that type too. I couldn't stretch to the full AS Sig' though.
  12. Mr Swisher

    What do you play when it's not the Telecaster?

    Right now I'm loving this Iconic Guitars Super Strat'. It plays and sounds killer.
  13. Mr Swisher

    NGD - Gibson 335 Figured

    Yes! You'll not regret it!
  14. Mr Swisher

    My Collings Hollowbody Trio

    Well...that's not given me GAS, at all. 🤦‍♂️:lol:
  15. Mr Swisher

    New Wildwood neck - fret buzz after luthier fret dressed it and he says "it's normal with new necks"...

    Well this sucks... along with having a bad curry I can't think of anything worse than getting you guitar back from a luthier and finding out his work sucks. I hope you get some money back. London is awash with luthiers. I have a guy in Buckinghamshire and he wouldn't do a thing extra without...
  16. Mr Swisher

    NGD AO ‘70’s Tele Custom

    Awesome, happy NGD!!
  17. Mr Swisher


    Thank you! This was not a planned purchase but the combination of specs was just too good to pass on. Roasted body and neck, sonic blue, 11"radius etc etc and the sweetest Strat pickups I've ever heard. Plus I think the CS are doing some great relics. It goes way beyond looks.. they make a...
  18. Mr Swisher


    I can't even attempt to justify this. Just imagine a long tale where I tell you all how this makes sense, but none of you believe it, ending with "I got a new Strat". Custom Shop Sweetwater Dealer Select GT11 60s in Sonic Blue. It's good.
  19. Mr Swisher

    Should I have a Slash in my 335?

    Ahhh this just makes me. want to leave them in the LP copy.
  20. Mr Swisher

    NGD: rosewood content.

    Incredible. Enjoy every note, that's a fantastic Tele'.
  21. Mr Swisher

    Should I have a Slash in my 335?

    In general I've always been the guy who keeps all his "expensive" guitars original. I'd rather sell a guitar in original spec and move on. But as I said I love the figuring and the feel and neck of this guitar.. Worse case is I go through a round of PUP swapping and end up no worse than I am now.