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  1. koen


    If today was yesterday, it would have been Twosday.
  2. koen

    Do you remember?

    Ba-dee-ya (yes this is now stuck in your head)
  3. koen

    You got to move...

    We started packing for an upcoming move and came across a box of CDs that has been sitting in the basement since our last move. We almost only now stream music and barely play the CDs any more. Any reason to hold on to them? Maybe I will just bring them at a recycle store or something and...
  4. koen

    RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore
  5. koen

    Kris Kristofferson...

    ... is retiring you heard it here first
  6. koen

    About them dinosaurs...
  7. koen

    Some Positive News

    Monday is the solstice and the days (on the northern hemisphere) will start getting longer again. Bring it on!
  8. koen

    Car commercials

    Ever noticed no matter how the dirty the road is or how bad the weather is, cars driving around in commercials are always super clean.
  9. koen

    RIP Darth Vader
  10. koen

    The greatest guitar solo...

    ... you can now vote:
  11. koen

    Lego Strat

  12. koen

    Do you remember...

    Play it loud and dance!
  13. koen

    All the rage

    NOS Stones
  14. koen


    Who had it on their 2020 bingo card?
  15. koen

    Robbie Krieger...

    ...doesn’t like Tele’s:
  16. koen

    Anyone using tapatalk?

    Keep seeing ads for the Tapatalk app to navigate this forum. Anyone uses it, is it any useful?
  17. koen

    Guess who are coming back…
  18. koen

    The impossible croissant

    Bon appétit...
  19. koen

    Sudoku Madness

    Anyone seen this: ? Amazing puzzle solving magic! Well worth wasting 30 minutes of your time.
  20. koen

    New Stones song

    Check it out here:
  21. koen

    The Les-o-caster
  22. koen

    April Fools

    Any good pranks?
  23. koen

    Brian May shows how to play the Bo Rap solo

    In case you’re stuck at home:
  24. koen

    Marble Olympics

    I could watch this for hours...
  25. koen