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  1. WWLaidback

    Bad Company Premiere 12/8/2021

    A concert premiere. My kind of rock-n-roll. A few of the originals not in the line-up today because of health issues.
  2. WWLaidback

    Hollies -- Long Cool Woman Shuffle in E7

    Where did this shuffle come from? I'm using it in a blues song. It's at 0:16:
  3. WWLaidback

    Blues Turnaround Video Collection

    Please help me assemble a collection of nice blues turn arounds, and try to classify them if you can. There's like Robert Johnson, Elmore James, Stevie Ray, etc. . I'll be posting them to my webpage for general reference. examples: Allman Brothers style at 12:06 SRV: Ascending at 1:15...
  4. WWLaidback

    Frank Marino shreds Voodoo Chile

    Here's an obscure gem on the internet. Frank says he's carrying the torch for Jimi. I think he succeeded very well in his own way, and it's an awesome shred starting at about 3:10 with his SG Gibson:
  5. WWLaidback

    Protools Class Project - Recording

    I'm in my first pro-tools online training class, and I'm fortunate to get one of Amy Winehouse's sound engineers for a one-on-one online teacher. Here's what we did for an experimental track. It's an early 80s rocker. He put in the beats, I did the guitars. He modified the sound settings...
  6. WWLaidback

    Pro Tools 101 -- class recordings

    I moved the post to the recording forum.
  7. WWLaidback

    Mooer R7 Reverb Pedal - Inexpensive

    This looks like a a really nice pedal for less than $100. Has anyone tried it? pros and cons...
  8. WWLaidback

    Relic Telecaster ... Why?

    I'm not really looking to debate, I want to understand why someone would pay the full price for a beat-up guitar. I cringe when my new guitar gets a scratch. Maybe I'm looking at this all wrong. :confused:
  9. WWLaidback

    RedPlate Magica 50W Amp British Stack

    Anybody tried one of these boutique amps? Made in Arizona, It emulates a Vox. I like the effects loop and record line out. You can't find a Vox with those options. ;) Redplate Amps
  10. WWLaidback

    Magnetic Effects Fuzz Pedals: Solar Bender V3 vs. White Atom

    Has anyone ever tried a Solar Tone Bender or White Atom fuzz for Zeppelin, Beck, etc.? What's the difference? I haven't found a useful user manual that explains the finer nuances of these two pedals, and both of them sound like good designs. These videos help some: Original Vox MKII Tone...
  11. WWLaidback

    Fuzz Pedals: Magnetic Effects Solar Bender V3 vs. White Atom

    thread moved to stomp-box forum.
  12. WWLaidback

    Announcing Heavy-Surf Quarantine-Guitar Play-Off - August 2021

    Taking entries for surf guitar leads. A Bass line is needed too. They will be polled in another thread. The original sound-track can be found here in MP3 format. 130 bpm. I have Protools. The winners will be recognized and looped to this video: The idea is to focus on hook riffs. Here is...
  13. WWLaidback

    Surf Collection

    Please help me put together a video collection of surf-music favorites that catch the mood. thanx By the Way check out this 2011 Surf video of the largest wave ever surfed: Here are some examples of surf music: Surf Collection Webpage
  14. WWLaidback

    Greg's Guitar Video Demos

    This guitarist from Germany has a huge personal collection of guitars that he features in videos. Here's a small sampling from his demo page:
  15. WWLaidback

    R.I.P. Dusty Hill - ZZ Top Bassist

    I'm posting this video in memory of Dusty Hill from ZZ Top. It's a live performance and the sound clarity is really good. Whatta shew! Rest in peace Dusty. You will be missed.
  16. WWLaidback

    Hey Joe - Anthology of a Legendary Rock Masterpiece

    Enjoy my walk through the music-history of a legendary-rock-song covered by a montage of guitarists, some living and some deceased. WWLaidback
  17. WWLaidback

    Inspirational Videos for SongWriters

    Can y'all help me with videos that break-through the barriers to song-writing? thanx much. Here's an example video by Neil Young:
  18. WWLaidback

    Spaceman Ge Fuzz-Octave Pedals - Drone effect

    How do you get the "bagpipe drone" at 0:39 on the Sputnik video? I definitely have a use for it. Is there another pedal that can do this? thanx I like octave fuzz in general, and I'm comparing several Spaceman Germanium Fuzz Pedals, but I don't have much info to go on.
  19. WWLaidback

    Amptweaker Tightfuzz Pedal Models Discontinued?

    I noticed certain models of the Tightfuzz have been discontinued. Is there a better pedal? Can you find the germanium/silicone option in another pedal?
  20. WWLaidback

    American Legend Collection -- Country

    I need material for a collection on an american legend page. The kind of story that puts a chill up the spine or it captures the imagination in some way... these are some examples. thanx
  21. WWLaidback

    Time Travel Rock Collection

    Please help me find music-videos that are themed to science fiction and mythology. I'm starting a time travel video-webpage Thank you. Here are some examples:
  22. WWLaidback

    Guitar Lesson Video Collection

    Can y'all help me put together a collection of the best guitar lesson videos on the internet? thanx Here are some examples of great content:
  23. WWLaidback

    Psych Ward Rock II -- Poll

    What are the best songs out of this collection? (choose up to 3) I'm putting together a collection page. White Room - Cream I Just Dropped In - 1st Edition I Had too Much to Dream - Electric Prunes 19th Nervous Breakdown - Rolling Stones Manic Depression - Jimi Hendrix (continued on...
  24. WWLaidback

    Psych Ward Rock Collection

    Please help me complete my collection of psych ward rock material. Here are some examples of what I'm looking for:
  25. WWLaidback

    Magnetic Effects Solar Bender

    Anybody tried one of these fuzz/distortion pedals? To me it sounds like Led Zeppelin -- Out on the Tiles