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  1. Telecasterless

    Saw the Stones at SoFi stadium last night

    I think after I saw the stones at the LA Coliseum in '89 (I think that's when it was, GnR opened for them), I said to myself, that's the last time I go see a megaband in an enormous venue where I am a million miles from the stage. And I was 24 then, but had already seen my share of big acts in...
  2. Telecasterless

    What's a good outro?

    I've listened to this recently and it just caught my attention again where it's like the outro is the best part of the song. What are some of your favorite outros? And god I love Stuart Copeland picking it up at 2:48 and the toms at 2:52
  3. Telecasterless

    Wood repair opinion requested

    Guys, We have an old vanity that the prior owner turned into our bathroom sink. We've been here 13 years so this is not new. Over the years I have neglected the fact that water splashes onto the vanity which appears to be quite vintage but it does have a top veneer on it. In any case, it has...
  4. Telecasterless

    Trying to sell my Norton Commando on Bring a Trailer

    I don't know why this bums me out. I don't get why bone stock commandos and "dadded out" commandos sell for what they do. I was a brit bike nut in the 90s and this Dunstall Norton replica is as close to period correct as you can get. So many crap "cafe racers" are sold with a silly Corbin bump...
  5. Telecasterless

    Robert Fripp Sunday Lunch

    I've only watched two of these now and I don't know what to think, other than I catch myself in a joker smile during the entire piece. I am pretty good with loonies, and his wife (?) would be a bit of fun, but I don't know if even I could keep up with her after awhile. I do like challenges...
  6. Telecasterless

    Dick Clark's vacuous New Years Eve

    Is anybody else seeing this? I have an 11 year old that wanted to stay up and welcome in the New Year. Now she will be a twerking expert. I'm at a loss for words.
  7. Telecasterless

    Going to build a pedal board. Tips? Suggestions?

    I thought I would finally get my pedals off the floor and get them organized better in their own space. I can also cover them easier for protection from sawdust etc (I play in the garage/workshop). Plus it would allow me to easily transport to my friends' house when we jam rather than just...
  8. Telecasterless

    Help pick me a pedal for Christmas

    My wife's trying to pick me a gift for xmas. And as much as I would like to put a guitar on the list...well, I don't need another and in the end, I'm paying for it. So a nice little stocking stuffer would be a fun pedal. But I have no idea what I need. Can you guys help me? I have a wah, an...
  9. Telecasterless

    Fret Leveling Frustration

    Guys, So I have spent an inordinate amount of time, leveling the frets, crowning the frets on an Epi Les Paul Special, only to have the high E still choking out when I bend up a full step or more at most any fret above the 12th. The B string seems to be ok when bending up two steps. I leave the...
  10. Telecasterless

    May the 4th be with you!

    ..and on Bass guitar ladies and gentlemen...Darth Vader!
  11. Telecasterless

    Who built a great pedal board?

    Guys, looking for ideas to build a pedal board. I'm sure I could figure out the best layout myself to address cables, power supply etc. But curious if anyone has already sorted that out with a good design. I'm thinking something for 6-8 pedals at the most. Maybe split level, where front is on...
  12. Telecasterless

    Set up question/ adjustment, etc.

    So here is a question for those of you experts at set up and fret work. I recently bought a new Epiphone (I know it's not a Tele but wasn't sure where to post set up questions), which as you know is not an expensive guitar. After noticing that the action was high and it just didn't chord well...
  13. Telecasterless

    This is... a public service announcement

    It's only January 3rd, 2020 and it's Too Hot...
  14. Telecasterless

    Help! with pedal noise!

    Does anyone have any suggestions for how to deal with or overcome pedal noise? My amps (all tube) all have some modicum of floor noise. Once I introduce the pedal chain (say 5 pedals), it basically doubles the amp floor noise, and changes it a bit. If I kick on overdrive pedal, it goes louder...
  15. Telecasterless

    V1, V2 recommendations for Marshall combo

    What ECC83 do you guys like in V1 and V2 (ok, heck V3 also) for a Marshall combo amp? I picked up the Origin 50 recently and it had some badly microphonic chinese tubes. I put a JJ ECC83 in V1 and while it cured the tube issues, amp seems a little more gainy, not as articulate. Maybe I need to...
  16. Telecasterless

    A pedal for Christmas?

    My wife and mother in law say I am really hard to shop for. Too picky and all that. I ask them to take back at least half of what they buy me for bday, etc. The simple fact is, at 50 something, I don't really need much any more. Or, at least what I do, wouldn't go over too well. We'll skip...
  17. Telecasterless

    Chrissie Hynde

    I was reading another post about "when you lose interest" in a band, particularly because they've been around for ages and many of the original members that made them great are gone and now they might just be a shell. And so this brings up my dilemma. I might be able to go see Chrissie Hynde at...
  18. Telecasterless

    Magnatone amps - the new ones

    Has anyone played one of these new amps? I've been hearing them on youtube on various channels and the sound is just blowing me away. I don't know which amp it is specifically, I am a little confused as to the different models. I went on Sweetwater and there is a 150W combo. What TF? Are they...
  19. Telecasterless

    Mike Ness/Social D - Interesting You Tube vid from Ernie Ball

    I've never been a huge Social D fan, despite having grown up during SoCal punk scene. Seems like I really didn't hear their music so much until they got more radio play in late 80s. While I never got too excited about the ballad-y punk sound (maybe too simple, too boring?), I confess I got a...
  20. Telecasterless

    I don't usually like killing things....

    but sometimes I get an itch to try. Last night, when my wife and daughter were out after dark at the local Vons selling girl scout cookies (seriously), I went out to the backyard and saw a few rats scurry away from the area under our bird feeder. I don't like the idea of rats habitating close...
  21. Telecasterless

    Marshall 1974X vs. Origin vs. DSL40CR

    Does anyone have any experience with the 1974x? Why is that amp so expensive? I know it is hand wired, but what about the tone? I know a few of you have the DSL40CR, and some have the Origin. But how do both of those compare to the 1974x? Not that I can spring $3K for an amp, but just dying to...
  22. Telecasterless

    Can anyone help this recording sloth?

    There are times that I so wish that I had recorded (in whatever fashion that might be) my jam sessions. This past Saturday night was one of those times. In my mind anyways, I came up with some really creative stuff that has since evaporated into the ether. The problem is that I am such a sloth...
  23. Telecasterless

    How do you know if a youngster is a lefty or righty player?

    I walked into the room tonight and my 9 year old daughter was hacking away on my acoustic, but I noticed it was upside down and backwards (lefty style). I told her she was playing it wrong and she tried the other way but said lefty felt more comfortable. It occurred to me that a youngster with...
  24. Telecasterless

    How do you know if a youngster is a lefty or righty player?

    I walked into the room tonight and my 9 year old daughter was hacking away on my acoustic, but I noticed it was upside down and backwards (lefty style). I told her she was playing it wrong and she tried the other way but said lefty felt more comfortable. It occurred to me that a youngster with...
  25. Telecasterless

    Were threads lost when the changeover occured at TDPRI?

    I'm trying to find the fairly extensive thread about a bunch of us buying the Les Paul Specials at Musicians Friend for $129 that was pretty lengthy last month. For some reason, whether by Search or just looking back through my posts, there is no record of it, yet I posted to it multiple times...