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  1. Gris

    Bright cap value Tweed Bassman

    Who is using a larger value than the 100 pf?
  2. Gris

    Conversion Bandmaster Reverb to Vibroverb

    I really love the ‘63 brown Vibroverb sound. How tough would it be to do? Would the existing BMR transformers yield a close sound?
  3. Gris

    High E Falling Off Board Up Near Body

    What is the ‘best’ way to fix? A - shift neck B - relocate bridge C - get narrower saddles D - other
  4. Gris

    Mixing Speakers

    I’m starting to rethink my age old aversion to mixing different speakers. I guess it’s a trade off between wanting one EQ vs adding frequencies, especially bass. Can one speaker really do it all? Do guitarists really need bass? Who mixes different speakers and for what reasons? What says the mob?
  5. Gris

    5F6A Settings

    Anyone here play a lot thru a tweed Bassman? I’ve started playing more thru mine and am interested in what settings you use. I jumper the channels, but haven’t settled on vol/vol, treb, bass, mid, presence settings. Thanks.
  6. Gris

    Mixing 250K & 500K Pots

    I put a 500K vol pot in my Tele w miniHB in neck & trad SC in bridge. Left the 250K tone pot. Really made the PUs come alive in a good way. Seems like the tone control is more drastic roll off now, but that’s kinda good given the bridge PU’s new brightness. Not sure what value cap I wired in...
  7. Gris


    I just love these things. Got two of em, both mid ‘60s with 7591As.
  8. Gris

    Your Favorite Amp

    What’s your favorite amp of all that you own or have owned, and why? It’s OK to have more than one fave!
  9. Gris

    Stripped Threads on Barrel Knobs

    How to fix? How to remove knobs? Help…. pleeez
  10. Gris

    Minis vs Firebirds

    Is it just me or does anyone else prefer minis to FBs...?
  11. Gris

    New Tele

    Putting together a Thinline Tele (w short PG). What color PG? Body is gloss black. Maple neck/board. White, white Pearl, black, etc.
  12. Gris

    Who Uses Two Vols on Tele

    And if so, you like?
  13. Gris


    I’ve got some pick ups and speakers I need to sell. How do you post a classified?
  14. Gris

    Less is More?

    My ‘house/bedroom amp,’ a Princeton Reverb seemed bassy/flubby. It had come cut out for a 12” and I had an old Jensen P12P in there. So, I finally got around to putting a doughnut and 10” in there, a ‘70 Emi Alnico w alum dome. Presto! The flub is gone, it’s now crystal clear. Not quite as big...
  15. Gris

    Bigsby on a Tele

    Pros & cons. Who’s done it with what results?
  16. Gris

    No Load Tone Pot

    Wondering what anyone’s experience is. Thinking about putting one on the neck/mid of my parts Strat. I forgot to wire the forward tone pot to my mid PU and I’m digging it so much it’s got me leaning towards having a no load there. What says the mob?
  17. Gris

    Neck PU Impressions: mini-hum vs FB

    Been on a neck PU quest for a while for my 60s clone. Settled on a mini-hum while back, but never was quite happy w the tone balance w bridge PU (Lollar A3). So when a Lollar Firebird neck PU fell in my lap I tried that. Very different sounding from the trad mini-hum. I actually liked the...

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