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  1. Billy3

    What type of guitar did you learn on?

    Myself, acoustic Epiphone by Gibson 12-string, Regal resonator round neck, Tele partscaster, ibenez hh parts LP style. I still use them all. Except for the 12 that was stolen. As a lefty I have found that when you get a Guitar you end up keeping it. Make it work, fix it, etc... Have a good...
  2. Billy3

    Blues Deluxe RI preamp question.

    Does replacing v1 from the 12ax7 make a huge difference? If so, what are you using? Secondly, if swapping out tubes, do I need to adjust the bias? Thank you for help.
  3. Billy3

    Trigger finger I think. Anyone dealt with this?

    I've noticed a ball like formation on the palm of my fretting hand. Just below the first joint of my ring finger. It seems to be connected to the tendon that runs to the heel of my hand. It's not a good thing whatever it is. It hurts and burns. Haven't been diagnosed with anything yet, but it's...
  4. Billy3

    What is most important to you tone chasers? Guitar, amp, pedals, etc...?

    To all of us tone chasers...
  5. Billy3

    Question for all the half out of phase (hoop) modders regarding a push pull pot.

    What's your favorite combination of cap and resistor for that somewhat quack sound with not too much honk? 2 pup Tele 4 way switch. Basically wondering what value of resistor is better. Does a higher or lower value give more or less of that honk.
  6. Billy3

    Favorite wiring for a two single coil Tele.

    Outside of a traditional three-way switch or four-way. What do you use?
  7. Billy3

    I need help with wiring a 3 prong power source.

    My friend gifted me an old pevey 212 classic vt. It's not in great shape. Here is the problem. His dog ate the plug. There is about 4 feet of chord left. It has 3 wires. 2 black, 1 green. The the green wire is for grounding only it says on the existing chord, but what do I do with the other two...
  8. Billy3

    Speaker swap?

    A few questions regarding the fender BDRI. Blues deluxe reissue.Why do a lot people dislike it's stock speaker? Is it really worth changing? And what speakers are you replacing the stock ones with and why? Thanks
  9. Billy3

    Boss DS X1. Any thoughts?

    So my son came home the other day and said he got a new distortion pedal. I'm like "oh great". I said, "What is it, and how much did you pay for it?" He goes, " 40 bucks and it's a Boss DS X1." Then I said, " That a boy!" This pedal is amazing!
  10. Billy3

    Lefty here.

    I have an affinity Tele 2018 MII. The nut is a right handed turned 180°. Anyone else notice that?
  11. Billy3

    Blues deluxe RI question

    So l put a volume box in the effects loop and it works great for home playing. Question is. Where do I put my delay, reverb, trem. etc... in the pedal chain? I've been experimenting a bit, but wondering if anyone out there with more experience with this amp has any input? Should they be in the...
  12. Billy3

    Need help with a potentiometer swap for biyang fuzz star

    Looking for an audio,log pot to replace the linear pot for the level on biyang fuzz star. Any recommendations. Thanks. They don't seem to be very common. Looking for A104.
  13. Billy3

    Would you rather have 2 volume or 2 tone pots...

    So I got an El cheapo guitar here with two humbuckers with on/on/on mini toggle switches for parallel/split/series for each. Only 3 pots left. How would you wire her up? 2 tones, 1 volume, or 2 volume, 1 tone? What advantages/disadvantages are there from either or. Any other wiring suggestions...
  14. Billy3

    Anyone here been to the Mayo Clinic?

    I'm here right now. So thankful for this place. I've had two open heart surgeries and a kidney and liver transplant in the last three and a half years. All genetic abnormalities. Thanks Mom and Dad. Lol! I'm here for my annual checkup. Things are going very well, pending one more biopsy result...
  15. Billy3

    Octavial voices 123 omg.

    What Rock and Roll singers can run 3 octaves besides Elvis and Orbison?
  16. Billy3

    Anyone touched an instrument worth more than you will ever earn in your life?

    My wife has friend named Nina Lee. Went to high school with her. She came to visit us. Being a master Cello musician, she also had her instrument with her. Omg! The thing is older than our US of A and worth 5 mill. Never heard a more beautiful sound. Makes this guitar world like small potatoes .
  17. Billy3

    Songs that make you cry

  18. Billy3

    Picks 2.0 Adamas

    Best pick ever for me. Ultex close second.
  19. Billy3

    Boning your neck

    I know it seems odd, but anyone used this method on raw or sanded necks? ( not finished necks ). I used to do it on baseball bats like the old timers. So, I did to my Tele neck. Sanded the satin finish off and wow! Love the way it feels. Not sticky. Smooth as glass.
  20. Billy3

    Recommendation for drop in tuners for a 2018 lefty affinity Tele?.

    Any decent ones for a 2018 affinity Tele that don't cost too much. Thanks for your help.
  21. Billy3

    Are all of us getting carried away!

    I love this forum to say the least! Have learned so much from you all. Thank you all for being here and teaching me things I could not have learned on my own. The thing is... When do we all just shut up and...? I love all the info out there, yet it seems we should be so happy with what we have...
  22. Billy3

    3-hole control plate! What should I do?

    What do you do? I'm bored. I have a tbx tone pot, a push/pull for oop on volume pot, and a 5 way old school switch. B...N/B...N...N w/cap...N/B in series. What cool ideas you guys and gals have for the third pot?
  23. Billy3

    Frets and polishing! What do like to......

    Just wanted to know if anyone has any thoughts about this! Keep on pickin!
  24. Billy3

    Guitar madness pickups! Any thoughts?

    So I have a $100 lbenez (les paul style) A true beater. Strong as ever. Bought some 57 alnico2's for it from gm. Not so bad huh. Anyone else tried them? Keep on pickin!
  25. Billy3

    If I only have 3 knobs

    My question is,... 2 volumes 1 tone or 2 tones 1 volume? What do you all think? 2 pickups only. Keep on pickin!