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  1. RichCuellarPDX

    Modern "Fat" necks vs. Vintage "Fat"?

    I just recently purchased a Tele partscaster with a beautiful Musikraft neck, but its like a baseball bat! It got me to wondering if the current "FAT" or "boat" necks that are being manufactured are based off vintage neck sizes? Did Fender have necks that fat in the 50s?
  2. RichCuellarPDX

    NGD: MJT/Musikraft Tele...

    I wasnt planning on buying a another Telecaster but I got a great deal on this one and could not resist! MJT ash body and finish, Musikraft fat neck finished in nitro by them, aged Kluson tuners, aged hardware, Fralin Blues Specials, and the whole thing weighs in at 6lbs 6oz. I got the thing for...
  3. RichCuellarPDX

    Trace Elliot Velocette: Should I change the OT?

    I just got a GREAT sounding racing green Velocette off CL and was wanting some advice. Ive read about all the trouble concerning the bad output transformer issue these amps seem to have, should I take it in and pre-emptively have it replaced? I think this amp is worth the extra dough to keep it...
  4. RichCuellarPDX

    Trace Elliot Velocette?

    I have an opportunity to get a Velocette in trade. Anyone have any love for these? It’s between this and a Mesa Boogie Rocket 44, another amp I know nothing about, haha!
  5. RichCuellarPDX

    NGD: 2006 Baja Tele

    I bought this from a friend for WAY more than it was worth and its pretty beat up and but it felt great and sounded great so I did it anyway aaarrrgghh.Ive always wanted a Baja but the ones Ive tried have been heavy beasts so when this one presented itself to me at 7.3 lbs, my good sense...
  6. RichCuellarPDX

    Sanding sealer or grain fill first?

    Hey Everyone- Im refinishing a mahogany Thinline Tele, and I was wondering; Should I fill the grain first and THEN spray the sanding sealer? or vice versa? My plan was: grain fill, sanding sealer, primer, color, clear?
  7. RichCuellarPDX

    Sold my Blues JR and got a '65 Fender Princeton RI...

    Ive been learning guitar for about two years now. Bought a Tweed Blues Jr, sold it. Bought another Blues Jr. Sold it. They're fine amps, but for some reason, I didn't take to them. I decided to spend a little more money and buy a '65 Princeton Reissue, and boy, what a difference in every way...
  8. RichCuellarPDX

    NGD: 2006 Fender Thinline FSR

    Bought this from my buddy today for $550. Love Thinlines and especially the MIM Classic 60s Series. From what I found out, they only made 200 of these? I pick it up tomorrow, cant wait(:
  9. RichCuellarPDX

    Brio Guitar Bodies, any opinions?

    Im looking at buying a Brio red Alder Tele body from a Canadian supplier. Any one ever heard of this company or have any experience with their stuff?
  10. RichCuellarPDX

    Swapping pots...Wow

    I was planning on replacing the pickups in my newly acquired '99 CS Thinline because I thought they sounded blah. I opened her up and found 1 meg pots and a 104m cap. I decide to try swapping 'em out for 250k pots and a cap I found in an old parts box and Shazaam! It now sounds fantastic. What a...
  11. RichCuellarPDX

    NGD: Classic Series '69 Reissue Thinline!

    I just picked up this 2009 Classic Series Thinline today for $300. Plays great, nice chunky neck, barely any fret wear and the pickups sound great, even with the REALLY old strings that were on it. Im gonna slap on some 10s and just play 'er! I used to own the same model/year except in tobacco...
  12. RichCuellarPDX

    Bill M Website gone?

    I recently read about the unfortunate passing of Bill M (RIP) here on the forum, and was wondering if any of his great info about Blues Jr mods are available anywhere else on the web? He had a load of great knowledge on his site and now it appears to be gone):
  13. RichCuellarPDX

    One more Blues Jr. Speaker thread(:

    I just got a 2006 Blues Jr. with the stock Fender speaker and SovTek tubes(?) The stock speaker is ok, but Id like something a bit punchier and fuller sounding. Im playing a swamp Ash Tele with Cavalier Oilsdale bridge/Lindy Fralin Blues neck pup. Ive been researching the hundreds of threads...
  14. RichCuellarPDX

    NGD: Need some help ID'ing this body! was told Mario Martin...

    I got this body in a partial trade, but there's no markings on it except "4.2" pencilled in the neck cavity. I assume its the weight. The previous owner is a Strat guy and he got it in a trade. He was told it was a Mario Martin/Guitar Mill body but didn't know for sure. It has a beautiful nitro...
  15. RichCuellarPDX

    To refinish or not: Need some advice!

    Ive owned this MIJ '69 Thinline Tele for over 20 years. I bought it from my guitar player in the band I was in at the time and for some insane reason, I had another buddy paint it with some kind of white pearl. My son has had it for the last 5 yrs or so and its gotten its fair share of nicks and...
  16. RichCuellarPDX

    Swapped Neck on RW 50s With a MIJ '52 Reissue Neck. Big Difference

    My buddy had a what I believe to be an '80s MIJ Telecaster neck he didn't want anymore, so I bought it off him. It had TL-52V stamped on it, and someone before him sanded the "Made In Japan" off. It has a soft V profile and was refretted with medium jumbos and a bone nut. it also has the correct...
  17. RichCuellarPDX

    NGD! 2007 Highway One. I think I found "The One"

    I just returned a 2003 Transparent Honey Blonde HW 1 Strat to Guitar Center that I really wanted to keep, but it was not in good enough condition to justify the $600 price they wanted for it, unfortunately. I was super bummed and tried to justify keeping it, but it needed a fret dress and crown...
  18. RichCuellarPDX

    Questions about '50s Telecasters...

    I just recently bought a '50s Road Worn Tele, and it got me to thinking: -Did all 1950s Telecasters have the "Fender" logo stamped on the tuners? I saw pixs of a '57 with tuners minus the logo and another '57 with it. -Did they originally come with brass saddles? Were they the threaded type...
  19. RichCuellarPDX

    NGD: 2018 50s Road Worn Tele. Im on the fence...

    On impulse (that should be my middle name) I bought a '18 Road Worn 50s Tele from GC for a good price ($575). Id read somewhere that they were good guitars and lighter than my current American Special Tele, which is an issue because I have a wrecked shoulder, so my 8 lb AS is a bit too heavy. I...
  20. RichCuellarPDX

    Any American Special fans out there?

    I went and checked out a 2015 AS Tele yesterday, even though I just had a 2017 AS Strat which I returned because It was too heavy and I hated the jumbo frets. But , I wanted a Tele so I spotted one on CL for $700 in like new shape and thought, what the hell, for the price ill just go see(: Glad...
  21. RichCuellarPDX

    NG: 2003 '69 Reissue Thinline MIM...Opinions?

    I recently picked up a MIM 2003 '69 Reissue Thinline from GC for cheap, pretty much on impulse. I used to own an early 90s MIJ thinline that I gave to my son and thought it was a well-made guitar, so I was curious how this one would measure up. So far, I think its on par if not better. Its in...
  22. RichCuellarPDX

    Old Guy Newbie

    Greetings from Portland! I decided at 52 yrs old to study guitar (: I LOVE it. Ive been playing drums for over 30yrs but have always wanted to play guitar, so Im doin' it! Currently playing a MIM Thinline '69 reissue and really dig it.