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  1. vgallagher

    Meniere's Disease

    Ugh. Been dealing with dizzy, vertigo and wicked tinnitus for about 2 years. After a bunch of tests and MRI the diagnosis is Menier's. Don't know much about it. Dr says diuretics and low sodium diet to get rid of the fluid and relieve ear pressure. Says it usually will improve. Sure hope so...
  2. vgallagher

    2008 Texas Tele

    Hey, decided to sell my Texas Tele but can’t seem to find others for sale. Anybody have an idea of value? I’m going to sell it with the original pickups, neck and pickguard. It currently has a roasted maple neck with Evo frets, and a set of Lindy Fralins. Selling as a package. Any guidance would...
  3. vgallagher

    Yamaha HS8

    Gassing for some new monitor speakers. Any input on the HS8's? They look cool but are they any good?
  4. vgallagher

    Upgraded to Ableton Live 11

    Man do I have a lot to learn.... One thing that is new and awesome is the comping/take lanes option. I messed with it and soon figured out that some thought needs to go into planning how you lay down tracks. Say you have a song, and the rhythm guitar is done, vocals are done, bass etc. all...
  5. vgallagher

    What I did on summer vacation

    My daughter and I climbed the Manitou Incline. Thought I was gonna die about halfway up! She lives there but I came from 900ft altitude, the trail starts at about 6600ft and ends at about 8500ft. Not bad for and old fart.
  6. vgallagher

    Selling in the classified section

    I’m seriously thinking of selling my 08 highway one Texas Tele. I have sold on reverb in the past but no hear so many bad things now about people claiming not as advertised or complaining about minutiae trying to get discounts etc. If you use tdpri classified are there any protections for the...
  7. vgallagher

    Pizza oven attachment for smoker

    Got a GMG pizza oven to put into my Traeger. Tried it for the first time and it works great. A few tweaks with sauce and how to stretch the dough and we’ll be off and running. Set the Traeger for 400 degrees and the surface temp of the stone got over 700. Made pizza in about 3 minutes.
  8. vgallagher

    NGD Martin 000028H Custom Shop

    30 years of D18’s only figured time to change it up a bit. Picked up this beauty from Gruhn Guitars yesterday. She sounds as good as she looks!
  9. vgallagher

    iRig / Amplitube

    Hey, need some guidance since I'm really not too tech savvy about the digital stuff. I travel a lot and spend a lot of nights in hotels. I'm usually driving so I can take my guitar don't really want to bring any amp. I used to have a Rockman / Headphone rig that sounded awful so I stopped...
  10. vgallagher

    Wife blinged out my D18

    cool strap and hard to see Elliot capo. She’s the best.
  11. vgallagher

    Marty Stuart & Superlatives

    Great show last night in Knoxville. They played and sounded great and Marty is such a great front man. All the guys got a turn at being in the spotlight and you could tell they were having a great time playing to a sold out house at the Bijou. Marty had his b-bender of course and gets the best...
  12. vgallagher

    Before and after

    Finished installing roasted (dark) neck on my HWY1 Texas Tele going for that Marty Stuart look
  13. vgallagher

    What ya think?

    original neck (whit) Roasted neck ( dark) Texas Tele
  14. vgallagher

    Guitar stores Muscle Shoals

    Working Muscle Shoals for a couple of days. Any nice guitar shops around there?
  15. vgallagher

    Chris Claridy - Cody Jinks’ guitar player

    Been a fan for a long time and finally got to see him last night in Knoxville. Cody was great but I was there to see Chris. To me he has great tone and is a super tasty player. No flash just nice clean playing. He played a Tele with P90’s and a Brad Paisley Tele. They both sounded great. He...
  16. vgallagher

    New Pedal Day

    Found a used Blackeye Effects White Pine overdrive for $50. Plugged it in at the store and thought this thing sounds pretty nice. I took a chance and brought it home. Plugged it into my pedal board with my Texas Tele with new Fralins into my Victorilux. Sweeeeeet! Put about 10 hours on it over...
  17. vgallagher

    New p/u & p/g day

    Highway 1 Texas Tele got an overhaul today. Set of Lindy Fralin Blues Specials and black Bakelite pickgaurd. I never felt the stock pickups. As Gordon Ramsey would say ... bland The Fralins really kick it up a notch. Glad I did. Seems to have more punch and thicker sounding in the higher...
  18. vgallagher

    NGD 2008 Fender Texas Highway Ône

    Just picked this up today. Looks brand spankin’ new. Not a swirl,scratch and zero wear on the frets. Action was a bit high and adjusted pickups and she’s playing and sounding great. 12” radius feels pretty nice, closer to my D18 so pretty easy switching back and forth. So far so good. Got a...
  19. vgallagher

    NAD Victorilux

    So went to local favorite store to buy a 65 reissue Twin with Weber speakers but it was sold. Looking around I found this used Victoria Victorilux with Tone Tubby speakers. Glad the Twin was sold. Now I have this. Gigged it last night and the whole band was impressed with the tone. Just a...
  20. vgallagher

    NPD - New Pedal Day

    RC Boost V2 love it! My EP Boost seemed to cut the highs. Even with messing with the internal switches it never sound right to me. Maybe I was expecting too much. I just wanted to be a bit louder in those times when you couldn't get to your amp. Bought the new RC Booter. I figured since it had...
  21. vgallagher

    NAD: 65 DRRI with Weber Ferromax Vintage

    Holy crap this thing sounds great. Clean,sweet,dirty, twangy all of it with just compressor and volume knob.